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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/4/17; Ethics News Corp Murdoch's Media; We are following Citizen Ship Trump; Abbott pursuing politics Abbott's way; Paris deaths; Coal Bolt's losing Battle;

Fox News Didn’t Care About Sexual Harassment Until You Knew About It

News Corp Murdoch Media
News parts ways with longtime host Bill O’Reilly, some may be tempted to claim that his departure is a sign that the network and its parent company, 21st Century Fox, care about women who have been sexually harassed. But the decision has nothing to do with the systemic toxic misogyny Fox News traffics in; it’s about the bottom line. Bolt harasses women, children the Indigenous, Muslims and goes home and kisses his kids. They know he does it for the money. But you are what you do Andrew Bolt!!      Angelo Carusone Tells Roland Martin That Fox Rewarded O'Reilly For "Misogyny, Preying On Racial Anxieties, And Misinformation"



A gunman has killed one policeman and injured another in an attack in Paris' Champs Elysees. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility. And on Sunday France will hold its presidential elections.

The extreme right in Europe wants wants Le Penn to to win the election. They are as crazy as ISIS  who wants her to win as well but it's not in their advantage to declare that they were the motivators behind such a killing. Bolt doesn't know what is going on but he's prepared to believe anything said by ISIS first. Because he knows "preying on ethnic and religious anxieties along with misinformation is advantageous for extreme right politics here as well.
 Bolt applies it in the same way ISIS does and is an enabler the only difference being he's applying it  primarily in the interests of News Corp whose bottom line is served not by truth but right wing politics and the cash flow associated with it. If advertizers began deserting News Corp because of  Andrew Bolt as they did Bill O'Reilly Bolt would be doing a Latham. Maybe the IPA would find him some action somewhere. But if so on the nose I doubt it.
Paris and what happened has more to do with domestic politics than it has to do with religion and all to do with Sunday's election and Le Penn. 
Le Penn was the first politician straight out of the gate to use it in her campaign as if she had written this scenario for just this campaign occasion. No surprises expect more to come before Sunday. French election could reshape the Western world

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My editorial from The Bolt Report: Malcolm Turnbull's new citizenship might not actually keep out wife-beaters and terrorists. But the fact that the ABC flunked it today shows why it's needed.

If Bolt had to apply today for citizenship what are the odds he'd flunk. I took him 35 years to start feeling Australian and he was born here. He says he is now but can't define what it means to be Australian. 1) He wears a suit or close to a suit all the time is that Australian? 2) His dogs are Dutch and his garden is Dutch is that Australian? 3) He's Agnostic a fence sitter is that Australian? 4) He doesn't holiday here or seem to have a great deal of friends is that Australian? 5) The ABC is symbolic of Australia connects Australians and not just in the city. It reaches out Bolt tries to drag you in. Is that Australian? 6) Do Australians see themselves in Andrew Bolt is he what makes us proud pigs ass he does.
Bolt has a deluded  image of what he expects Australia is and that's why he's always disappointed he hasn't the slightest grip on reality. It's why he unsocial not seen in public secretive and really needn't sit for the test because he's got a fence post up his ass. He's also a convicted vilifier and liar lost defamation suits and just generally not a laid back guy. He should apply for the vacant position at Fox News the guy he modeled himself on has just been sacked.


That is a hell of a new letterhead on Malcolm Turnbull's mass mailout. It's a Liberal mailout, so he can't use the Prime Minister's seal, but why hasn't be used the Liberal logo? Why a personal logo with a giant M.
The nasty  war  of secrets that only Tony Abbott knows how to play. The leak about the Warringah polls at this time onl advantages who? Tony Abbott of course his song " Look what theyve done to my poll mum" is not a new one in politics. If the leak is in your advantage "Just do it". Now couple that with the banging of a tin drum by drummer boy Bolt you have a wall of sound. Abbott sound which we have all seen before. All this was happening as Turnbull was doing a Trump and taking a step to the right with his Australia First stance. Turnbull has for extremely unfortunate reasons taken the wind out of Hanson, Bernardi's sails and brought attention to himself while also shutting the Abbott camp down. Tony had to do something to smear him and like in the days of old he did. He's been doing things like this since he was 18 claiming his innocence and getting away with it. So why is he going to stop now?“Why on earth some genius would seek to derail the government’s message in this way is just absolutely beyond me.”Abbott
  Lucky Brits when do we get our snap election?
Abbott is burying himself within his own Party. Howard and he  are certainly not allies. MPs who once support supported him won't vote for him. Cate McGregor spilt all on the Drum a friend of Tony's has stated he's gone past the tipping point and Mc Gregor believes if Turnbull falls Julie Bishop will be called up. Eat your heart our Andrew Bolt you even think McGregor is astute.

  Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farm

Kentucky coal company announces plans to build the state’s largest solar farmThe company says the farm will give jobs to displaced coal miners.A dump truck moves dirt and rock from a mountaintop removal coal mine in Kentucky. CREDIT: AP Photo/Roger AlfordA Kentucky coal company announced Tuesday that it is planning to build a solar farm on a reclaimed mountaintop removal coal mine and that the project would bring both jobs and energy to the ar
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