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Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/2/18; From the single mindedness of a son of Aalsmere; Bolt the moral misogynist speaks for the little woman; What Bolt fails to mention $48,000;

Bolt's the man whose always in a dlilema when it comes to progress. There are no decisions possible on either objective or reasoned grounds. Every current decision is in fact subjective equivalent to a religious belief and therefore political. The safest decisions are for Bolt none. 
Who should be choen as Australian of the year or the Book of the year ? Well knowing full well he will never be chosen Journo of the the year Bolt comes up with " I don't care" "I don't give a dam  about awards or award ceremonies" other than Anzac Day and Australia Day.
 Yes Bolt is the center of his own universe and  we don't give a dam either about what he thinks. Compensation for criminal actions justified as welfare are warranted and even Bolt admits mistakes made. Well they will be compensated and will be assessed not on legal terms but on moral ones. On terms that were ignored, hidden and forgotten by Bolt's  Christian and State godbotherers who broke up families seperated siblings lied and insured renuification was never possible. Their motives won't be challenged however their actions will as will the results. Judgement won't be soley on the basis of why a decision was made but the consequences something not as documented as Bolt would like. 
Just as Bolt's forebears didn't document the atrocities done to the Jews or those accused of being Jews in Aalsmere and the Netherlands in WW2. Just as the Dutch tried to make out that they were the heroes in their record of history taught a revision will occur. It took until the 1980s for Jewish investigators to prove the Dutch weren't as lily white as they said they were. that history was rewritten. In fact the Dutch were even worse than the Germans when it came to decisions made. 
 So it will be remembered that Australian Andrew Bolt the eldest son of  Dutch immigrants resisted the need to rewrite the history as presented and taught to Australian children evidenced in the "official record". What a load of regressive crap from some moron that goes about declaring he's more Indigenous with a better Culture than the majority of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

'Exceptional' byelection salary: Nats members foot bill

Previously undisclosed arrangement involved use of party funds to give the Nationals leader wage during campaign

Grassroots Nationals members had to foot the bill to pay Barnaby Joyce a salary for six weeks after the Deputy Prime Minister was thrown out of Parliament and lost his $416,000-a-year job. That's $48,000 unemployment benefits paid by taxpayers Bolt fails to mention

Bolt hasn't any support if one took a poll on whether or not he should remain in his commentary box or has had his day he wouldn't rate highly. He certainly wouldn't go either the money is too good.

For Bolt to even search a photo like this is shows he's on a moral witchhunt he doesn't really care about Barnaby Joyce one way or another. The context of the photo is unknown but Bolt's bullying motive is perfectly clear. He was celebrated Joyce's electoral victory after the by-election as much as the Nationals did.
What Bolt does care about is making life hard for the Liberal Party and Malcolm Turnbull.  His misogyny and the place of women he calls "frightbats" is clear we saw how he treated Miranda Devine when Steve Price's show had her as the headliner Bolt went publicly apeshit and Devine has rarely been seen on his show since. Prior to any of that Devine to Bolt was what the woman in this photo appears to be to Barnaby Joyce. Bolt's choice of photo to make a point amplifies his hypocrisy.


 There is one thing Bolt is relaxed with it's the entry of the "Butcher of Fallujah" Jim Molan as an adviser of how we ought approach Defense in Australia. Molan believes in attack and invasion as a strategy  of defense and sees no contradiction in the ploy.
As for businessman Huang he donated as much to the Liberal Party as he did Labor. The IPA donates to the Liberal Party But the source of their funding remains unknown. 
What's good for the goose isn't good for the gander according to Bolt

" Porn Star "is what's significant  for Bolt not just a woman able to provide some evidence on Trump's moral character does that suggest she can't be believed even though Trump's Lawyer admitted he paid her $130,000 opening the way for her to publicly reveal what actually happened.
Bolt's morality "Once again, the affair is one thing. Many politicians have affairs and there are no consequences for public policy or political performance. Who cares, as long as it's discreet." well that's personal and lying is quite acceptable it seems and even for the President of the USA who has been recorde to have lied 2500 times in his first year. The fact that Trump had an affair has been of no surprise to the American voters but his constant lying and being caught out for it does not just to Americans but to the whole world. The number 2,500 certainly didn't arise with Clinton or any other President even Nixon.

  Shooting At Florida High School Leaves At Least 14 Injured, 1 Dead (VIDEO) | Crooks and Liars

The shooter, a white redheaded male wearing a crimson sweater, was taken into custody by police shortly after the shooting.
What is the chance of Andrew Bolt even mentioning this? Unless of course if the shooter is an albino black, an immigrant refugee, Latino or Muslim. Bolt does mention it without any of the political innuendo that his comments are usually accompanied with. He even leaves the fact of the one certain death out or comment on the fact that the shooter was white a definite trend in the US.

1h"So far no confirmation from police of deaths:" This is in fact not true and is a lie on Bolt's part or his incompetence Will Bolt post an UPDATE? "
More than 40 “active shooter” episodes in schools have been recorded in the United States since 2000, according to F.B.I. and news reports. Two 15-year-old students were killed and 18 more people were injured last month in a school in rural Benton, Ky. The shootings have become common enough that many schools, including Stoneman Douglas High, run annual drills in which students practice huddling in classrooms behind locked doors.
With the Parkland shooting, three of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in modern United States history have come in the last five months.

Yet the gun laws remain unchanged

17 dead in Florida massacre: Shooting suspect had been expelled from school

The teen gunman who allegedly opened fire killing 17 and causing the evacuation of 3000 students left bodies scattered in hallways and outside school grounds.
Guess Bolt just might point out that Cruz is a Latino name. Given that News Corp and Fox News support the NRA Bolt never seems critical of the laws but searches for stereotypical narratives to blame non Whites and immigrants for these massacres. Bolt never really focuses on the fact that it's White Christian Americans that in fact own and are the most likely people found to be armed in America and who more than likely when voting vote Red


The problem with having North Korea co-host the Winter Olympics is that freedom suffers: "A Kim Jong-Un impersonator says he was dragged out of the Winter Olympics by  'North Korean heavies' after turning up in character and dancing in front of regime cheerleaders.  Today said he was detained by cops beneath the stands for around half an hour."

32m15 LINK

"Tyrannies don't do humour. And too many democracies don't defend it." This comment is coming from Bolt who does humour extremely badly and constatly attacks Australian humour as a leftist denigration of the State calling for it to be banned from the ABC, SBS  and any Arts funding.

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