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Andrew Bolt's Blog,11/9/17; Muckraker Bolt gets it wrong again; He accuses Clinton of playing the "race card"; Don't mention the 10,000 that gathered in Sydney; Abbott hailed for showing us Government by plebiscite is a great distraction;



10 Sep  PAYWALL Racist in every possible sense of the word. Crass sensationalism it has all the qualities of Breitbart, The Spectator, Quadrant, and shock jock in print attached to it.  In fact, the rumors began with a favorite Ezine of Bolt's the slag mag PowerLine. Is it any surprise? Fox 9 picked this story and ran with it but "Lyden's digging went from scoop to oops by the end of business Monday. Fox 9 has scrubbed the story from its site after serious doubts were raised about the report's veracity. Those doubts came from Andy Luger himself. "
What more can you expect from Bolt it's his road to riches from the moral high ground. Remember Trump's birther attack on Obama this runs deeper not only is Omar black she's a woman, and a Muslim to boot.
Conservatives like Andrew Bolt thrive on this sort of politics and News Corp is even importing it here to Australia despite the fact that their own affiliate scrubbed it. The facts as we do know them are; That Fox9 has dropped the story but Andrew Bolt cadet reporter hasn't and will never apologize for it.

Fox 9 removes story about investigation into Ilhan Omar's marriage history

Tom Lyden hammered Ilhan Omar for not answering questions. Now it's Lyden who won't answer.
Fox 9 muckraker Tom Lyden has been one of the media bloodhounds tracking Ilhan Omar's messy personal history ever since her historic victory in the DFL primary for House District 60B earlier this month.

"The controversy came just days after Omar won a spirited three-way primary that included longtime Rep. Phyllis Kahn, who is tied for the longest-serving tenure in state House history."

Lets move on to more Bolt facts and those he calls in to support them in The Reason Free Zone...BS Mountain


The media falsely claimed opponents of same-sex marriage brawled with supporters, and reported crazy claims they even used their cars as "weapons" to mow them down. Exposing the hoax and the media bias in my editorial in The Bolt Report:
  My god Bolt continues his statistically insignificant anecdotes from which to generalize the No voters and homophobic's campaign of Australia claiming they have been victims of anti-Heterosexual bias for years. Heterosexuals only bashed and killed poofters and their supporters on Saturday nights because they felt they were in grave danger.  Their violence was only a defensive act just as Bolt suggested the car that drove into protesters in Charlottesville was.
How is it the No voters aren't in their 10s of thousands demonstrating for their cause is it because it's too shameful or because they have the backing of News Corp and 2GB? 
Conservatives no matter who they are exploiting killing enslaving like Australias indigenous always say they are doing it for their victims benefit. It's strange their victims never see it that way. 


Liberal MP Andrew Hastie says people are scared to speak up about their views on same sex marriage. No wonder, after Fairfax columnist Benjamin Law suggested Hastie be raped for being against gay marriage. Hastie responds to Law. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

People are too scared to call themselves homophobic. Germans were too scared and still are too call themselves Nazis. The Dutch from Aslsmeer Bolt's family town won't put their hands up and declare who they supported during the war. Bolt never talks about his families past. So is Hastie really saying something we don't already know? Those that were actually persecuted were also scared but more so of the physical violence they or those identified as like them endured the police harrassment and the breakdown of families that they knew might happen if they revealed their true selves or even confused selves. They were in enemy territory and are still today. If Andrew hastie for one moment suggests he's a victim of bullying he was not just a poor soldier a poor leader and a poor MP to boot. Because in a  representative democracy he represents his whole community. Yes is the only vote that acknowledges that. Bolt publishes the argument for No daily he's been known to call conservatives to a fist fight and he's  certainly not out of a job and many suns have set.


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Hillary Clinton won 88 per cent of the black vote by preaching victim politics and race resentment. Yet she attacks Donald Trump: "He was quite successful in referencing a nostalgia that would give hope, comfort, settle grievances for millions of people who were upset about gains that were made by others... Millions of white people."
 Not a word from Bolt that Clinton gon 3 million more votes from the American people no matter the race color or religion. Not a mention that the reason she lost was not a card but the College System of vote distribution which Donald Trump said was seriously unfair. Here we have Bolt doing what he does best claiming systemic racism is a myth as is homophobia and that gays and indigenous Australians are equal yes but not as equal as mentally antiquated cultural imperialists as Andrew Bolt is.



Last Thursday, a driver turned slowly into St Michael’s Church in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove — and straight into the latest fraud by same-sex marriage bullies and the media. No, he wasn't a protester against gay marriage. No, he didn't drive at near "top speed" into the gay marriage activists. And, no, the violence was not from "both sides".
Column Andrew Bolt doesn't seem to have noticed over 10,000 citizens gathered to support the "yes" vote in Sydney. This news man come commentator only reports the statistically insignificant exceptional cases that don't reflect what's going on. But when you are statistically insignificant and argue on the basis to make it a trend to generalize from is hope the public won't notice if it weren't for the gigantic power of News Corp that's it's only sense, a side without principle only tactic.


