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Andrew Bolt's Blog,13/9/17; Bolt wants Partition and fragmentation; Turnbull attacked; Bolt's family is the "ideal" but not "real"; Politics of CO2; Coal: Media- Bolt tries to steal votes; Murdoch could buy votes they are for sale to the most desperate;

Our Deputy leader Barnaby Joyce  declared Science is a Church tonight. Experts 10 years ago have changed their minds every 10 years since and therefore can't be trusted. Apparently Barneby believes in the permanancy of fact is the responsibility of politicians to keep that fire burning. Yes he's right Neanderthals did discover the fire and now it's his job  to keep it burning. 

1) He distrusts Churches and give them a negative wrap. 2) He distrusts secular experts as well. 3) He alone walks on water and is the carrier of truth the seller needed to stop that fire going 3) Having allowed to deliver his message he said tick tick Neddy and rode out of the ABC studios. Andrew Bot says the ABC is biased.

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The University of Sydney’s Patrick Parkinson: “There have been numerous bills introduced into parliament to enact same-sex marriage over the last few years and what has been common to most of them has been a minimalist protection for freedom of conscience.”
  "Where are the protections for our freedoms" Bolt The most selfish and unintelligent words spoken in the media that can't accept the Multicultural plurality of Australia. Some 50 countries have marriage equality dating back as far as 2001. None have been plagued with any statistically significant episodes of heterosexual freedoms lost. The best idiots can come up with is "I heard there was a case in Malta" or " Rumour has it this happened in Ireland "
The fact is no countries where the LGBTI cause has been accepted and marriage equality granted, which by the way isn't a "religious" issue but a legal one  has there been any mass  changes or shifts reported on freedom loss other than the imaginary posed by bigots like Bolt who are not just against  gay marriage but plurality of any kind or any move towards more equality for all why? Because it's a perceived loss to them no, only a political divide that benefits, a tactic at a cost to the nation.
" religious freedom issues and, as a result, religious protections will be exposed and sacrificed." Kelly
One could just as well substitute the word gender, women, class, race, and one gets the same division. Any vote for equality will be devoid of attention to "white freedom issues and, as a result, white protections will be exposed and sacrificed" However it will be a vote for nevertheless for the unity of multiculturalism and one for the equality of difference rather than one for partition and apartheid.  (Pic)

Here we have the You Christians are Cowards  argument put forward by Andrew Bolt when he tried to GBH pranksters, and after saying Islamic terrorists were heroes for defending their beliefs. In the meantime 500,000 plurality of cowards marched in Barcelona and more around the world who disagreed

The face of the "no" campaign has also apologised for Christians' treatment of gay men during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s.

 Marriage trashed by straight people not gays, says Christian Lobby boss Lyle Shelton

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Malcolm Turnbull on Sunday: "I respect the Australian people...  I am confident ... this will be a respectful debate." Yet now: "Australians who feel vilified, intimidated or threatened by another person's conduct during the same-sex marriage campaign will have legal recourse under emergency laws being rushed through Parliament."
13 Sep 
Bolt is for hate-Speech and when hate speech is a call to murder Bolt seems that's fine and it's the way he brought his kids up. Manners are rules Bolt says he abides by however he publicly called for violence in the media for conservatives to fight back against the left with clenched fists like he did in Lygon st. Had he made the same call against Jews he'd find that it should be free and responsible behavior plural and civilized society. Vilification is a right that improves the society we live in and verbal abuse is just such a freedom. Human rights is an abuse of respect for Andrew Bolt. It sounds like the a-social beast with his back to the wall.


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Former Penthouse model Belinda Medlyn had group sex with NRL star Bodene Thompson and his mates, and conceived their child when they had sex as a mate watched. Now she complains Thompson hasn’t turned out to be a good father. Surprise! We're told this shows NRL culture is bad. But the cultural problem is our forgetting what makes for good families.  

12 Sep What an idiot Bolt is kicking a woman because she's a woman that made an error of judgment. Bolt seems to be calling for Sharia Law and he's ready to throw no has thrown the first rock. The degree of murder, domestic violence child protection that arises within the Nuclear Family should sound alarm bells that it's no longer the center of goodness Bolt from the moral high ground dictates it is. In fact, the family is the most fragile organization within which to raise children is becoming more evident.
In a changing economic world, the traditional family where the mother is the primary socializer and nurturer and as Bolt says he's the only one who brings home the bacon that in the main no longer exists. Mother is now also bringing home the bacon in a world where child care is no longer affordable or a nanny available to all. Bolt with his Sharia attitude to what constitutes the ideal family is living in cloud cuckoo land. Mind you there is a drift back to the extended family kids aren't moving out are having kids nevertheless and their parents are the primary child raisers. In fact, it's what the poor have been doing for years. If Bolt really opened his eyes he'd see white Australians taking up the life styles forced on blacks since the invasion.



