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Andrew Bolt's Blog,12/3/18; Andrew Bolt the Donkey on the Carousel of repetitive opinion; Kate Langbroek more bruised by Andrew Bolt; Old News on the Media and the 3%; Racism is alive and well;

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The Truth is the Truth no matter even if nobody believes it. A Lie is a Lie even if everyone believes it. 

 Research shows us lies are quicker to spread via media and last longer than any truth. If the reverse were true Andrew Bolt would be jobless and Trump wouldn't be President. It's what won Tony Abbott an election.

Bolt's promise "step inside my tent"


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"No Aboriginal leader has been given such lavish funds to show he can fix what these white politicians can’t — more than $150 million over eight years to help just 3000 people in Cape York. That’s a staggering $50,000 for each man, woman and child, on top of all the normal funding for welfare and services; but what has Pearson’s Cape York Initiative achieved with all that? Bolt
How typical of Bolt and his method of selective perception. 1) he seems to be attracted to stories he calls a failure and provides no context he applies the same lazy anecdote time and time again for years to make his ridiculous generalizations. Aurukun and Noel Pearson has been Bolt's singular tale for years told without historical context as if it has occurred and discovered this year. There is no reference to any successful projects nor any reference to the NT programs as a whole.
2) Bolt spent an inordinate amount of time defending NT government programs like Don Dale and the treatment of Indigenous Youth in every chance blaming "Aboriginal" Culture using the term "Aboriginal" in the manner a KKK er used "Nigger" in the Southern slave states of the USA. But that's Andrew Bolt Ultra- Racist claiming that we, he is the financial victim of the "New Racism" which he fails to call Black.
3) Not a mention of the NT governments misappropriation theft by any other name of $2 Billion allocated to Indigenous Welfare by the Federal Government by the NT administrators. Only singular repetitive carping about Noel Pearson the facts of which being told by Andrew Bolt seem suspicious when he can ignore a missing $2 Billion
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Let's face it the child molestation and sexual abuse of Caucasian children was never Black or New Racism but it's more prolific and more hidden than anything that occurs among Indigenous Australians. Murder and mayhem of infants by white Australians just happens to be ignored by Andrew Bolt why?
Systemic Racism in the Australian Health System's access does cause the most horrific statistics which Bolt loves throwing about. The number of STDs in Bolt's daughter's Private school is inversely proportionate to their availability to access proper Health and educational services. Bolt is showing the symptoms of a syphalitic brain.
"Any Aboriginal (Nigger) leader who does not make this the burning issue of their activism is part of the problem." Bolt and here we have Andrew Bolt not only blaming Indigenous Australia but the leader and spokespersons of 3% of the Australian population with statistics that have no context other than his Racism. A generalisation like that without context no doubt puts Jessica Mauboy into Bolt's broad brush of a statement. When $2billion have been stolen from the Federal government's allocation of funds to the Indigenous community in the NT is it any wonder the poor are left languishing without services?
 Indigenous leaders have been screaming and not heard for years why for the right-wing media screaming back blaming them. If Bolt goes to the Melbourne, Sydney STD clinics are the figures the same no his daughter would be more likely to contract an STD. Bolt's more interested in defending the media, Bill Leaks racist cartoon because he's defending himself and News Corp's racist division and fragmentation of this country for politics.
 There are people in this country that are being ripped off and have been ripped off continuously for 220 years and haven't had access to any services provided the rest of Australia. In fact, they were regarded as Fauna less than 60 years ago. They happen to be Indigenous, Black, live in some remote communities or driven to the edges of camps on the outskirts of larger towns. They are known as Australia's shame as they are the most deprived people on this planet and Bolt blames them and spends his energies justifying that blame rather than providing the context a history and social analysis clearly defines as systemic and institutional racism that has been and still is to blame.
" but the lazy resort to cultural explanations and blame-shifting to the white majority is surely infantilising the role of Aboriginal  (Nigger) adults." Chris  Mitchell amplified by Andrew Bolt
These idiots if driving a car down a highway flat chat saw an Abo wouldn't brake or swerve as they believe they own the road.
The failure of no Constitutional Bill of rights, Recognition and no treaties shows in the attitude of red necks like Bolt and Mitchell who can't grasp the fact that their privilege was built on and not shared with the first people here. NZ & Canada shame us and Mitchell and Bolt are and sound like any other slut shamers, or character in the horrible reality of Wake in Fright.

