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Why do we need SBS, I asked Zed Seselja, assistant minister for multicultural affairs.  We taxpayers spend $185 million a year on it to - ostensibly - give migrants television and radio services in foreign languages. But we  for the same money in just one year we could instead hand out 460,000 free satellite dishes for foreign broadcasts. 

 Simply put Australia's history is one of the most successful immigrant nations in the world. We are very much a successful and unique multicultural nation in which today 50% of us have first or second generation migrant connections. 85% of us in the main are proud of that success of our Australian melting pot.
 Only a minimum  strongly disagree with that proud history and are trying to talk us around it Bolt is certainly one. SBS is a multicultural service that reflects that diversity and unity. It  is a role model and reflection of our integration and regognition of who we are. Unlike the satellites Bolt proposes which have no integrating benefits at all other than telling people symbolically they can go back home if they want. There is no bridge they reinforce the opposite separation and isolation  rather than unity. In fact Bolt welcomes that and  is suggesting a cultural fence be built   around each home via satellite that simply says ' unlike other Australians you are different and we really aren't interested in you'.
It's typical of Bolt  because he does just that. How easily detached he can becomes. He did it to his sister a Lesbian , who he never mentions, by moderating any response she wanted to make on his blog. He denied her the  freedom and refused to publish her opinions in response to his stand against marriage equality. He did it to Dylan Voller visciously discrediting him making out his guards  were the real victims but he remained silent when the story of the  delinquent  guard at Dondale surfaced today. What we are witnessing is an extremely minority voice of a ultra bigoted and UN-Australain isolated and radicalized blinkered person. The voice  of one man with access to spread hate fear division and only a negative vision of who we are. A migrant son  who doesn't accept our diversity, our laws, our multiculturalism, our geography or any other significant characteristics that define us as Australians.  SBS does.

 Not so Free Speech  of Andrew Bolt

A reminder that Bolt moderated his sisters right of response to his opinions. He shut his own sister down

Married lesbian sister of Andrew Bolt tells him she wants marriage equality - Gay News Network

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The ABC's Radio National Breakfast and Jon Faine show this morning aired more of the near-daily rants against Donald Trump. Senator David Leyonhjelm is right: "The media’s unwavering criticism of President Trump not only erodes their credibility, it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish his genuine missteps from their manufactured outrage." 

Is it anti- Trump to point out that he gets his intelligence from Fox News and Breitbart who have destroyed the very nature of journalism and it's professional principles. Is it anti- Trump to point out just how many times his have had to back peddle and apologize what he has said by trying to re-interpret what it was he was really saying.  Trump is getting all the attention a publicity hound wants and it's all largely for domestic political reasons. The defense of Trump by Bolt Thomas and Leyonhjelm must gall because none of them were defending him before his election. They too called him unfit and it seems they admire his history  now. How he treated and talked about women. How he sent his subcontractors and workers broke by declaring his companies bankrupt on 3 occassions leaving the bodies and carnage behind but taking a Billion dollar tax deduction for himself. How he did use his Charity to fund personal purchases and all the rest of it. Apparently these are things that are meant to be forgiven an not talked about.
Thomas from Quadrant even shows his ignorance in talking about things he knows nothing of or he's ready to lie to make points when he says "for example, his daughter, Ivanka, converted to Orthodox Judaism on marrying Jared Kushner, currently a key Trump adviser." Thomas. Is Ivanka 'orthodox' would Thomas even know what that means?
"Orthodox Judaism emphasizes practicing rules of Kashrut, Shabbat, Family Purity, and Tefilah (Prayer). Many Orthodox Jews can be identified by their manner of dress and family lifestyle. Orthodox men and women dress modestly by keeping most of their skin covered. Married women cover their hair, most commonly in the form of a scarf, also in the form of hats, snoods, berets, or, sometimes, wigs. Orthodox men wear a skullcap known as a kipa, and often fringes called tzitzit. Many men grow beards, and Haredi men usually wear black hats and suits." 
I ask again is Ivanka Trump and "orthodox" Jewish woman? What bullshit is Thomas spinning? The Fox News kind obviously that provides Trump with his intelligence. The problem for Thomas and Bolt is that it's not just the left that's critical of Trump in the US everybody is and is fast becoming so even the Republicans. It only appears everybody is critical of Trump in Australia not because of the ABC but because he has only one supporter in MSM whose bigger which is of course Murdoch's News Corp  whose visibility is soley dependant on the fact of his private monopoly here. 67% print and Foxtel. Bolt uses The Spectator, Quadrant Catallaxy files and 2 GB to appear to be  models of Australian thought. While a minority but a very dangerous but isolated one.

