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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 13/3/18; Where truth is lost and reason and logic are given a back seat; Flipping is Bolt's schoolboy bully debating skill and context avoided at all cost; Corman's lost the right to govern; Bolt Slut Shaming Gillian Triggs on International Women's Day; NRA,Guns and Trump:

When you Finance Minister can only say "your Jealous" when the rich are getting richer what does it say about his government

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Bolt playing three card monte with Climate facts to convince us that Global Climate Science is just fake news and a wacko religion. He has the microphone and unlike Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott not embarrassed to mock Pacific Islanders publicly. Remember Boomgate when Dutton was so embarrassed for being caught out he offered to resign and Abbott the staunch denier couldn't let him because that would make them look the fools Morrison saw they were.
Well here's Bolt quoting Abbott and saying Climate Science is "crap".
If a forest was dying Bolt would say 'crap' because not all the trees would appear dead. If the oceans are rising Bolt would look for the exceptions to argue 'so what'. Not all smokers die of cancer does he promote the idea that the medical research done saying smoking is dangerous is 'crap'? Remember when Bolt spent so much energy telling us the planet was cooling. He stopped doing that. All this media effort for the purpose of convincing us CO2 is harmless and fossil fuels are the planets best source of energy. Well that argument may have had traction some years ago it doesn't any longer and yes the money, finance, and science have moved in an alternative direction. Bolts noise was never a convincing argument because Bolt just talks and Science does look for the truth about our physical world.

 The Truth is the Truth no matter even if nobody believes it. A Lie is a Lie even if everyone believes it. 
 Research shows us lies are quicker to spread via media and last longer than any truth. If the reverse were true Andrew Bolt would be jobless and Trump wouldn't be President. It's what won Tony Abbott an election.
Bolt's promise "step inside my tent"
However Global Science Research has shown us the planet is warming, the oceans are rising and are becoming more acidic and 196 nations have changed their social policies in accordance with these facts. America and Australia haven't however private investment in these countries has and there is a growing divestment of all activities away from dirty energy.
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Currently, in Australia the Mining Council of Australia has gone to the courts to change the laws on Native Title and Land Rights, Andrew Bolt says nothing. No, he rather takes up the legal battle in South Africa where repatriation of Indigenous Lands illegally taken is threatened to take place.

 Typical Bolt's sensationalist facts presented without any social or historical context make it appear that an invasion is occurring in South Africa of white man's property and land.  That black racism abounds without any response from human rights groups. Flipping is an easy practice and Andrew Bolt practices it religious fervour in an attempt to shift the goalposts of any debate. Men are being attacked by women, Heterosexuals by LGBTIQs and he's doing it here. Land is being stolen, not repatriated according to Bolt and Australia has provided shelter for 200,000 poor white rich South Africans who realized it was time to make a choice stay or leave as it did post WW2 war to poor Germans and Dutch who felt they might be regarded as Hitler sympathizers and be treated unfairly in their own post-war country. There is every reason no-one other than Bolt cares justice is being served and a rebalance of history is taking place. There may be a case of a poor South African farmer found Bolt's poster boy but there is no case for the poor white South Africans refusing to get off stolen land being legally repatriated. Crocodile tears don't breed the sympathy Bolt's crying for. In context, the plight of the farmers will fall on deaf ears
Guess Bolt will soon take up the cause of the poor whites in Port Morseby living behind barbed wire armed to the teeth as well. As for Toohey who works for News Corp well, he's hardly reporting just editorializing as is Bolt. Isn't it strange loads of people believe Bolt has a South African accent maybe it's his ideas and ideological posture that does that.
Below are Bolt's choice of refugees

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 'Politics of envy' drives tax plan: Cormann

 Labour will target more than 1 million Australian taxpayers who own shares in a $59 billion revenue push, with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann labelling the scheme the 'politics of envy'.

 When your Finance Minister can only say "Your Jealous"  when the rich have been getting unprecedently richer and the opposition wants to redress that issue what does it say about his government? What does it say about the intelligence of his politics?


 Gillian Triggs wearing her pearls for us


Former Human Rights Commission boss Gillian Triggs blames us for her fashion choices: "We’ve absorbed the values of a male-dominated world, but we’re yet to receive the benefits... I’ve worn the pearl earrings and the snappy jackets. I’ve done everything that was required, but it isn’t breaking the cycle of disempowerment."

Bolt is being just the male Triggs is talking about the "Slut Shamer". The mocker he is representative of the disease of Patriarchy and the inequality that comes with it and of which most women are aware.  Is that why he says he's so shy in public he's actually frightened that women like Triggs and Miranda Devine might just confront him?
"How sweet. She wore the pearls for us, thinking that by wearing them she'd get the walls to fall. That a spooky trust in magic pearls."Bolt
Being a mother's boy has Bolt somehow confused as to what Patriarchy actually means it has just made him a staunch misogynist.
 If Bolt did this in his office or any workplace to any woman he'd be facing harassment charges. I guess it's why he's so cocky he's not. However, he even talks about his wife as if she were some freeloading baggage when he actually gained his social status by marrying her. He certainly didn't achieve it on merit like Triggs. It wasn't so long ago Bolt was faking his standard of education achieved.

Of course, he does the real test is whether the Party retains him. It certainly won't bring Abbott back unless he's their leader in opposition and that's hardly likely either. Time stands still for no man Bolt even for you even though you post photos of your younger self FAKE BOLT FAKE NEWS 
Bolt's arguments over time haven't changed his ploys are minus points when it comes to debating flipping, moving the goal posts, wild generalisations from selective single cases and on it goes, none of his techniques would gain any points in any real debating forum. It's as I say time has moved on but Bolt hasn't 

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