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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 26/3/18; The Australian Cricket Team is more than a Metaphor for Bolt's Exceptional Aussie Culture; Yes let's talk Tacks; Dorian Gray was an honest man according to Bolt; Bolt caught out for a duck for cover;

This is cricket's #MeToo moment: a rare opportunity for complete purge

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"Same old Aussies, always cheating," goes the Barmy Army chant, and it's impossible to be offended now. When Smith said of the Cape Town episode, "This is not what we’re about", he was thinking wishfully. This is what they are about. They did it, they were caught doing it, and they have admitted not only doing it but planning it. What they are about is what they have done.
 This is more than just a metaphor of Bolt's Australian Culture it's his pride in a culture of cheats.
Andrew Bolt called the South Africans Barbarians for sledging. Peter Dutton called them uncivilized while they all yelled Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Ugly egos and role models one and all who will do anything in their interest to win with no respect to the game and they call this the "Civilized" nation. It all began with John Howard and his righteous invasion of Iraq and babies overboard and was cemented in the attitude of Tony Abbott in how to play politics and destroy our Democracy. Cheat bowl fake news at the public day after day and they will believe they're watching the game we call Democracy. 
Our Banks are caught cheating and we are about to reward them with a $69 billion corporate tax cut. Our Christian Institutions caught with a history of wealth accumulation based on an industry of Child molesting and Bolt runs cover for them. Our education systems culturally single out those we regard as cultural mutants and not equal and Bolt rails against "safe schools" When will we learn that he promotes the minority the cultural exception that demotes the majority and the very notion of what we hold dear a "Fair Go". 
 Australia facing accusations of hypocrisy amid ball-tampering furore


"The Australian Test cheating team. These guys knew how bad this cheating was and it was made even worse because the senior players thought up this idea together. Question: how long has this been going on, and who created this" Bolt
Is it any surprise? Bolt's fake posturing his masked astonishment at the twisting of the rules of cricket asking "who does this sort of thing" when Bolt does it himself in the practice of Media. The words, the brands News Corp, Sky News all heavily advertise themselves as primarily News teams when they are nothing of the sort. They are opinion advocates lobbyists for those willing to pay. They need to be in the spotlight in order to get the highest sponsorships and clients. Just like the cricketers, the team might employ people like Bolt but the players are independent self-employed and stardom becomes primary to the Game. There is a bank of lawyers paid to defend them as they operate on the edge. So "not getting caught" applies equally in which verifiable News was once the name of the game.  But that's now the least of its goals. Andrew Bolt is the living proof of cheating the system which gave rise to what we see in cricket today.
Bolt's "gosh how did this happen" is fake posturing he is among many who have promoted themselves as role models as successes which have turned our culture into a dominant "me" rather than a "we" culture. Individuals part of a team but not part of the ethics of what was once the game. We see it in Howard, Abbott,Dutton. So why is it such a suprise to Bolt?

Yes all Bolt does is put's his head down deflects as if Australia is just the same as it was yesterday. In one breath he even contradicts himself  "but Labor's primary vote still goes up - and the Government remains 47 percent to 53 behind." that's Bolt logic Labour's vote has gone up but is still the same.
There is no free kick other than a corporate one. While banks are being investigated in a Royal Commission they are being offered billions in a tax cut. While corporate Australia has prospered and has indulged in profits never been seen before and labour has lagged they are being offered Tax cuts. While globally Australian unemployment is the and wages are heading south when compared to other OECD countries we are giving corporations tax cuts. While over 33% of our Corporations are avoiding tax we are giving Tax cuts. While most of the monies are going overseas and not even being retained in Australia we are offering Tax cuts. The lie 2/3 rd of voters are happy even when Australia's corporations are rebelling and saying we don't need the tax cuts because we will pay them out as dividends or buy back our shares from investors and not raise wages or jobs.
The Lie
"“If we don’t get a bounce out of this we won’t get a bounce from anything ... (Shorten) has effectively gone out and said to a million people, ‘I’m going to rob you’,” one senior Liberal MP said."Bolt
The Truth
The LNP want to rob the 24 million people and allow the Corporations and the unproductive rent seekers to do it.

  When Facts vs Opinion

 Tax concessions to wealthy cost six times the dole: Anglicare

  Companies that pay less tax create fewer jobs, Labor research shows | Australia news | The Guardian

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Column The Greens are telling lies to destroy the reputation of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, and must be called out. No, he's not a "fascist" and "racist" who chooses refugees according to "skin color" and runs a "White Australia" policy. This kind of vicious smear is the tactic of the totalitarian and it's dangerous.


"Almost two farmers a week are now murdered, by some counts, and South Africa’s new President said they should have their farms taken without compensation." Bolt
Bolt just carries on lying "some counts" notice no count of who said this that Dutton took his information from. It wasn't the government of South Africa or it's criminal statistics it was the Murdoch's Daily Telegraph and Bolt can't tell you that. The world, South Africa and decent Australians called Dutton out for calling South Africa uncivilized. Who are the Cheats and who lauds that cheating Dutton and Andrew Bolt the chest beating minority making an Australian 3% appear as Australian Culture. Dutton, unfortunately, is Murdoch's marionette as once Abbott was no, still is.

Here we have exactly what you can expect from Andrew Bolt playing the innocent  even saying "
I already had good reasons not to barrack for the Australian cricket team. Now I know they are also cheats.". We know he doesn't barrack for Australian Culture he wants to see a minority control it. That minority are the liars and cheats he calls the good citizens of Australia the white Christian Conservatives backed by the lies of Murdoch media that last year alone printed 2890 Islamophobic articles damaging and smearing productive Australians like Yassmin, Waleed. The would-be fascists that demand our Schools and Tertiary Institutions be changed in what and how they teach. That's the cheats he barracks for the ones that don't believe in Democracy.
The sad thing Steve Smith and our Cricket team were raised in an era of Howard, Abbott, and a Media environment where the only grinners are winners and fuck the game whether politics, media, debate or cricket. That's what Bolt barracks for and it's the way he plays the game. Convicted liar 3 if not more times by the courts and simply too many other times. Lied about his education, lied about his personal relationships etc etc etc and lying for Dutton in the above blog. So it goes he's the role model here.

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