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Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/3/17; Bolt has a brain bleed too; Bolt's one eyed bullsit that speech in Australia is not free; Poll waffle; Bolt sells Hypocrit kits;

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Andrew Bolt claims to have been educated at Adelaide University and at the same time rejects the experts that inhabit these institutions. The experts Sinodinos praises. In some weird and strange way Andrew Bolt Bolt puts himself on a higher erudite plane for simply saying " I'm a sceptic". He creates an image of himself as a man who wears his underwear over his suit. How is it he's such  an unique  alumni of that campus? One might actually compare Dr Flannery and ask why Andrew Bolt hasn't been nominated for a honorary doctorate at least. Maybe because he's able to deny science as a method of inquiry on the basis of his dislike of one man. Which does make him comprable to an anti- vaxxer. As for the doctorate I doubt Bolt has the capacity or attention span to earn one. For example he uses the plural "shows" when referring to a singular one.

The History Andrew Bolt is so proud of

“Winston Churchill? He’s no better than Adolf Hitler” – Dr Shashi Tharoor. – UKAsian

  Dr Shashi Tharoor tells the Oxford Union why Britain owes reparations for colonising India in viral speech |

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Terrible news. Former Howard Government minister and Sky News host Peter Reith has suffered what his family calls a "brain bleed". He is conscious and talking, but is in hospital and has withdrawn from his challenge to replace Michael Kroger as Victorian party position.
If anybody knows about brain bleeds it's Andrew Bolt he's also conscious, talking and constantly telling us how socially withdrawn he is. He calls it shyness. I call it the price he's prepared to pay for the job.



The Liberals risk making a mistake by hyping Monday's Newspoll as a sign of hope, with the Turnbull Government improving to be "just" behind Labor, 48 per cent to 52. Yesterday's Essential poll has them actually at a devastating 45 per cent to 55. When the next Newspoll corrects,  Turnbull's free speech stand will be falsely blamed.

  "There were several reasons to doubt the "recovery" was as big as journalists claimed."Bolt
Yesterday Andrew Bolt was one of those journalists he doubted and he was very low key about  his favorite  Newspoll  paid for by Murdoch result. He was as low key as the Rasmussen result for Donald Trump which was much the same. Today he's back on his bike applauding the polls clarion in hand  because Essential's was more to his liking. Bolt's like a kid on a see saw such a yo yo. You see Bolt's like a Dutch Reformist in Heaven he thinks he's the only one there. "Because if there is a correction to an anomalous poll, journalists may well report this instead as voters turning against Turnbull's free speech reforms. Their interpretation will in some cases be guided by their preferred narrative." Bolt Bolt is like a mother Tiger protecting it's cub a golem protecting his treasure the reform of Section 18C. It can't be even suggested the "public" are against it

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So refreshing to hear the former head of Al Jazeera (now broadcast two hours a day on the ABC) give us a moral lecture on the ABC's Q&A on how the media should not get close to power. No one on Q&A, of course, mentions that Al Jazeera is owned by Qatar's royal family and promotes the Muslim Brotherhood.
 Strange isn't it Bolt pays such sentence by sentence attention to Q&A and the ABC. He could go on it and has been invited but like Tony Abbott he never does because that would leave him vulnerable and un-produced. The possibility of looking a bigger fool too great. Q&A on the other hand pays no attention to Andrew Bolt because they focus on the variety of opinion their panel offers rather than the person offering it. A contrast to The Bolt Report.
 By the way Bolt works for News Corp the only organization that the British investigated for the corrupt practice of hacking and who had a masthead shut down and staff jailed. Rupert Murdoch pleaded senility the Alan Bond I'm old and don't remember defense and was almost jailed. Today that old senile man is running the White House. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood has been an Israeli , Saudi and American past time for years as they too wanted to see the end of the rule of the secular Arabic states in the region. That fuse was lit as far back as the 80s. So basically what Bolt is saying is Qattar, the US and News Corp are all on the same page and only after being caught supporting the overthrow of Hussein ,Qaddaffi, Assad, and Egypt did they tut tut Qattar. Al Jazeera is the odd man out for just being a News Channel. But then it's a private News Channel and doesn't Andrew Bolt support private and "entitled to be biased" and 'fake news'. Isn't News Corp where the President of the USA gets his intelligence from. Isn't News Corp ducking for cover at the moment for being caught out for reporting that Obama asked the UK to spy on Donald? Hypocrite is Hannity who is now saying even if there's no evidence for the the bullshit whose to say it's not true. That's just so Bolt!!


Johannes Leak last week buried his dad, a cartoonist falsely accused: "If the supporters of the Racial Discrimination Act, such as Bill Shorten, want to know what real vilification looks like, they need only look at what happened to my Dad... It was genuinely offensive and placed him under enormous stress. He will be seen as a martyr to the cause."  
  Bolt seems to have a problem and that problem is if it isn't broken why fix it. Malcolm Turnbull is setting himself up for a fall the same one Tony Abbott backed away from much to Andrew Bolt's disappointment. So when the Senate fails to pass this Bill Bolt won't be surprised because it's always been a case of the tail wagging the dog. A trivial issue in Australian politics blown out of proportion by conservatives to wedge Turnbull and he has taken the bait. Bill Leak racist or not was being investigated. Andrew Bolt was too once but had no defense because he lied and was convicted of just that. Bill Leak had a defense and Section 18D was his protection. It wasn't Bolt's because he was definitively found guilty of being a racist in law and not just in the court of public opinion. The above banner might be regarded as a lie as well but Australia's 'freedom of speech ' rules allow it. Maybe a complaint to the toothless Press Association is in order.
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South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill claims wind power will not just power his state but create jobs. But not only does the power go out, the jobs in renewable energy have dived from  2360 to 710 in just four years. 
  You have to pity Andrew Bolt he really is pushing shit up a hill with a pointed stick on this. The major energy producers AGL, Origin etc are all advocating a Carbon Tax. They want  to transition to clean energy and that's not clean coal. Yes that's right the industry wants to transition to Renewables. Has Andrew Bolt ever mentioned this? These are the people he claims to be defending they no longer want him to defend them either.

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Andrew Bolt theatrics and theater in place of any rational argument and Bolt plays it for all it's worth. Bolt was convicted for tone and being a liar he had no defense under Section 18D. Anyone can say what they want without legal judgement unless they are public distributors as is Andrew Bolt but then there are strong avenues of defense available to such commentators. Bolt gave up that right of defence because like Peter Foster he was proven to be a liar. That's what Bolt avoids admitting now and by ignoring that fact distorts the argument altogether and  de-contextualizes  it. Why to appear the victim. Like his defense of the guards at Dondale Bolt doesn't mention the guard asking the kids to suck him off. Bolt wants the guards to be seen as the victims as he wants himself to be seen as a victim when in fact he was proven to be quite the opposite. He is a liar the courts found him to be a liar and he might as well have been saying to his victims "suck me off"  because he thought he had the power and could. All he's doing now is playing the role of martyr as loudly as he can because he has News Corp. Bolt rarely says anything informative or new. He rarely if ever adds anything to any argument he tends to hide more than he reveals.

 The reason Bolt was found guilty was he lied. Facts and tone proved he had no defense. Here he is doing the same pretending to be the victim of something that isn't fact. Fake News is News and comment that is simply fraud. Peter Foster is charged for selling fake product isn't that what Andrew Bolt is selling? Yes he's selling this not just commenting. Thwaites could have avoided court had he accepted the fact that what he'd done needed some mediation he chose not to because he was caught up in all the whistle blowing that was going on. Yes it was yet another case of the tail wagging the dog.

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