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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 8/9/17; There is no equality in Punishment Park; just $122 million wasted; Pansy Lai is not a victim;

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Andrew Bolt just can't stop promoting the "myth" that the Marriage Equality vote is being conducted on an equal playing field. That those "for" and those "against" are equal they are not! Forget the fact that our Culture has come through 1000 years of persecuting gays. That a good part of our culture still sees gays in unequal terms rather than diverse. Does David need to fight Goliath again?
 Pansy Lai isn't the one being "bullied" here Mr, Bolt. You aren't the one being bullied either Mr, Bolt. Being bullied doesn't amount that you have to hear the screams for fairness from those continued to be treated unequally. Their protest obviously offends you but it doesn't bully you. You and Pansy Lai are the ones "pushing down" from your vague unjustifiable moral high ground. Dragging Pansy out is BS your not your dragging her out for her opinion but her status as a "doctor ".  "Doctor" in this instance is irrelevant however she wouldn't be in an ACL ad if she was a " house wife". She is Pansy Lai Christian bigot abusing her profession in order to influence. She was once like one of those radicals who 1000 years ago was in the Colosseum today she's no longer the show but the crowd and has her thumbs down. Shame Pansy shame and how un-Christian. Bolt might be the commentator but he's got his thumb down too calling those in the center arena rebels activists and calling for the lions. Those activists are a minority who simply want the pain of Punishment Park delivered throughout the ages to stop. 
This thumbs up or down vote isn't "equality" If the "yes" vote wins the world won't have changed Pany Lai's will still be a bigot and your anti-Gay prejudices will remain Tony Abbott  will continue to think less of his sister as a mother all because the weight of our cultural values won't have changed yet. The only change that will likely occur you will move to another arena to vent your bile. Pansy Lai DOCTOR will be dragged out again like doctors once were and some probably still are offering Aversion Therapy to LGBTI's  suffering mentally because bigots with megaphones like Andrew Bolt who has convinced parents and other significant others to tell children they are not "normal" in schools rather than celebrating their difference. If they commit suicide all we will here is the echo of Bolt's voice in an editorial saying "I told you so" it's the activist's fault.

  If only Turnbull had some authority - » The Australian Independent Media Network

“The voluntary postal voting method … flies in the face of Australian democratic values. …It is likely to ensure that not only will a minority of Australians vote, but also that large sections of the community will be disfranchised.” Turnbull

It will have no value other than to subject gay Australians to lengthy public debate on their worth in society, including hateful propaganda and threats of violence.The postal vote is an obvious attempt by the far-right conservatives in the Liberal Party, to delay marriage equality for as long as possible. Not satisfied with being able to publicly register their disapproval of same-sex marriage in a free parliamentary vote, they intend to expose gay Australians to months of homophobic rhetoric before the inevitable change occurs.Successive statistically valid polls have demonstrated repeatedly that a majority of Australians, which now includes a majority of Catholics and other people of faith, support marriage equality. Yet Turnbull persists with a voluntary paper-based survey – the results of which can be ignored by Government, and which bears the real risk that ambivalent and busy supporters will fail to lodge a vote, if they receive a ballot paper at all.

Of late, violence has made headlines in the U.S. corporate media by serving to discredit the work of anti-fascist activists and distract from the actual threats of fascism and white supremacy. One would think that the very expression “anti-fascism” would immediately convoke pledges of allegiance in a country whose nationalist narratives include the story of its own rise to power as the global hegemon through the militant defeat of fascism in WWII. Regardless of whether or not we sanction its veracity, the story of the violent fight against fascism—not with kicks and punches, but with bombers, tanks, heavy artillery and nuclear bombs—is, indeed, one of the founding narratives of contemporary America.

