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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Andrew bolt's Blog,20/4/17; Is Andrew Bolt's job safe?; Bolt is trying to suck our faces; Red Hill and Free Speech in action; Turnbull did save Abbott he won; The truth about Berkley isn't Bolt's; Are you religiously pornographic or a wife beater? Man is the only creature worth defending; Abbott was worse;


As He Leaves Fox, Here Are Bill O’Reilly’s Worst Moments On The Air

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has helped set the bar for the normalization and dissemination of right-wing hatred, offering incendiary commentary about sexual harassment and assault, gender, race and ethnicity, low-income people, the LGBTQ community, Muslims and refugees, immigrants, and reproductive rights. Now that O'Reilly has been forced to step down from The O'Reilly Factor after an advertiser revolt over revelations that Fox News’ parent company, 21st Century Fox, paid $13 million in settlements to women who came forward with reports that O’Reilly was a sexual predator, Media Matters takes a look back at some of the lowlights of his career, including his history of inaccurate and embellished reporting.

Angelo Carusone Tells The Last Word: "I Don't Think This Ends With Bill O'Reilly

 video April 19, 2017 11:09 P
Will this have consequences for News Corp Australia and Sky News. Andrew Bolt modeled himself on Fox News personalities



Extraordinary and sinister. Violent Leftists now determine who may speak at American universities: "After riots and violent protests in and around their campus..., officials at the University of California at Berkeley said the school is canceling a planned speech by conservative firebrand Ann Coulter because of safety concerns."
“This is just the beginning,” wrote a member of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer. “This is a sign that we have moved into a new era in the Nazification of America. Normie Trump supporters are becoming racially aware and Jew wise. They are willing to stick up for themselves side by side with Nazis without being adverse to violence.” Trumpster
 " local police have an official policy of not intervening in small physical conflicts between citizens since doing so could increase the risk of injury. Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer was on the scene and asked several police officers why they were doing nothing in response to the widespread violence:"
 Below one of Bolt's boys smashing a girl in the face

Louise Rosealma being punched by Identity Evropa leader Nathan Damigo.

 Bolt failed to mention the arrests made of the Alt Right when they came to battle the students on the Berkley campus. They came en mass and with weapons and the police did nothing It wasn't the left that got the publicity it was the violent right that made the headlines in the American papers. Bolt imports his own version. Coulter, Milo weren't banned from Berkley at all it closed down and did so because the police did nothing the right invaded the campus ground and brought weapons. Bolt as usual selects his facts to suit his version of the events. Notice Milo has been replaced by Coulter they are just "provocateurs" White Right and Respectable. Had the been Blacks for ISIS or Muslims for Sharia what sort of reception would they have got in the Bolt's ideal Land of free speech and The First Amendmant?

Pro-Trump rioters got away with beating anti-fascists in Berkeley — and likely won’t stop there  The Berkeley street violence was a great marketing event for alt-right types eager to attack anti-Trump protesters

Not peep from Andrew Bolt on this and why Berkley banned speakers not just Coulter.

  Image result for Images of Famous drug takersFreud Cocaine


Why trust these people with governing the country?: "Greens co-deputy leader Scott Ludlam has smoked 'a fair bit' of marijuana, used acid and tried every drug in between that ­appealed to him." 

  This is a Paywall
Trash to attract you to subscribe to the Australian 
But this reveals a lot about Bolt he prefers a fantasist and a liar over and above a truth teller as a leader who can advise. Bolt is the minder to a belly dancer the real cool legend in is own lunch time that tried to impress us with his opera art and antiques. He tried to impress us all with a Baron Von Munchhausen fantastic lie  and the things he owns to convince us he's an adviser and leader to be listened to.  Listened to over and above Senator Scott Ludlam who could only offer us the truth of his life's experiences and other genuine  qualities on his CV. Unlike Bolt Scott doesn't have a false claim like Bolt educated at Adelaide University. Scott didn't lie about his drug taking but Bolt lied when he was sprung by his ex fiance he called her out for bullshit until she came up whith undeniable proof. Bolt's walking on eggshells when it comes to attacking the man. He flopped when he did it to Adam Goodes and Waleed Aly. It's look of a very ugly Australian who promotes himself a holder of true Aussie values







 Sucking me dry:


Good on Malcolm Turnbull for saying he will fight for Australian values. But this shouldn't just be for a new campaign. Where was Turnbull in all the recent battles? Get stuck into the debates, or this risks seeming a stunt.

  Values are best discussed when defined something Bolt never does other than saying "I'm Indigenous" "I'm not a Christian" "I'm a victim" What are Australian values in a Multicultural country. If he can't define them other than by pointing to people to others why doesn't he allow others to do the same. He defines them speaks about and for them harrangs us about them like an old fish wife who is entirely dissatisfied with Australia. Now he hand balls the undefined job to Turnbull knowing fully well he can't either it's a poison challis only because it doesn't exist and it simply brings Australia down rather than up   What are Australian values? | NITV


On the one side is the Sydney University Student Union, banning a film made by a woman and produced by a woman and screened by a woman, claiming that it harms women. On the other side is Renee Gorman, the student who was trying to screen The Red Pill. Which impresses you most? Watch my interview with Renee.

