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Andrew Bolt's Blog,14/9/17; Abbott called Climate Change crap removed the ETS and Carbon tax and created zombie policies from there on in; Freedom of verbal sewage Hitler in a suit is still Hitler; Homophobia;


Another violent attack by gay-marriage extremists, this time on students at Sydney University quietly urging a "no" vote.  They kicked, turned over a table of food, abused, threatened, threw dye and tore signs of the "no" students. Will the Turnbull Government now trigger its new law against intimidation during this debate? Daisy Cousins lets fly.
The "no" voters are a persecuted innocent lot according to Andrew Bolt they have a cultural and social history of being attacked by gays according to Bolt any wonder they like Bolt are homophobic. Maybe the two pranksters that attacked Bolt in Lygon st were gay after all they only glittered him and he tried to commit GBH on them.

Bolt stays silent when his team does what he called for them to do after Lygon st

Kevin Rudd Claims His Godson Was Punched For Objecting To Man Pulling Down Rainbow Flags

He was allegedly targeted after confronting a man pulling down rainbow flags."Shinead Cunningham, who runs the Facebook page, told BuzzFeed News that Sean was allegedly targeted after he confronted a man pulling down rainbow flags and yelling "I hate fucking faggots".

Same-Sex Marriage "No" Campaigner Says Homophobia Doesn't Exist Much In Australia

"I do know what homophobia is, but I don't think it exists much in our 

"Polite" Prejudice In Same-Sex Marriage Debate Still Lands, Says Penny Wong

"Sometimes prejudice comes in very polite forms ... but it lands nevertheless

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Malcolm Turnbull was right: he can win the next election just by fighting Labor’s global-warming crusaders on electricity prices.  But Turnbull is wrong: the way he and Frydenberg are fighting — timidly and erratically — is backfiring. A shock new poll shows the Liberals are losing the argument - and must do something shocking to win.
 What is right the Liberals have no national energy policy and haven't had one since Abbott said climate change was bullshit and scrapped the ETS or Carbon Tax. Had an intelligent transition plan been put in place we wouldn't be staring down the barrel of a gun now.  But Abbott was intent on playing Mr Nope declaring Climate Change Science crap and putting forward zombie policies in place. The whole industry has since been screaming what is it the government is going to do? They are blaming banks, countries the energy industry and everyone but itself. While Bolt is telling us Abbott will fix it. Abbott brought the country to a halt passed the least number of bills since Gorton and went counter to 196 countries. If that's not going backward what is? 

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Name a country that since marriage equality was introduced that the laws on speech and religion have been changed due to the social upheaval envisaged by marriage equality. Bolt only talks in riddles and threats as to what will happen when and if rather than what is happening now and how we came to be in this situation. History and context are of no concern to Bolt nor is equality for all Australian citizens. He wants the freedom to continue the language of homophobia that has existed since invasion day.
Bolt claims that the heterosexual family is the safest place to raise children recent statistics from the ACT indicate it's an institution in stress and an increasingly larger number of children than ever before are being placed in foster care. The white stolen generation is happening because of family breakdown. The ACT has the highest average income in Australia yet it appears not to be helping Bolt's fantasy nuclear family. 
Free speech is an ideal that doesn't exist hate & information have state laws that speech isn't free yet Bolt convicted of both hate and misinformation believes we should be free to do it. He rails against whistle blowers and leakers but does he really mean they ought to be free to do what they want. His wife almost threatened legal action when their sons job at the IPA was revealed. Bolt obviously couldn't do it given his beliefs but neither did he tell his wife that she was running counter to the ideas of free speech. Yes Bolt's supports the right Nazis to publicly vilify Jews as they did in Charlottesville and condemns those that shout them down as thugs. 

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David Uren spells it out - with Labor offering only the "certainty" of a Third World electricity system, the Liberals have little option but a partial renationalisation: "Britain, France, Ireland and several US states are paying generating companies to guarantee a level of baseload capacity."  That, or a government power station, seems inevitable.
 Typical of Bolt and what he calls work. His link David Uren of the Australian Uren does the work Bolt gets the credit.
 "Renationalisation" a synonym for Socialization of the national energy grid. But Bolt can't bring himself to say it. Don't blame it on Labor the generators certainly aren't. They are calling for an ETS and the Liberals are still echoing the Abbott "nope". With the generators, the experts in the business calling for an ETS and the banks reluctant to invest until the government steps up and does more than play politics we are at a stand still. Should a plebiscite be held and the country side step the politicians altogether and call the experts in?

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Sharri Markson: "Turnbull’s cabinet ministers say they will support a Clean Energy Target if it includes financial incentives­ for coal-fired power…" So we actually have Turnbull ministers who want a target that subsidises wind power and then more subsidies to protect coal-fired power. And they think this cuts costs?
  Australian government remains the pariah of the world wanting to drop the clean energy target altogether. It's typical of a right wing government to try to protect the resource based profits of miners and electricity generators in a context isolated from the rest of the world. It's typical of what Nth Korea is doing in having the tail wag the dog. 
If there were a threat of a pandemic we saw what the conservatives didn't do anything but say it's none of our business and whatever we do will have little or no effect globally. Let the rest of the world handle it was Bolt's attitude to Ebola and we can reap the benefits of the actions of others like the Cubans later. The only active world action you ever heard from Abbott was to blow the trumpets of war against Russia and the Middle East. Abbott was very active on awards knights and dames, Monuments, Flags Uniforms increased security and defense. Like in the past the Australian taxpayer paid to keep the private arms business in profit none of which by the way created any jobs for Australians. We subsidized war but we rail against subsidizing energy well now Bolt's calling for "renationalizing" it what is that if it isn't a subsidy?