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We're told to trust climate scientists. But then comes the ANU's Sophie Lewis: "Should we have children?... Can I reconcile my care and concern for the future with such an active and deliberate pursuit of a child? Put simply, I can't. Nowadays, the pitter-patter of tiny feet is inevitably the pitter-patter of giant carbon footprints."
Bolt shows his genius and that he has a laser like mind that can cut through the difference between science and personal doubts and thoughts of an individual. For him to be a scientist and god botherer is an impossibility
Is that why he's on the fence a religious agnostic and an anti-scientist? He's  already  called science  just another religion in order to reduce it to just another bearer of fake news just as Trump has done. However unlike Trump who turns to Fox and Brietbart for his intelligence information. Bolt turns to a mixture of failed predictions by non scientists for his evidence. When 97% of working scientists in the field of global science are in agreement and I don't mean some local weather reporters. This tack by Bolt doesn't deny the veracity of the science. In fact Bolt behaves like a flat earther demanding we must turn back the clock and prove to the world that it isn't flat once again. Global science has been recording the earth's warming for well over 75 years and improved technology has proved time and time again the recorded data to be true and not disproved it. It has shown warming to be a consequence of mans activities and in particular the release of CO2 at an accelerating rate.
 These aren't predictions but facts. History has shown science as a progressive activity yet Andrew Bolt declares it to be the opposite regressive and in a way is ready to give up all science because it's haven for alarmists. 
The man who denys all systems clings to one the system of  free market of interests, individualism and small government also seems to believe in Nationalism one system of ideas Defense and national security to protect those ideals against democracy the very diversity he claims to uphold. He is against those that don't hold those beliefs, those who see the need for change. There is an element of 'we' that Bolt adheres to not just the 'me'  but  it doesn't apply to all of 'us' which is the door to justifying totalitarian rule. Science on the other hand in the main is the opposite and has always been  progressive and even critical of itself  which Bolt is not. It has lead to unbelievable and progressive changes for the better in a short period of time which Bolt wants to deny unless it's controlled by his interest group. 
Nappies well pull Bolt's pants down or just listen to his childish mockery his thoughts when it comes to science. 


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he'd welcome refugees turned away by Donald Trump. Small problem: 2000 people so far have believed him enough to crash Canada's border after leaving the US. Still, isn't this just what Trudeau wanted?  

 Fear monger of course he is check out the photos even Bolt chooses to show of his "Invasion of Canada" The photos indicate it the dangerous invasion of women and children about to obviously fill this new land of welfare.  What evidence does Bolt provide of the sudden "uneasyness" Canadians are now feeling none. In traditional news terms it's called a beat up. Or the least likely report ever to get an award by an amateur journalist or commentator
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Good news for Malcolm Turnbull in today's Newspoll: there's a lift in his vote. Bad news for Turnbull: he's still way behind, 48 per cent to Labor's 52.

 "That she'd slumped to "4.7 per cent" there, when in fact she'd got 8.15 per cent in a state where she'd never been that strong?" Bolt
Bolt is such a stats whizz  it what he learnt at Adelaide University hwere he didn't fail stats. Do you realize that Pauline Hanson has 100% or at least 90% support among those that voted for her and polls show she has lost few supporters among those that will continue to vote for her. Do you realize why Bolt didn't fail stats at Adlaide Uni where he insists he was educated. 1) he didn't do stats. 2) He didn't get educated at Adelaide University.
 Pity there isn't a Section on CV fraud which Andrew Bolt freely practices.  


