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Andrew Bolt's Blog,25/2/18; Bolt's choice of weapons against Malcolm today Kevin Rudd; Political Pollutionist's losing War;

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 Firstly let it be said Bolt's reference to the Rasmussen Poll's anomaly yesterday rather than the trending of polling for a year is as hypocritically hysterical as one can get when it comes to applying poll data to a reasoned argument. Bolt is neither a commentator nor a journalist he's simply a political activist employed by the most politically active Corporate Media group in the country News Corp. If you want News and feel the need to be informed look elsewhere.
As for Turnbull's bad mouthing, China Rudd has a point "Turnbull was also a member of the cabinet that would later approve the sale of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese state-owned corporation on a 99-year lease where Andrew Robb would later become a “high-level economic consultant”. But Bolt jumping onto the Labor bandwagon to attack Turnbull is a joke because it could be equally done to fire direct hits at the "Pivot of the Pacific" Abbott who Bolt once described as his only "dog in the race". Bolt's been equally as critical of China as has Turnbull and Abbott well he wanted to fight Putin when I last recall having given China the Pacific islands.
Bolt sails a boat with a single-minded Rudd-er and that's one to get Turnbull at all costs written on it which, let it be said, is the be all and end all to Bolt's analysing Australian politics. He'd sink the boat if he had to.
It's Sunday and Bolt woke to tend to his religious duty to exorcise the devil incarnate Malcolm from the body politic and put Tony back in the centre of the ring. There with clenched fists with Bolt the paid referee to take on all comers in a Jimmy Sharman's sideshow rebadged Murdoch's tent.

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 Abbott wasn't stirring he was politicking and thought he was on a winner and got slapped down for what he was being ridiculous and here's Bolt blaming the ABC and trying his best to make the man not look like the fool he is. He becomes a sad case of desperation trying to be the polar opposite of everyone and in that he's way out in front. The man loves to wink remember the wink he gave with the smirk when on talk back to the senior sex caller. Well, guess that wasn't Abbott either no mocking going on there hey!
Nobody said that there wasn't a problem with urban logistics but to suggest it was the result of Immigration and lack of cohesion defies logic when Melbourne and Sydney remain in the top 10 of the most livable cities. Not in the top 10 of the worst and Abbott just like Bolt and conservatives in general love to cast the darkest shadows over peoples lives and scaremonger. They love to appeal to the base instincts of people fear being Abbott's best practice. Poor management on the part NSW accounts for Sydney's problems and Melbourne well people want to live in the best places and not the worst and Abbott's anti-immigration call isn't  the solution.
What does News Corp say? Tony Abbott: Call to slash immigration lacks evidence -
 Tony Abbott's speech on immigration contains flaws in logic | Abul ..
  (The idea that Australian culture is fixed and newcomers will bring lack of cohesion has been the basis of opposition to every wave of immigration in our history. The Abbott's a migrant and the Australia of people’s childhoods, about which he and Bolt wax lyrical, was already the product of waves of immigrants from around the world in the 50s
There is no respectable school of economics that suggests immigration is bad for a country. So Bolt, Abbott hasn't reinvented the wheel with any logic just an appeal to the right-wing jingoist's minority and the emotions. Pauline Hanson appeals to.
Intellectual consistency isn't Abbott's strength and that's what shamed him when he opened his mouth while Turnbull was away and it has nothing to do with the ABC shining a light on truth.

 In anti-Trump surge, Renewables make 18% of US electricity & impel job growth

The “Sustainable Energy in America Factbook” finds that renewable energy (including hydro) was up 14% in 2017, bringing the renewables total in US electricity generation to an unprecedented 18%– twice as much as in 2008. And in 2008 renewables were almost all hydro. The rapid growth of renewable electricity generation and the decline of coal and even, slightly, of gas, took place despite a Trump administration determined to put its thumb on the scale for coal and other fossil fuels.

Losing the Battles and the Wars something you won't hear from Political Pollutionist Bolt

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