The Savva version would be how a showboating MP skipped work to make Malcolm Turnbull look bad: "Tony Abbott has been hailed as a hero after saving a house from ember attack while battling a bushfire...   Mr Cafe [said] it wasn’t every day that a former prime minister saves your home. 'I told everybody, "I’m fine, Tony’s here".'"
 Knights in Armour and Dames in distress look at Andrew Bolt's banner and see what he makes of it. Tony Abbott single handedly saved a mans home. What a BS false fact fantasy is this? The photo even has Tony Abbott looking on. One can be guaranteed the camera crew taking the photos didn't feel threatened and they were there for News Corp to promote and boost Tony Abbott and not the CFA of which he just happens to be a member like all the others on that crew. Abbott isn't even the crew leader but you wouldn't for a moment think he wasn't. Look at the picture above and Abbott looks as if he's on call for another photo shoot where is the crew what are they really doing we wouldn't know. Remember the Alfalfa Club Abbott was busted being boosted.
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" It is insane that we face electricity shortages in a country with huge supplies of coal, uranium, and gas, but green superstitions and weak politicians have achieved the bizarre."Bolt
Notice Bolt doesn't see or speak of Sun, Wind, or Sea as resources why because they are free. Bolt believes the privately owned resources and generators are cheaper than publicly owned free resources which he calls intermittent. Apparently, according to Bolt the infrastructure to build capture and generate green energy is more expensive and takes longer to build than Nuclear Plants and coal fired generators and the battery storage systems that Tesla and others can supply in 100 days don't exist. 
Intermittent is Bolt's complaint about green energy however he doesn't mention the that in Texas it's the fossil fuel generators that have come to a standstill after hurricane Harvey the same in Florida. Strange EVs are running houses with green energy are alight but anything to do with Bolt's dirty energy is closed for business. Guess he thinks that hasn't come at a cost.
What is the lesson to be learned here? It appears politics needs to run second place to Science Engineering and Technology we see what happens when we let politicians get hold we get Abbott's NBN, 1Billion dollars invested in the Adani coal mine when Adani himself is the biggest investor in Solar Energy in India. Coal mines that have closed have been left for the locals to clean up all things Bolt claims is cheaper than green power. Whose pulling the wool over whose eyes?

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CNN refused to let us use its Washington studio to interview Milo Yiannopoulos. The Left's shutting down of debate is becoming a genuine threat. My editorial from The Bolt Report.
Even Breitbart the most notorious right wing e-zine that brought Trump to the Presidency and made  CEO of Breitbart Steve Bannon his personal adviser. Yes, the pro neo -Nazi and KKK supporter sacked Milo for personally promoting pedophilia. How about that for Bolt's canary Bolt's often quoted e-zine won't have anything to do with Milo. Why does Bolt want him back because Milo trade mark is to say the opposite of what is expected for self-promotion and publicity and it's only people like Bolt that will use him for contrarian tactics? Steve Bannon another Bolt hero certainly wouldn't. 


What a disgusting and dangerous interpretation of our history by Socialist Alliance councillor Sue Bolton, part of the Moreland Council: “What happened to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from that date was a holocaust. Celebrating that date would be like celebrating the Nazi holocaust as Germany Day." 
Whoa, Neddy Sue Bolton didn't say the diggers murdered the Aborigines. However if one accepts the mind set of the Inglorious British  Empire at the time it's hard to believe they were benign Colonists. They shipped 4.000.000 Africans out of Africa as slaves. There sent 500,000 Indians into indentured bondage slaves to work their plantations in other colonies. They sent the Irish Catholics to Australia rather than assist them in a famine and cleared their jails which were costing them money. They knew full well the Colony could put them to work and return a profit for England and the elite investors in profit making ventures.
Australia grew off the sheep's back it certainly did it took the wool at rock bottom price, not market price for its mills in the UK and shipped goods here at sky high prices all the time not allowing its colony to free trade. It took swathes of land from Aborigines for squatters to develop and freely killed Aborigines if they resisted. How many Aborigines were hanged for various offenses against colonists? How many colonists were hanged for killing natives? Bolt believes fully in the white man's
historical record. Convenient when the Aborigines didn't record history in the same way Bolt demands. The British must have had a truly disliked colonial record for they created the American War of Independence. 
Genocide can come in many forms and Hitler could have been said to have failed as well. However, he failed on two levels killing all the Jews and obliterating their culture. If one looks at what the British Empire did it too killed the local populations of its colonies often for no real reason at all, It also tried to obliterate ore change the local culture not to make them citizens or independent not to be made equal but to be made compliant. To do that attempted cultural genocide was common. The method used was by removing children in huge numbers to be put in Christian work houses to be used and abused for profit. How Nazi was that. Killing, transporting and burning aboriginal culture and writing it up as benign and charitable actions.

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