Dan Conifer: 'People on CDP work-for-the-dole in remote communities have to work work up to three-times longer than city-based jobseekers to receive welfare and are being fined more than every other jobseeker in Australia.
Financial penalties applied under the Community Development Program (CDP) have spiked, passing 400,000 in just over two years.'
Participants in a troubled Indigenous work-for-the-dole scheme are being fined more than every other jobseeker in Australia
 and have had $2 billion scammed off them by the NT government which Andrew Bolt doesn't seem to think matters because to him it a good thing. He probably spends more on his dogs than we do on Indegenous unemployment.
More than anything Bolt has to offer on any day
Kicking off next week, new hosts Rachael Hocking and John Paul "JP" Janke will be joined by key commentators and high-profile talent to wrestle with the stories and issues impacting First Australians. #ThePointNITV
NITV's news and current affairs program, The Point returns for 2018.

 Repetition Andrew Bolt is like a donkey he hawing on a carousel. This was the same post he put up a few days ago and today it's repeated as little more than a PAYWALL to the Herald Sun. The man is the singular example of the most non-productive person in media. He provides no news, no incite with his fairy floss thought bubbles and attempted humour. Bolt is typical of the yuppies that destroyed Melbournes once vibrant and world-renowned live music scene. There was within a 5km radius of Fitzroy once more live music venues than anywhere other than New Orleans and NewYork. It was Bolt "I didn't know Australia's greatest tenor was in town" who's yuppie attitude helped destroy an industry. They moved into houses adjacent to hotels and venues where live music was played and complained like Langbroek and Bolt and had it shut down. ""Maybe then our politicians would finally act as fast as they did when a man allegedly tried to invade the St Kilda home of poor Kate." Bolt
Bolt has no problem with living next to the silent and invisible Corporate crooks the fraudulent financial advisers the silent and suited addicted drunks and drug consumers of Malvern. No mention of the Caucasian private school rapists, baby killers, or second-hand dealers gangs defrauding the ATO with illegal purchases of stolen goods. For Bolt, it's all about them. St Kilda's visible poor and desperate. It's fine for Bolt Melbournites can do what they want as long as they are his privileged who got there riding on the backs of those that aren't. No mention that 60% of Melbournes homeless or cheap accommodation dwellers suffer from mental health issues or that 40 % of our prisoners are the same. Do you ever hear Bolt complain that what poor Kate was witnessing was our "treatment in the community programs" the Gatwick was Kennett's answer to closing down Mental Health Institutions and building more Prisons a substitute for hospitals and Youth Centers for the failure of youth employment? No Bolt's not a fan of system failure he prefers to single out individual cases like Kate's joke and offer no insight just ignorance.
  A simile to show a parallel and more proof that we're being controlled by hypocritical narcissists... Mitch McConnel the staunch outspoken leader of Americas GOP and family could well have been Malvernites had they lived in Melbourne.
'Anti-drug' senator caught in 90-lb cocaine bust scandal. A cargo ship has been busted
 Embarrassingly forthe GOP Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell, the owners of the boat are related to him, and have made several generous donations in the past to his cause.
His in-laws the the Chao family own the boat, which is operated  by the Foremost Maritime Corporation.
The Chao family have been funding McConnell’s campaigns for years, since their first involvement in the 1980’s after McConnell married Elaine Chao.
Estimates state that gifts and money to the tune of between 5 and 25 million dollars have been gifted to senator McConnell throughout the history of their relationship.
The most embarrassing part of the story is that McConnell has been publicly outspoken against drugs, in 1996 he launched the “The Enhanced Marijuana Penalties Act”, which aimed to maximize the amount of jail time given to people found in possession of cannabis.
 Here we have Bolt repetitively yet again complaining that 3% of the Climate denying scientists ought to have equal time 50% of the time in the media. The Bolt Report actually provides them 100% of media time. For Bolt is stupidity is declaring Science to be a Religion. Declaring Science to be an imperfect method of investigation of our physical world in which we live and therefore dumped.
Forget the global trends and the consecutive years of warming we have seen since Industrialisation and the correlation between the increased used of fossil fuels and CO2. Forget all that HiPPOs know best. The highest paid persons opinions are the best and donor politics should prevail. 
Yes, all social policy particularly economic should come from the top down because the trickle-down effect is superior to any expert advice unless of course bought from the top down to lobby.
The problem with Bolt his focus on Flannery is neither a focus on Global events or predictions and it was only until recently Bolt has stopped telling us the world has been cooling isn't that strange. He used to say it almost on a daily basis.
So much for the support of Coal
         Morning mail: 75% of voters in PM's seat wary of Adani

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