Peter Dutton told business leaders campaigning for gay marriage to stick to their business. Shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus is either a blithering idiot or shockingly dishonest in reducing the argument to this: "We've got a Liberal Party that wants to give free speech for racists but not free speech for CEOs."
 Obviously Andrew Bolt is exercising his right to free speech for whom when it comes to standards wants all government restrictions dropped in favor of social ones. There has been no model on which Bolt basis his argument yet he presents the notion of  the current practice as being abnormal. On what does he base his argument ? History teaches us quite the opposite that any form of racial incitement certainly hasn't been contained when rules have been stripped away. Andrew Bolt has never raised the example of when and where his civilized nation ever existed. He argues for an abstract reality in which he has blind faith one without a history and structure in place that alone has him wanting to retain what exists and complain about what doesn't as if it does and that's "reverse racism". Reverse Racism reduces Bolt to the bully that flips he's the bully who immediately complains of being bullied the moment when his victims who have been long time sufferers complain. When the blacks on the slave plantation in Uncle Tom's Cabin stood up to Simon Lagree they were according to Bolt being 'racist' " reforming the Racial Discrimination Act is more about giving free speech to those opposing racism and has this law used against them. Bill Leak was not a racist and used his cartoon to plead for abused Aboriginal children. My banned articles argued against division by race. The Queensland University of Technology students had complained against racial discrimination." Bolt. Bolt is trying to argue that to fight the historic system of slavery with it's accepted behaviors  is racist when he says the above. That Simon Lagree was the victim because deep down Leak Bolt and the students at QUT had simply and implicitly been misunderstood their barbs were really intended to liberate indigenous Australians who were simply blind to their generosity. Is he for real? Reverse racism is the the practice of affirmative action to change a history of patterns of behavior that have been reinforced and psychologically internalized for 200 years or longer?


We've been betrayed. Next week the giant Hazelwood coal-fired power station will be shut by our politicians’ global-warming policies.  But consider: Hazelwood has been generating more electricity than all Australia’s wind farms combined. And now comes Malcolm Turnbull's fix - that actually costs more electricity than it creates.
 Bolt also approves of the diet in Fat Culture because fat creating fast foods are so much more economical. He spent feeding his kids the McDonalds and Kentucky Fried diet all their fomative years because it was so much more affordable than healthy alternatives. How is it that Australia's biggest power producers want a price on Carbon. How is it they see that transitioning to renewable power is the future. How is it that the current economic and the most powerful behemoths in the industry are calling for the opposite of Andrew Bolt and the conservatives when it comes to domestic power. How is it Bolt never talks about that attitude? If that's fact and that consensus exists we have a stand out fake commentator.How the free market failed Australia and priced us out of our own gas supply – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)



Is it soon time for conservatives like me to give Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull a break? True, his managerial and political skills are hopeless. Yet he’s slowly working up a list of reasons we should soon consider backing him. I believe Turnbull will this week suggest reforms to the Racial Discrimination Act. If so, another tick.
"It is crucial for conservatives that his mooted reforms are real, even though big changes will almost certainly be blocked in the Senate." Bolt
Bolt talks of the danger of mooted reforms. In the same breathe he arguments for ridding us of Sections 18C & D are all for the dream of a mooted world that has never existed. Bolt has never shown a single example of a a world where his notion of free speech policed only socially ever existed. The fact is we live in a real world a world that needs racial bigotry and lies to be policed. 
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Do Liberals believe in free speech?: "Advocates for change to ... the Racial Discrimin­ation Act believe they have the numbers to sway the meeting of cabinet and junior ministers this afternoon in favour of a new law making it an offence to “harass” someone because of their race." That would replace the current “insult” or “offend” or “humiliate".
  Bolt always places himself in the place of a jihadist a martyr  for the cause of 'free speech' . However that's the lie he was convicted of racial vilification for lying poor journalism and tone of pitch which put him outside any argument of 'free speech'.  If it walks like a racist, lies like a racist and has the motives of a racist it's not a martyr  but a racist.

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