12 Sep Bolt declares once again the Pope, Science, and anyone who thinks rising greenhouse gasses have any significance on nature is a joke. That even if they do try to change the way we deal with the world we live in is even a bigger folly. Bolt's wiser than the banks, wiser investors, wiser than the corporations divesting in traditional energy sources basing his beliefs on his fact that global science is little more than another religion. If Bolt has so little faith in science reducing it to just a religion why is it he's so vehemently defending it against marriage equality. History has taught us science has been the greatest source of knowledge about the world in which we live. However, Bolt's denying that and denying that outright.
Well, it appears science can't protect the mining and energy businesses only the politics of wealth can, however, the "free market" it seems is turning its back as well and that's the change Bolt can't control. Harvey, Irma, Katia, and Jose aren't helping Bolt at all when he tries desperately to declare them "normal" events.
Jennifer Lawrence's words twisted for Bolt for his purpose. Truth Bolt's rant is simply yet another rant against Malcolm Turnbull in favor of yes you guessed it, Tony Abbott. 
Why bother trying to stop a pandemic if you can only treat one person at a time. That was the British excuse for not doing anything about the Indian famines. After all, what will one bag of rice do we don't need to do anything. Churchhill redirected ship loads of Australian wheat to store in the UK. Ebola in Africa we can't do anything. Why is it the only interventions Bolt supports is war?



The Essential Report poll should shock the Turnbull Government out of its fantasy that it's winning on electricity prices by being not quite as bad as Labor: "28% think that a Labor Government would be more likely to deliver lower energy prices and 19% think a Coalition Government would deliver lower prices." That's a hell of a failure to convince.

Peter BH doing the work for Bolt
He's gathered the forces of News Corp to do the work for them all Sloan, Albrechtsen and we are meant to believe Peter BH is just an interested reader.
The only truth in all of this is politics has stuffed our energy policies and it began seriously with Mr. Nope Tony Abbott who said Climate Change is Bull. Since then policy on energy has gone nowhere and Andrew Bolt wants Tony Mr. Nope Abbott back the man who had the most zombie bills and the least number passed since Gorton. Yet he continues to argue Abbott is the best, for who? Avoiding the question of Power Bolt is promoting Abbott by focusing on Turnbull's lack of gut's to dump Abbott's anti green policies altogether. It's time to bite the bullet and find a partisan solution to Australian energy and not hang on to Abbott's deniers vision of free coal to everyone as long as the rest of the world wants it.....they don't.  When it comes to Dirty energy and wealth Bolt is living proof the trickle down effect is BS. If he's losing a cent by helping anyone else such as the planet F---'em.
The third world and undeveloped countries are undeveloped because British and European Colonial imperialists raped, looted, and brought them to their knees not because of any free market. It was done at the point of a gun. Today Morocco and other nations are taking up the challenge and are installing renewable energy. India is transitioning and is no longer as poor as Bolt makes them out to be. Their Space and communication systems are far better than ours and hasn't Bolt noticed they are prepared to run Australia, after all, we out source everything else to them. Banking, Bookkeeping even our Public Service that would fix the budget. But then our politicians would still be left fighting among themselves and not for us.

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New coal-fired power stations: World 621, Australia zero. Now understand?

Does this perhaps explain why we're running out of electricity yet paying through the nose? New coal-fired generators being built: China: 299; India: 132; World: 621; Australia: zero.

 LINK News Corp's Simon Benson

 The transition is not about the race to build more power plants but how much less have they built and how much less will they build and what growth have they invested in renewables. Bolt's math seems to be a race to produce dirty energy when the figures actually show the effort being made to reduce it.  Plans aren't fact and can change very quickly. Reports have indicated that many of these plants will remain idle.  Given $$$ control everything why are banks divesting their coal investments and not increasing them? Given that in July everybody was quoting 1600 new plants were to be built there's been an enormous decrease in 2 months.

Australia won't be de-industrialized because of energy it will, however, be because of the globalization of labor without the international unions to combat multi-national corporations. We saw what pariahs corporations can be globally with the history of the British East India Company. Be warned some 10 companies control world trade today and ensure countries remain un developed. Miners and fossil fuel companies a prime example of the worst practices. Doesn't Bolt find it strange that an Indian has bought Whyalla that he claims went broke because of energy costs?

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Activists insisted same-sex marriage wouldn't cost us our free speech, but the Turnbull Government today proved them wrong.  What a farce. My editorial on The Bolt Report.

13 SepThe government hasn't cut free speech for "every-one". It has ensures " hate- speech" is disallowed. Freedom means diversity yes but it also needs blurred acceptance of difference. Far more tolerant than Bolt's insistense of division based on a hierachy of  status division of powers. The government simply has diluted the the capacity of the bias of media and put it back in the hands of the individual to choose. Don't let the media steal your vote!!

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