 It’s Time to Get Violence: Breaking Down the Assault on Antifa


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Greens: Gay marriage is just the start

Greens: Gay marriage is just the start

PETER van Onselen said last week: "The slippery slope argument is the tired and lazy debating point used too often" to oppose same-sex marriage." In fact, a Greens official urges members to use that slippery slope. And polygamy seems next.
The slippery slope argument as relating to 'free speech' has produced some very ugly consequences. The call for the application of Eugenics in  Australian Immigration policies advocated by Bolt is the same as we saw when we see Nazi and KKK groups marching to oust Jews from America. Bolt coming from a anti -Semitic heritage is a bit embarrassed about that aspect of his Aalsmeer past. However in the long term his demand that White Western Christian Culture isn't just what is maintained and reinforced in Australia but that white immigration is given priority over any other because multiculturalism has been a failure. The slippery slope is the Eugenic  references implied here in as much no LGBTIs should be made welcome either. The problem Australia will find  not just a drop in immigration but like South Africa a total stop resulting in us as a basket case in the Pacific.


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British politicians imposed gay marriage on their country without asking voters first. David Sergeant now reviews what's happened since - and it's more of the same bullying, including threats to churches and the schools facing closure for not promoting new gender theories. Read on.
  Bolt's anectotal evidence is un researched and pure fear mongering on an exceptional case basis. Foster parents shouldn't according to Andrew Bolt be investigated. A 2 year old  child drowned this week while in  Foster care Bolt could just as well have said they were most likelely 'yes' voters for what he's saying here. How is it Bolt has access to information that's private and not released by  Government agencies. Can he show any document relating to what he declares is policy? Bolt's references might well be Bolt quoting himself. It has clearly been stated time and time again that Religious schools will not be directed to teach gender equality nor Marxism. Research over a 30 year period done by Colobia University has shown 97% 0f 79 studies have shown children of same sex parents either turn out the same as those of heterosexual parents taking into account their schooling as well or even better. These aren't anecdotal single case rumours as reprted in the Daily Mail Bolt's reference to trust. Stidies done in Boston since 2004 have also shown What Bolt is doing isn't reporting on any social research whatsoever but telling you little more than exceptions might exist. However it doesn't matter that 7% of priests were found to be Child molesters Bolt knows that's been stopped. Strange Bolt logic
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Leftist Christopher Kremmer teaches journalism and recommends censoring search engines: "The news list ... was dominated by websites whose idea of what constitutes news is very different to my own. I began blocking offending mastheads... With News Corporation, for example, I had to eliminate all their Australian regional mastheads."
  "Let me call it the la-la-la-I'm-not-listening technique of research that is of such comfort to the foolish and wilfully ignorant:"Bolt
What Bolt fails to do is rely on any research when presenting his conservative ideologies. Whether talking about Same-sex Marriage, Christians and Domestic Violence, Climate Science Bolt or Australian History Bolt  prefers single case anecdotal evidence from which to generalize from and avoid quite often any historic or social context that might hinder or be irrelevant to the conclusion he wants to advocate. he also calls his approach Fair and Balanced or No Foul no Favor. People pay for News they expect news and not a News Free Zone. People pay for Journalism but Bolt offere a No Journalism Zone all fake products. Bolt's not just offering opinion he is selling a product entitled News when it's not. A time will come when he will be required to be more honest in what it is he's offering. Propaganda ,PR,  should be banned from being declared News.  But the Bolt has no problem with Nazi's marching on our streets it is the calibre of the man.


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Why must no campaigners share the blame when yes campaigners  violently confront them outside their church meeting?: "Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese criticised the Yes and No supporters who clashed in Brisbane last night." And why does Channel 9 then interview a yes campaigner who blames the victims?  
It's a bit like calling for poor Nazi's to be allowed to march without opposition down Swanston st. Stop bullying the Swastika. Bullying comes from the top down not the bottom up. The 'no' voters are pushing down on  the behalf of 'nequality' the 'yes' up for freedom for all. Protestors follow 'no' voters because history reminds us what happened when Nazis were given free reign




Today's sell-out heroes don't need to discover new worlds or split the atom. Just falling off a bike will do it: "Belperio had a sold-out season of his show Scarred For Life at the recent Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, basing the show around the time he survived hurtling over his bike's handlebars." Now the ABC promotes his hymn to gay marriage. 
Bolt's reporting on what's not supposed to be reported. However he's not reporting on what he should be. George Colombaris being threatened with 2 years jail for assault. While Bolt  is threatened with nothing having attempted to king hit a prankster and calling for others to do the same.
Notice the guy had a full house how is it there was no one selling tickets to a 'no' ditty?

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