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Turnbull does Betoota


Why Is Andrew Bolt soooo obsessed with MT, It's been obvious for some time he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder but he is somewhat OCD about the PM and somewhat homophobic to boot it seems. Andrew Bolt is a very troubled man. As a media man he's a thief he go this piece from the ABC and acknowledged and linked MT's facebook page it's not on there. Not only is Andrew Bolt a liar he's a plagiarist as well if you follow the links they don't seem to match up. Is this  the No foul No favor Bolt swears by?
"I'm not sure how many beers he's had, but the joke about kissing the lifesavers may not quite have been aimed straight." Bolt


BILL LEAK: HIS FIGHT CANNOT END HEREImage result for Image of a circus ring master

Bill Leak was possibly our greatest cartoonist, and certainly our bravest. His death from a heart attack is a shocking loss and something needs to be said not just about his talent and his courage, but about those who so hounded him. Here is my editorial from The Bolt Report:
  Something  needs to be said about Andrew Bolt who uses Bill Leak as his personal adverisement for himself and his show even before Leak's family  had chance to say anything anything shows the calibre of Bolt. Bolt simply used Leak for his pet purpose implying Leaks death came at the hands of the HRC. Bolt  really used Leak for his personal issue of a ratings grab and attention. He used Leak to promote himself and his tawdry little over produced anal show he stacks with conservative clones all singing in chorus like Macbeths witches. What is the first post today posted at 8.30pm last night? "Here is my editorial from The Bolt Report:"
 Bolt posted 3 posts yesterday ostensibly about Bill Leak but were in fact all about "me and my show" One even billed as a "Special". Bolt in hat and cane tap dancing.
Finally Bolt after his triple "watch me" eulogy to Leak Bolt posts some comments by others even Leigh Sales very appropriate and personal tale.  Nick Cater  and Abbott  had personal tales to relate. What was Bolt's other than a bit of a steal from Sheridan? " bravest man I knew"
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Terry McCrann says there's only one hope for the Liberals if they won't replace the dud Malcolm Turnbull with Tony Abbott: bring back Peter Costello.
  "More broadly and more simply, Costello would be thought of warmly across the political divide. Voters would remember we had stable government." McCrann
All about appearance nothing about substance from News Corps leading economist. Doesn't he realize  that there is no mining boom to allow expenses to become 23.1 % of GDP? Wayne Swan was handed the GFC to deal with and was voted the World's Best Treasurer. Costello was voted the Treasurer with the most easiest job. Sorry he and Howard kicked off a trend in the rise of spending and the GFC ensured it 9 years after the GFC and it's still been rising because Abbott raised the debt ceiling and put his foot on the accelerator. So it goes to show McCrann is into appearances much more than the realities of the Public Good.
 The Coalition will continue to declare: “You can trust us with the economy. We ran things well before.” 
Don’t believe them. They didn’t.
They were, in fact, utterly incompetent. The Proof

From about the 20th-ranked economy in 1982, Australia had risen by 1996 to sixth in the world — behind only the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Singapore, Japan and the United States.
That’s measured by the variables: income, growth, wealth, jobs, inflation, interest rates, taxes, economic freedom and credit ratings.
By 2007, however, at the end of the wasted Howard years, Australia had slipped back in the rankings to 10th place.

There was no excuse for this deterioration. The structural reforms of the Hawke and Keating years built the foundation for Australia to beat the world — as eventually happened in 2010, when Australia rocketed to the top of the world’s economies."

Six serious blunders cost Australia dearly.
The first was selling off productive assets. These included airports, the National Rail Corporation, Dasfleet, Telstra, the remaining share of the Commonwealth Bank and many other valuable enterprises.
Had Australia retained some or all of these cash-yielding assets, current angst over debt may well have been allayed.
The second serious failure was failing to invest in infrastructure needed for future development. The funds were certainly available, especially as the mining boom accelerated.
The third was failing to lift compulsory superannuation savings to strengthen retiree security.
The Keating Government had planned to increase contributions from 9% to 15%, so baby boomers could enjoy retirement on incomes close to weekly earnings.

The fourth was selling 167 tonnes of Australia’s gold reserves at near rock bottom prices just before the price rose spectacularly. According to one assessment, the fire sale returned just $2.4 billion. Had the gold been sold in 2011, when the nation needed cash during the global financial crisis, it would have fetched about $7.4 billion.
The fifth disaster was losing more than $4.5 billion gambling in foreign exchange markets between 1997 and 2002.

The sixth was squandering the proceeds of asset sales and the vast rivers of revenue from booming industries by handing it out to middle and high income earners as election bribes.
According to a Treasury report in 2008, between 2004 and 2007, the mining boom and a robust economy added $334 billion in windfall gains to the budget surplus. Of this, the Howard Government spent, or gave away in tax cuts, $314 billion, or 94 per cent.
Sales of businesses yielded another $72 billion. And yet Australia’s cash in the bank when Howard left office was a pathetically low 7.3% of GDP.
 Several other countries were much higher: Chile 13.0%, Sweden 17.4%, Finland 72.5%, United Arab Emirates 100.8% and Norway 138.8%.
Constant crowing by the cocky Coalition about the strong surplus it left is laughable. Even Algeria [20.9%], Bulgaria [10.2%] and Kazakhstan [14.4%] had better books in 2007 than Australia.

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The fascist Left strikes again, once again using force to try to stop others from simply meeting and speaking. This time the target is (again) Pauline Hanson, just trying to meet supporters in Perth. Something sick is on foot.
  The dictionary definition of Fascist has been given a 180 degree turn by Andrew Bolt to make it meaningless. His photo tells you more about Bolt than it does Fascism. 1) Indigenous and Young Australians it appears are a danger. 2) Mussolini the Father of Fascism actually saw it's supporters in Uniforms and Suits. 3) The banners would indicate these young people were very much against Bolt's ignorant flip and they are quite the opposite of Fascists. 4) It goes to show how even Bolt ignorance is enlightening.
All week Bolt's been on about Punchbowl High without revealing a single source to the facts he's been putting forward . Today he admit's it and he does in his very last sentence " I do wonder when we will be told the truth by authorities that we deserve." Bolt
What have I said all week the man hasn't a clue what he's talking about and he's making it up as he goes along even more than the Daily Telegraph which is based in Sydney.  This whole week was about using this story to generate a PAYWALL and gee up antagonism in much the same way 2GB did to get listeners sparking and throwing fuel on the Cronulla riots. The reality " when we will be told the truth"Bolt. Fact, Bolt admits this is fake News.

Has anybody noticed that Andrew Bolt uses the Lebanese the way Gert Wilders uses the Moroccans in Holland. Who thinks it's a coincidence?


Global warming policies will forced the giant Hazelwood power station to close at the end of the month.  Yet this one "old" coal-fired station still produced more electricity this week than all Australia's wind farms combined.
Yes there is a statement here made by Bolt that has no link no source to verify 1) That coal is today the cheapest way to produce energy but not only energy but clean energy. It's not. Solar power has overtaken coal. 2) Wow Coal has produced more energy than all the wind farms combined. That's like saying horses have moved more mail than all the trucks combined as they were building the first Ford assembley plant. Is Bolt a Rhodes Scholar? 3) Why invest in schools kids don't use half the information they get from them do they? 

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