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Andrew bolt's Blog, 21/3/18; Threats to destroy Nations have proven true by the USA; Contempt of Court and the Separation of Powers; Foul mouthed abuse; More foul mouthed abuse from Bolt; Fraud on an unbelievable scale ignored by Bolt;

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Trump's threat to totally destroy Nth Korea

 Threats to destroy entire nations have been proven true in the case of the USA and Bolt says disregard them. The killing of the Nth Korean people would only be collateral damage. Beware of China however they haven't invaded anyone yet and are therefore more dangerous.
Bolt crusades for Nationalist pride in our ANZAC history and the White Colonization of Australia over and above the First people here. He demands to Constitutionally recognize Australia as a Western Christian and culturally ethnocentric Nation with the same fervour as the Barcelona terrorists did when giving up their lives.  He went as far as to call us cowards for not fighting as they did for "our" ( his) beliefs against the enemies we face within and outside of his Australia. He now has the gall to smear  President Xi for reacting to the abuse thrown at China by the likes of Trump, and Media men who frame their Alt-Right Nationalism in even stronger language than his. Language that speaks of bombs, buttons and wiping countries off the face of the earth not just "bloody battles"
It seems Bolt believes in Law but not Separation of Powers and it's protection. That fundamental principle of British Justice on which Australian Law is based. He really prefers the Law of opinion and prefers vigilante justice to dominate with the removal of Contempt of Court. Why would that be? The introduction to allow Media Opinion to dominate our justice system from outside our courts. A free for all of the opinions to determine innocence or guilt rather  than verified evidence and rules
Do we have government by media? When Mitch Fifield acts on the complaints of Murdoch Media it appears we do! Andrew Bolt in the context of all seriousness puffed with pride after attempted GBH on two pranksters, and not at all funny, called for Christians to attack their left-wing enemies and others with the same fervour that the Barcelona terrorists did, to the death. That was inciting violence yet we heard nothing from Mitch Fifield back then. Bolt's offended by the language of comedy and brings back the memory of the days when Lenny Bruce was constantly thrown in jail in the USA. When used on the ABC however in comic vain Fifield is all over it like a rash.
 The truth of the matter in 2018 Bolt tries to define what's" foul-mouthed and brutal " Well his call "it's time" for Right-Wing thinking Australian Christians to stand up and fight for what they believe in like the young Barcelona Islamist terrorists did and put that clarion call in print and in our media well that's what is "foul-mouthed and brutal" and not a skit on a comedy show using the word "CUNT". Mannered vilification and a call to violence outweighs any comic language and for Fifield to jump to attention makes him a media puppet.
Let's define foul-mouthed and brutal shall we Andrew and James Bolt father and son sharing time on an IPA podcast laughing loudly and brutally at the very idea to them of a South Sudanese beauty pageant and suggesting what the winner might look like. Racist and Ethnocentric brutal to the core and they were in representing the IPA and White Western Christian Culture. Men brutal foul-mouthed and lower than a snake's belly in attitude about Black Christians, Sudanese Refugees. It couldn't get any worse could it, Shameless Racism.?
Attention-grabbing no context tabloid  banner to sell more Fake News
The Daily Telegraph's defence against Geoffery Rush's defamation suit has been disallowed. It like Andrew Bolt has a history of actively publishing Fake News. Apparently, Bolt has a statement by a criminal singularly identified him as "a Muslim" and applies it to the majority of "refugees" "often Muslims". There is no sense of math, statistics or evidence in Bolt's stereotypical vilification of refugee followers of a particular religion when evidence proves quite the opposite that Christian non-refugees have happened to threaten more violence in Australia than any group of Muslims. Mitch Fifield should attend to Bolt's foul-mouthed abuse of Muslims. 
Did you hear about the refugees that want to flee to NZ but Australia wants to keep them and has told NZ to fuck off and find their own!!!

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Yet another PAYWALL  to get you to subscribe to the Herald Sun or more often than not some other News Corp masthead.
Andrew Bolt asks " Would any other citizen who rorted $388,000 get off so easily?"Bolt
Tony Abbott's Government certainly did and the only person to suffer was Peter Slipper at the behest of Abbott's revenge. When dragged before the courts he was found to be innocent. Liberal Party donors in Tasmania lost $52,000 to their financial administrator who was deviously sent to the Liberals in Victoria with good references by Eric Abetz where he continued to rifle funds from donors to the tune of $1.5million dollars the outcome is still pending. One could well ask if attention wasn't drawn to it publicly would it have been buried as it was in Tasmania?
If we draw attention to the political and Corporate elite who have been nabbed on a regular basis one might ask if the executive class has been made to refund their ill-gotten commissions and bonuses when their organizations have defrauded the public on such grand scales? Who among them was ever prosecuted? 
 Given the amounts of monies involved who and which class are the Shameless Rorters Bolt's referring to? 1) $2 Billion missing from the Federal Governments Indigenous Fund given to the NT government. 2) Hundreds of Millions of dollars lost in the fraudulent financial advice given by the banks yet bouses and commissions retained. These activities make $388,000 look like trivial petty cash. What did Tony Abbott call it a confusion in the Parliamentary rules and a fault of the law when some 12 NSW Liberals were caught taking bribes from developers.
The criminal and business class are in the main the majority at large that have the opportunity to manipulate and milk the system. Take importers as an example.

Australia “Bleeding Revenue” Through Petty Fraud - Stock
“Comparing reports, it doesn’t take a genius to see that only hundreds of audits are being carried out on millions of imports landing each month.
“This shows the enormous opportunity for abuse of the system – and the very high chance importers have of getting away with it,” Mr McRae said.
“The Australian government is asleep at the wheel.”
“Underestimating value of goods declared might just be small petty fraud, saving shady importers hundreds of dollars on a single import, but when multiplied over a year, Australia’s revenue loss from under- or uncharged duty and GST is likely to be in the high millions.”


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No thief could get away with the fraud that Victoria's Labor Government has pulled off by getting taxpayers to pay for their election. My editorial from The Bolt Report.

 Well they did and they were part of Tony Abbott's Government except of course for Peter Slipper.
But then remember Abbott's great quote "they were innocent if it weren't for the law". 10 Liberals caught for taking undeclared donations from developers in NSW. He also repaid monies his MP's took even his own miscalculation of some $14,000.
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Watch this video: Bolt's Heroes, Fossil Fuel Companies. he calls victims have known this for 60 years and have spent ever since covering up the evidence as tobacco Companies do to survive. END THIS STATE OF DENIAL AND FACE THE TRUTH.

The Fossil Fuel Industry knew it before we did over 60 years ago- Video

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Shorten's ticket to being PM was: 
Tony Abbott's election to PM and the lies that preceded it.
Government by Murdoch Media became far too obvious when Turnbull jumped to the Right 
Fragmentation of social issues turned into a united front of protest in Batman against Economic Policies such as Company Tax Cuts Banks, Environmental Policies NEG, Immigration and  Peter Dutton and disasters and embarrassments like the NBN, Marriage Equality, Safe Schools, Jim Molan and Tony Abbott's continued wack-a-mole antics. Shorten had to do very little in the wake of the government's self-destruction.



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Bolt's attempt at comedy is notifying the public that he has "whiskey and mates" 2 Paul and Rita and a couple of magpies he bribes now that's tragic. Any wonder he fell off the ladder. I do appreciate Bolt though as he raises so many issues in his negative world he calls Australia.

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