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Andrew Bolt's Blog,4/3/17; Loyalty? In the words of John Elliott "Pigs Arse"! Bolt scrapes James Walker's work to promote himelf, some people would call that theft; Cosmetic Change only pls says Bolt;

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Ryan and Kelly use Reith to plot against Kroger

Peter Reith on The Bolt Report  seemed embarrassingly short of knowledge about the Victorian Liberal Party he wants to lead. Question: so why exactly are Kelly O'Dwyer and Scott Ryan, two of Malcolm Turnbull's supporters, using him to try to topple Michael Kroger? 

 Bolt calls Reith "short of knowledge". You couldn't get anyone more short of knowledge about most topics than Andrew Bolt yet it doesn't prevent News Corp using him on Climate, Education laughably even the Economy as if he were an expert. His publications even tout him as an expert. Peter Foster gets arrested for doing the things Andrew Bolt gets paid for selling false product. "I like Reith but" Well there is a lie from the get go Reith wasn't an Abbott supporter by any stretch of the imagination Peter Reith warns Tony Abbott: 'Keep your head down'
and he's said a lot more besides. The fact is Kroger is an essential on the Bolt Report should Reith get up his presance would be tarnished and Reith you can be assured wouldn't be there in his place. Andrew Bolt has a vested interest for his own and singular interest himself to stop Reith winning. That's by no means loyalty. 


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George Christensen: "We just keep headed for the cliff"

Nationals MP George Christensen could quit the Turnbull Government: “We are headed for the cliff because people like me have been calling out, ‘turn right, turn right, or turn left’ or whatever, and we haven’t. We just keep headed for the cliff. I am not going to go over that cliff. I am going to do something else.”

 This like the post above isn't about George at all it's all about you saw it first on my show watch be be the first to tell you about everything. Yes it's Barnum and Bailey of media trying to boost ratings. How bad are they we will never know because they are a tightly held secret and in the world of media when ratings are a secret they must be bad.
Bolt has taken the story from the Australian scrapes it and declares it his own No mention of James Walker who he supposedly quotes here no acknowledgement at all. He'd tell you a Paywall is all that separates us from the truth. No Bolt you source shouldn't be so hidden so that you shove him off the stage altogether to boost yourself "That includes turning on the cut to Sunday penalty rates, a cut on which I am ambivalent (perhaps good policy but fatal politics):" Bolt  One needs to notice that Bolt who always tells us he's principled and not just a tactician. Australians come first for him declares quite publicly "fuck the principle".
As for Reclaim Australia supporter George we have heard say this so often who cares he isn't a Liberal anyway. He will jump if Pauline will let him. 

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A state school for Islamism

Reckless immigration policies and weak leadership in NSW produce Punchbowl Boys High School - a school that does not tell police of threats by Muslim students to behead children; bans an Islamist deradicalisation program; has a teacher incite children against police; stops police visits; and bans female teachers from public events.

"The Weekend Australian has been told that a senior staff member was known to refer to police as “pigs” and had ­encouraged students to film police on their phones if they were ever ­approached.
There have been several allegations of non-Muslim staff being subjected to verbal attacks, ­including threats of beheading, from Muslim students claiming to be Islamic State sympathisers. It is understood these allegations were not reported to the police." The Weekend Australian
What's disturbing here this is all NewsCorp  referrenced by Andrew Bolt as a source but not a single source or authority is named. It's printed as urgent to the max yet nobody has fled the danger zone or made any formal complaints. The whole report reads as if it were made up to fill space and Bolt has used it for exactly the same reason. Will he be featuring all these unnamed people on the Bolt Report?
It explains why it's a cut and paste job by Bolt  thanking yet an "anonymous reader"  to simply substantiate a smear of a particular school that Bolt really knows nothing about
Journalism 101 FAIL
Muslim immigration has been part of the Australian landscape for over 150 years. Indigenous Australians experienced it before the the arrival of the European invasion. Only 9 years ago  research shows  only 9%  of Australians showed any negativity towards it. However since Tony Abbott became opposition leader and PM and since the Cronulla riots when Scott Morrison suggested it might an opportunistic political  maneuver to use anti-Muslim sentiment in his electorate politically. Since then it's beeb a cause legitimized by News Corp at every opportunity providing statement like everybody has a right to be a bigot from our Attorney General. News Corp has not promoted anti- Muslim sentiment but has provided the platforms to legitimize it which has risen it to 30% to date in 9 years.

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South African president's plan: be like Zimbabwe

South Africa is sliding, sliding ... Next step, to be like Zimbabwe and throw whites off their productive farms: "President Jacob Zuma said 2017 is the year of 'taking land back to the people' and for this reason government will seek to change legislation to allow for land expropriation without compensation."