  It seems Bolt has run out os topics so  much so he's shown this interview 3 times why? At the core is his pet propaganda 'free speech'.  Bolt doesn't debate never has and never will. He is never seen on a platform where the space time and format is equal to all parties and the questions being asked have a representatives to argue against Andrew Bolt without their hands tied. Bolt chooses "his set". The majority of his time is taken up attacking the men or women with whom he disagrees either personally or by him telling us their point of view. He's neither the Drum, Q&A or the Insiders on the ABC. He is Fox News USA. 
He  presents false facts, under whelming facts, skewed statistics and even quotes from yesteryear to prove his points rather than gain an understanding which isn't his goal. It's watching Bolt trying to squeeze marshmallows into a money box. Most of his time is trying to promote or defend ultra conservative values not middle of the road conservative ones but Australia's own extreme  right ones and overseas guests of even greater extreme and notoriety are his guests Milo an example. Bolt is always 'right' in the moment and even 'right' when wrong. If wrong he never apologizes but just moves on public apologies spell death in a 24/7 media cycle and moving on is to forget. So when Milo got ostricized by the right Bolt just left his favorite boy behind as if he were road kill. Even Bolt's dearest 'free speech' arguments weren't used to defend Milo. If Bolt is forced  to legally apologize it's only offered in writing and deals are done in secret. Basically Bolt is the media's sewer rat.
'Free speech' is Bolt's favorite topic he defends it when he has something to say and pretends he can't even when he can that's how twisted he is. 'Free lies', 'false facts', 'vilification', 'rudeness' are all allowed and are tools of the trade  along with redefining terms, flipping in order to reduce arguments to nonsense if possible like 'I'm an Indigenous Australian".  The goal to make a noise with access to the power of a global corporate resource News Corp. A space and  platform that loses money from Bolt's activities but nevertheless sells influence and does it globally.
So in Bolt's definition of 'free speech' individual and private opinion shouldn't be restricted by government or law as is the case of our RDA. Yet that's not the only area it is legally accountable. The work place is another environment where restrictions exist. MPs  are exempted and protected from slander when sitting in Parliament. In the case of Red Hill the Student Union at Sydney Uni can be deemed private as it's a totally voluntary organization one the conservatives wanted. Dendy Cinemas are private as are all the other organizations not wishing to show Red Hill. There are no restrictions on Andrew Bolt showing it but he's not is he? He could  as a special event on The Bolt Report but he won't. Everybody it seems is in the arena of 'freedom' non government and according to Bolt can do what they will. It seems that the product being sold however 'reverse sexism'  and the attempt to redefine our history and social reality of a male 'rape culture and domestic violence is not one believable. Men simply aren't victims.
 Redhill is out there for public consumption and it's allowed to be out there there are no laws preventing it to be out there but it's statistically irrelevant a fairy tale, a distortion of what life is and like the The Bolt Report without News Corp can only find a limited audience. Like Mark Latham without the patronage Andrew Bolt gets from Rupert it's dead in the water. At some time or place in history it may get a hearing in some social science class about how a misconstrued view of the social construction of our reality found difficulty in getting traction even when it had the support of Andrew Bolt and News Corp who could but wouldn't show it. There is no debate here just promotion disguised as whinging..


Pro-Turnbull forces leak against Abbott: "Malcolm Turnbull intervened personally during the final week of last year's election campaign to help 'save' Tony Abbott after internal party polling showed the former prime minister was so unpopular in his own seat of Warringah he risked losing it in a landslide." Rubbish. In fact, he won in a landslide.     

  "And we're supposed to believe that Turnbull - who was so uninspiring that he lost 14 seats - somehow managed to turn Abbott's potential landslide loss into a landslide win?"Bolt
You won't convince Bolt however Turnbull won the Party's approval Abbott lost it and Australia relaxed including Warringah. The rest is "I think" "You think" Well they thought they had an ice blocks chance in hell with Abbott didn't they!!!



Good, but how many people would 'fess up?: "Immigrants wanting to become Australians will be asked tough new questions like 'can you strike your spouse in the privacy of your home?' created to specifically weed out terrorists, wife beaters and criminals." Another sample question: does our freedom of ­religion mean you can force children to marry?

"It is good to insist on our values, so the reforms should be supported.
But how many immigrants would confess to being a wife-beater or to marrying off their young children?" Bolt
If Bolt wanted to immigrate to Australia today would he put on his passport "convicted vilifier and liar"? Should all the Dutch applicants be judged on being exceptions like Bolt? Marrying children off at a young age is a cultural practice among Hindus, Christians and Buddhists and yes even Agnostics it's cultural so which of these faiths should be banned? Selling children off  in the sex trade seems to be very much practice in Western culture and it's promoted on the internet. Pornography seems to be  more in demand in the West among Christians. Given these are all cultural practices and not religious ones and practices actively practiced in the West. Why is Bolt even suggesting they aren't and are exclusive to others. Yes what we have here is Bolt's piggy bank of conclusions he wants you to believe and he's trying to shove marshmallows of evidence of his making into his pig to make it all seem real.



The green madness launched by Peter Singer is now official: the lives of sharks count for more than humans. Take it from the new West Australian Government, which refuses to even try catching the shark that’s just killed a 17-year-old girl. You see, we must think of the poor sharks, even though more Australians  are being bitten as they swim.   

Bolt's attitude is typical of a colonial invader discover the USA dislike the Indian population and commit genocide slaughter millions. Enter the world of the shark kill them because it's territory you want. The world of the tiger, koalas whatever legitimately belongs to man to do what he will with. Bolt's like a pandemic disease ready to attach itself to a population feed off it and if need be destroy it if that's the most useful and profitable path for him and his kind to take. Self interest benefits mankind fuck the shark it's just flake. Don't bother to just understand them like a Green Left wing tree hugger who like the shark need to be moved out of  Bolt's way

 Yes Abbott supports what Turnbull does but Abbott did nothing about the rort it became all Bolt is doing is actually not saying Abbott's approach did nothing. He's mocking Turnbull why? Because he's Turnbull of course but not mentioning that Tony Abbott was an enabler of activities that allowed visa holders be sold into slavery. Bolt doesn't give a rats about 457 visas  it's Turnbull he wants disparaged and Abbott lifted but he can't all of that here because Abbott was worse.
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