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Andrew Bolt's Blog,19/3/17 ; The Jihadist that didn't kill; The statistician whose not; Bolt didn't fail stats because he didn't do Stats; Bolt says Adelaide Uni educated him they deny it; The sour grapes award loser; Mourning the dead; Water is wasted on the thirsty;

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The jihadist shot dead at Orly airport is said to have had psychological problems - a common diagnosis now. But what in their faith inspires the crazies to kill?

Bolt seems to believe that the mentally disturbed are driven to kill by god only if Muslim. Or the radicalized are only motivated by god. Then Bolt also believes he was educated at Adelaide University and he believes in that truth even thought the records show it's a lie. There is a lot of madness in Bolt who relishes the freedom to incite others to kill to hate to treat people badly. Who while claiming to be agnostic totally defends the Christian tradition which includes eating the flesh and blood of Christ. He does not deny the truth of it only doubts it. There have been more murders in the name of this Christian god committed in Australia than by any other religion. So Bolt is right what inspires these " sane" Christians to bomb and kill  so many more people than Islamists have done? They too have bowed their heads and prayed while doing it?
 Self sacrifice and selflessness is and ideal generally ascribed to the young  selfishness is one generally adopted by men like Andrew Bolt who claim to be individualists but believe in Nationalism and the system and it's institutions. That seems not only contradictory, hypocritical but insane.  Neither come with a guarantee of  wisdom however the young will inherit and change what the likes of Bolt want to leave behind. To prevent that future change Bolt requires an end to Democracy and and adoption of some form of totalitarian state. He claims to be an "individualist" whose crazy?

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Bolt accuses Fitzsimons for making stuff up when he has been one of the few commentators of actually been found guilty of not being protected by Section 18D of the RDA. Guilty of lies and using tone with intent to vilify. Here he is applying Section 18D in the same way. Bolt rather than compare apples with apples reshapes the stats on the WA vote to ensure he and Fitzsimons aren't talking about the same thing. Bolt unlike 90% of commentators isn't talking about the WA election at all he's reduced it to the sections or parts of the election that Pauline Hanson participated in leaving aside the rest of the state. But then you have to remember Andrew Bolt also believes he was educated at Adelaide University when the University would deny that and guess what he didn't fail first year statistics either because he didn't do it. That's why he counts the way he does.



The Melbourne Press Club disgraces itself at its Quill Awards. Its Journalist of the Year is the ABC reporter  behind a dangerously biased report on children in detention, and its Gold Quill goes to an ABC report smearing Cardinal George Pell on the flimsiest "evidence" as a likely child abuser.   

 Professional Peer Groups  seem to disgust Andrew Bolt particularly those that pay him no attention He doesn't care about awards but links the SMH article that mistakenly mentions the show on which he's only a guest as having gained an award. The Nights with Steve Price Show. Yes when named as award winner Andrew Bolt was in fact never mentioned and here he is telling us the producer entered the show "against his instructions". The truth the producers never ask Bolt they don't consult with Bolt it's not his show so why should they. How do we know because while Price is away Bolt demanded equal billing as co-presenter with Miranda Devine and threatened to leave if that wasn't recognized publicly. He got neither the billing or the recognition and he hasn't left. So much for his tantrum. Yes Bolt hates the industry he's in for the very reason he claims he doesn't care about the lack of respect given him. It's why you will find this to be the longest post on his blog today. Because it's about himself and the profession that knows his name knows he's there at News Corp but generally doesn't give a fuck about his absence.



First the Left hounded cartoonist Bill Leak to his grave when he broke with them and spoke the truth about child abuse in Aboriginal communities. And now some of the Left are turning on another genius they once thought their own - Barry Humphries, for wishing Friday's funeral service was for the Human Rights Commission instead. Read and laugh.
  Bill Leak may have been a nice guy but he did some tasteless cartoons stereotyping on racial grounds. Bolt claims he's an individualist doesn't believe in stereotyping and individuals ought to be treated as such. The more he declares this to be his principle the more of a hypocrite he shows himself to be in supporting Leak's stereotyping. Bolt is also an Australian Nationalist quite definite in who and what that means by this and for him it's very much a system of beliefs and institutions protected not by a democracy.




Global warming scare-mongering has cost us more than warming itself. The latest from the desal plant built because of the fake scare that warming would dry our dams: "Victorians will be paying for ­desalinated water every year even if dams are full, under a secret plan to introduce a new minimum order." Cost: up to $8 million a year.  
 Amazing we pay for a CFA which isn't always used we pay for Police that aren't always used but more so a defence force that is more often than not never going to be used. But water that's an issue to Andrew Bolt. An issue that has no logic for him or just political logic it would seem. Most Victorians no most Australians are thankful for their desal plants when we are a  growing population and not just the quantity but the quality of our water needs to be maintained. Bolt still is a swinger isn't he one day telling us no warming has occurred then saying okay it has but no human warming has occurred then okay human warming has occurred but not much. Basically he's tried to refute Global warming by referring local warming and when he's squeezed on that level he cries we can't afford it so stick with what we have got.
Well he's been wrong on coal. He's been wrong on price. He's been wrong on every aspect and he not an expert on any so what's he doing other than being paid to make a noise? 
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Peter Hartcher has been a quite reliable supporter of Malcolm Turnbull and was long the receptacle of Turnbull's leaks. But his savaging of Turnbull's $2 billion Snowy scheme seems pretty fair.
 This is not bolt's work all Bolt has added to this post is thanks to his drone Peter BH whose Bolt's back up when Bolt is work lite. Peter BH backs it up with the usual suspects from News Corp  Henderson & Kenny. These poor coal men have realised that Malcolm Turnbull has scrapped any idea of coal clean or dirty in Australia's energy mix.
" Here is what I don't get. Why spend $2 billion on a scheme that is actually a kind of battery, generating no extra electricity, rather than on a coal or gas-fired generator that does?" Bolt
No I guess Bolt doesn't understand the notion of a clean energy future and what that might mean for the next generation that does. Simple he doesn't think of them or the future.
Peter BH then segue ways into a paywall
Then from Gerarad  Henderson we get "It is the love affair some Australians have with renewables, along with the opposition of others to the base power provided by the production of coal, gas and uranium, that has brought about a situation where energy-rich Australia has an energy crisis." Never with an explanation why the boom in investment is occurring in the renewable energy market and not in coal and why our biggest producers like AGL and Origin are asking for a price to be put on Carbon. Bolt never talks about it and nor do other coal promoters. They aren't even praising Turnbull for being strident in his refusal on the matter.
Chris Kenny  "coal and gas have shut down because their continued operation is financially unviable..." Not according to AGL who sees itself in transition to renewable energy and keeps insisting on a Carbon Tax to drive investment in renewables. Why are the leaders in the industry rejecting everything the News Corp commentators are saying> who are the experts in the industry here Bolt, Henderson Kenny and Peter BH? How much of the their money is in Coal? One gets the feeling Bolt and company have no interest in the issue of energy at all but only the politics of the resource in as much as it will help the conservatives in the next 2.5 years. The are members of the flat earth society a society that has no horizon or at least doesn't care what's over it if their is one. That applies to Climate Change, Immigration and so many other things. It's the core of the 'me' principle and being the center of the universe rather than a part of it.

As the demand for dirty energy drops the price will rise and as the demand for clean increases the price will drop but it's dropping in accelerated fashion as we speak because the technology is improving faster than that for coal. Bolt is calling for a form of socialism demanding government intervention in energy being prevented in becoming user produced, controlled and fed back into the grid, really privatized and out of the hands of the corporate players.


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