 Spotted by a man who was born here but  raised by Dutch Immigrants but whose natural instinct attitudes and the way he looks down on others as if he has some higher right makes Andrew Bolt very like a Boor. "And here is another example of the racism of the collectivist eft. By treating "whites" as a collective, Zuma will (allegedly) address a general unfairness by being grossly unfair - and racist - to individuals."Bolt. Wasn't the history of South Africa and apartheid racism of a collectivist extreme right. Weren't the Boors the most resistant to change as theirs was a god given right. The history of South Africa left behind countless consequences that were never dealt with and Andrew Bolt is arguing "should not be changed". One might ask whether he in fact agrees with any changes that have come about and it's doubtful that he does. Yet when Abbott came to powere Bolt had a very very large list of changes he hoped would be implemented. He was pissed when they weren't
“We must seek new ways of doing things which will change the economic landscape in our country and ensure that the black majority shares in the wealth. Only then can we have true reconciliation and an expanded economic cake.”Zuma
It seems Bolt sees change as dangerous where most Sth Africans see it as liberating Bolt sees changing Sth Africa's colonial past fine as long as it's only a name change how generous he is? "dangerous ideas" are ideas that mean real and not just cosmetic change Bolt . As for cronyism Bolt it was colored white for many years so South Africans certainly know the meaning of that term.

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Shorten's Fair Work Australia hands Shorten his election winner

Labor picked all five of the Fair Work commissioners who last week cut Sunday penalty rates for some workers. In fact, Labor leader Bill Shorten picked three himself, and asked them specifically to consider making these cuts. Now they've given Shorten his biggest weapon to destroy the Turnbull Government. Grace Collier asks the question.

PAYWALLto The Australian Why didn't Bolt reference James Walker above but reference Grace Collier here?
It's amazing how history becomes important to Bolt when he wants it to but generally he doesn't want to know about it as in the case of the history of white settlement of Sth Africa and it's consequences today. History only become important if it has pragmatic use in an argument not in an analysis in search of truth. Here a conspiracy between the FWC was needed and easily found. No such attention paid when Liberal favored appointments were made in Royal Commissions or totally ignored when  Scott was CEO of the ABC.  The get out clause is always necessary though for legal reasons " I thought it extremely unlikely that Iain Ross would be party to any such thing." Bolt "But what a gift to Labor, from Labor. ???"  Turnbull is right then to say Shorten agreed but has reneged the public don't agree no the workers involved don't agree and that's understandable isn't it? Election winner sorry Bolt's hardly convincing. What would Abbott do ? He certainly didn't get bills passed. 

This is a Paywall for the Australian

  Clive Palmer's excuse for flying Ms Bednova crashes

Clive Palmer's excuse for flying Ms Bednova crashes

The former billionaire and MP is in a world of trouble: 

All the energy News Corp has put into this and they have come up with nothing, proved nothing and made up a smutty story which Andrew Bolt like a Golem has claimed as his. However it's not strange that it's presented in such a way as to be an example of fake news and Clive to be found guilty by innuendo. Why did the Australian snoop Sarah Elks not acknowledged by Bolt even bother to leave for far off Kyrgystan when she could have made up the story from home.  Police were threatened I don't think so. Who took the above photo? It looks as if it came straight from social media. Bolt uses it why to spice up a story of course and he's a media pornographer without a conscience. He's a privacy invader that demands he be allowed to keep his.  
What is Bolt's interest in the former "Abbott-Hater" Clive Palmer there are millions of us who hated the man for what he did to trash our reputation when PM. One thing is for certain Bolt doesn't acknowledge the work was Sarah Elks only it's from the Weekend Australian. He scrapes  other peoples work, makes out it's his in an act unacknowledged fraud. Bolt doesn't give too many colleagues a leg up or a compliment they are competition.  He Tells us he works 80 hours a week.


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The field is crowded, but Tony Thomas's search is over: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most ardent ABC Leftist of them all? ... My Captain’s Pick for ABC Leftist laurels is..." His choice may be controversial, and correspondence will be entered into.

 Critical journalism is what the public expect from their news feeds. Dangerous ideas to make us thing how it is we can change for the better. Ideas have no value unless progressive. Not what the Bolt Report, Spectator, Quadrant, News Corp , Breitbart , The Catallaxy Files or Fox News deliver, ideas that restrict and are frightened of change.
 Influence is a product to be manufactured and sold for profit which is their primary indicator of NewsCorp  business model and success. It's why it sells itself to the corporate and political world that resists change. Remind yourselves just how anti- Trump was last October when Bolt thought Trump had an iceblock's chance in hell of winning. He was totally against him. Remind yourselves just how often Bolt produces hysteric rants in print resisting change but hides them on public radio and TV by becoming mild mannered. Then ask yourselves who is media's most dishonest performer actively dealing in hysterics. 
 It's not the ABC that's "hysteric" when Trump is compared with the accepted definition of Mussolini's Fascism. That's understood normal and appreciated. But then Bolt the great debator redefines  most accepted definitions. Indigenous just being one as an example telling us he's more Indigenous than Stan Grant and all Aborigines younger than him, now that's hysteric

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Last week broke Malcolm Turnbull's leadership. Dennis Shanahan reads the mood, even if he can't bring himself to acknowledge it's over: "Turnbull’s leadership and the Coalition government’s longer-term survival are at a tipping point." But he hears the lemmings are now tempted by Julie Bishop. Here's why that would be a disaster.


My oh My all that work and none of it Andrew Bolt's it's Peter BH his troll who put in the effort to damn anybody who might be considered an alternative leader to Malcolm Turnbull other than Tony Abbott. Club anyone else over the head wit a hammer. When was Tony Abbott ever popular in the polls as leader? When was ever popular among the backbench. If he ever was why was he so difficult to reach, so difficult to advize and so difficult to clean up after he'd been out in public. Leaders are wanted they aren't forced on anyone and that's what's happening Bolt is force feeding Abbott down the throats of the electorate when nobody has a taste for him.

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