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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 17/2/18; Sanctimonious Bolt baying with the media hounds; Murdoch Media and Fake News; Global Warming;

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Barnaby Joyce affair shows how when men make abysmal choices, women pay the price

Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Turnbull in Parliament on Thursday.

The Barnaby Joyce scandal is a horrible saga, with so many grubby angles to it, that even after observing it for a week you feel you need a shower, or at least a break. Wife, mistress, children born and unborn: all are collateral damage.
Turnbull actually seems the only one who who spoke up for the women "As a clearly furious Malcolm Turnbull described it on Thursday, in an extraordinary press conference, Joyce has “set off a world of woe” on his family, and “appalled all of us” with his behaviour, as well as raising “very serious issues about the culture” of Parliament House as a workplace."
Even News Limited columnist Andrew Bolt, not known for his feminist leanings, thundered this week about “the women left behind after helping their husbands build their lives and careers”.
However Andrew Bolt in typical blind posturing  then theatrically attacked Malcolm Turnbull,revealing his primary motive over and above false faux feminist sentiment along with the media crowd baying and declaring the PM weak. ( Old Dog)

Bolt proves he doesn't think for himself when he takes on board the Fox Fake News interpretation of the FBI's preliminary indictment of 13 Russians. There is no mention of collusion because these are just the first indictments and not the investigation's completed conclusions. Examination of Trump or his lackey's involvement if any is yet to come something Bolt prefers us to ignore  or believe doesn't exist. " news for Donald Trump and a body blow to the media that has tried to paint him as a traitor, colluding with Russia to steal the election."Bolt
The lie is that the investigation is over " In short, the indictments say there was no collusion with the Trump team, and the Russian aim was more to discredit US democracy rather than help Trump, who later become a target. Nor do the indictments say the Russian campaign affected the election result." is one that Fox News is putting out and Bolt the Aussie  parrot is happy to repeat. 
  Ken Dilanian and Watergate prosecutor and Jill Winebanks explain
1) Well, this indictment makes clear they did have help from Americans.  So can Trump continue to say Russian interference was a hoax? How could the Russians know so much about the American political system without help?

2) So there was, in this case, unwitting help from Americans and the question that Robert Mueller is investigating is whether there was any witting help to this from members of the trump campaign. Which states did the Russians specifically know to target?

3)  It means we're getting closer and closer to the White House. So I'm anxiously awaiting what the next steps will be and how high it will go and what Americans wittingly helped.
This was done to hurt Hillary help Donald Trump. There's no question what the goal of the Russians was. So this really now takes us to the heart of what Mueller's mandate is, which is looking at this interference by the Russians and everything else that comes from it. Like were Americans wittingly involved.
No Bolt the investigation isn't over!!!
Fox News Tactics to Misinform and support Trump 

"Madness. What's really needed: better gun laws or better policing? " Bolt with all his quotes doesn't know? That's delaying tactics of a conservative News Corp commentator more time and research is needed. Notice Bolt doesn't mention that Cruz was said to have been trained by a White Supremacist Militia group. No he prefers Mental illness, an unfortunate flaw in policing  and another conversation about gun laws at some time in the future. Again it's The News Corp Policy not to even raise the shadow of White Christian Terror at any cost. Furthermore don't politicize the fact that Trump owes the 10 arms corporations in America a huge favor for their support of his Presidency. So much so Trump foregoes any mention of the gun laws and the 3% of white America that own 50% of the 350 million private weapons in the US 8 a piece and all legal. Trump has even loosened the laws to increase gun sales.

Global Warming Is Getting Worse, Fast

1)Global surface temperatures during the three years from 2014 to 2016 – each hotter than the last – boosted the total level of global warming since 1900 by 25%, according to new research.
2)A separate study has confirmed that heat extremes, too, have outpaced the global average. Maximum temperatures during the hottest heat waves have in the last 30 years risen three times faster – especially in crowded cities that are home to more than 10 million – than average temperatures as a whole.
3)And a third study warns that unless the world’s nations start to reduce carbon emissions, then within the next 17 or 18 years, planetary temperatures will be at least 1.5°C above the world average for most of human history.
And 35 to 41 years from now, these temperatures will have climbed 2°C above the level that held before the Industrial Revolution, and the arrival of fossil fuels as a global energy source.

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