When John Guthrie and Dennis Cash announced their plan to foster teenagers almost 20 years ago their friends thought they had rocks in their head.

 Foster parents: Two dads redefining the meaning of family - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)



Last week was Malcolm Turnbull’s best as Prime Minister, thanks to Tony Abbott He was forced to keep Abbott's plebiscite on gay marriage, which after the High Court's tick  gives him a weapon against Labor. Now he must listen to Abbott on electricity. Abbott is better at strategy. and his advice could yet win Turnbull an election.
Column 10 Sep 
The Plebiscite is counter to the very notion of representative Democracy. If one were held on media and trust Andrew Bolt would be out of a job. The plebiscite was merely an attention grabber for Abbott to deflect attention away from how Mr. Nope screwed the economy raised the debt ceiling and spent it. Deregulated and allowed business to steal wages, superannuation, and defraud the public in a manner never seen before. Billions of dollars scammed from working Australians. Something Andrew Bolt never reports on unless it's a unionist caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 
The plebiscite is just another divider as are all of Bolt's cultural issues emphasizing but not celebrating our multicultural differences. The only divide Australia has ever faced was economic. Australia began with Colonial Imperial Slavery was forced consumer nation of British goods and merely a supplier of resources for British Industry. Why we say we grew off the sheep's back because we weren't allowed to value add it. We supplied cannon fodder to protect Britain and largely weren't allowed to be a 'free trading' nation. No plebiscites were necessary then The British learned what free trade really meant along with multiculturalism. It meant the war of Independence and being kicked out of America. That wasn't ever going to be the case in Australia. No plebiscites were held by conservatives then. Abbott's plebiscite was nothing more than an attention grabber to hide the fact he was doing nothing.

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Now a same-sex marriage activist thinks it's funny to threaten to rape opponents: "Benjamin Law, a columnist for Fairfax’s Good Weekend magazine ..., said: “Sometimes find myself wondering if I’d hate-f. k all the anti-gay MPs in parliament if it meant they got the homophobia out of their system.” He'd start with former SAS captain Andrew Hastie. 
  You know when Bolt's blogs are long he'll be commenting on everything but the issue. Where are the 10,000 plus "no" voters marching against marriage equality? Oh scared of those gay bullies who have come to the fore persecuted for 200 years in this country. They were raped and bashed and Bolt is calling them bullies for calling out "stop" we are humans too. Bolt's been wanting to hate fuck gays all his life and now he has the opportunity to and is going for it. The question which was worse Bolt inciting conservatives to come out and fight like he did in Lygon st calling them cowards it they didn't or Ben Law's tweets? Who actually tried to physically kill a prankster and retained his job? If Colombaris can be charged for a shove what ought to Bolt be charged for?
" we celebrate the commonality of major differences; we are a land of belonging rather than of blood.”  It's been said of India but it might well have been said of Australia. With Bolt and ultra conservatives acting like born again Colonialists demanding we return to the gory days of British Empire. They laid down the laws on homosexuality, not god nor nature.


Warmists claim renewables are now as cheap as coal-fired power. So the Nationals call their bluff: "The Nationals have voted to remove all subsidies for renewable energy providers over a five-year period." Pity, the reaction from Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg.
Apparently, we meant to reward polluters by subsidizing them as well. How often have we seen coal mines close and leave their mess behind? AGL and other producers know what it costs to run antiquated power plants and want them closed. We haven't heard Bolt suggest the government buy and run them has he too socialist for him but he certainly wants the government to force business to keep them open or pay them to do it. Even then the likes of AGL do not want to. Banks aren't interested in providing loans to coal miners or energy producers. Why is it the very industry Bolt wants to force protection and profit on don't want it? The fact is Bolt just likes to talk about a 'free market' but really means a corporately controlled one. AGL, on the other hand, operates knowing full well the competition it faces if it doesn't begin to change now. They at least have paid attention to the science and not just the politics.
  Tesla 3 Arrives:  Beginning of End of Climate Change?  (Video)

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | - - Some people in South Florida are finding it difficult to flee … 

 People w/ Electric Cars aren't trapped in Miami Beach with no Gasoline 

 China looks at plans to ban petrol and diesel cars - BBC News




 Bolt guaranteeing to avoid the principles for promoting his side for politics alone. Applying the insignificant instances is Bolt's approach and want over and above the 10s of thousands supporting the Yes voters for "equality" in Sydney. 
 Ben Law's interview explaining his tweet and why Safe Schools are necessary addresses principles. The Bolt Report propagandizes victims as bullies and he has "friends" in support. Let's face it history shows Christian colonialism of the globe was simply an excuse for profiteering, slavery and drug trafficking offering no benefit for the peoples and nations invaded. History only told and experienced by the invaders themselves. The British greatest failures rarely told from their victims point of view their biggest failure the American war of Independence. British real corporate cultural history denied that its origins were based on piracy normalized but upheld by propagandists like News Corp even in their anti-Equality persistence. So much for any concept of individual freedom and equality.

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