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Andrew Bolt's Blog,14/3/18; Bolt's Trump's apologist down under his replacement for Tony Abbott; Online Vigilante at work; Apologist for an idiot called Trump; Politics of Envy na na na!!; Tessa Sullivan vindicated;

The apologist of incompetence is all that Bolt is. No evidence to provide the basis for his apology other than.
1) News Corps business model and Bolt is Fox News's muppet, marionette down under.
2) Bolt rose to the position not on merit of any sort, expertise but purely on ambition and the lack of anyone else wanting to play the role of a vacuous talking head. Those around him wanted and aspired to be journalists Bolt didn't. The collection of facts, their verification and attempted analysis were an anathema to Bolt. Proofread anything he writes.

3) News Corp's agenda is Lobbying so one might well ask Why Doesn’t The Trump Administration Just Merge With Fox News? | Crooks and Liars

Why Doesn't The Trump Administration Just Merge With Fox News?
 With the adviser rush out of the White House, Trump feels more liberated to act on impulse and look more to Fox News than White House staff. He wines and dines with them like he does no other.
So is it any surprise that Bolt down under simply uses the US script to deflect criticism away from the Donald? He simply draws attention away from Trump by drawing attention to the other world leaders even our own. No facts no verification no analysis of Trump even required "he's an angel".
Xi didn't make himself "dictator for life" That's Bolt's terms he was elected to be able to remain leader for more than 2 terms. Very different concept to the one Bolt's mouthing. Furthermore, the vote was unanimous just as the vote was to dump Abbott. Bolt it seems has the hard time in accepting votes even plebiscites where other certainly don't and it reflects in Bolt calling Xi a dictator and the 2900 members of the CPC calling him their Leader or President. As for the Chinese people, the 2900 members are the people's representatives.
Putin, if you recall, was and has been admired as a leader by none other than Trump who hasn't said a word against him not in any way. He sacked Tillerson because he maligned Putin and Bolt is character assassinating him why? Why hasn't Trump responded? Has Putin something over him? So why does Bolt feel it's necessary to speak up for him here? It seems he's quite confused really saying Trump is such an unappreciated genius of a leader.
 No British or American justice values holding Bolt back in declaring Putin guilty even Theresa May didn't go as far as Bolt. As I have said facts, verification and their analysis are an anathema to Andrew Bolt and Judge Mordecai Bromberg thought so too when pronouncing he was guilty and a total failure as a journalist.
What May and Bolt fail to address is the formula for the "Top Secret Nerve Gas" is freely available strange hey?
" Amazon and sells for just $30. If the formula is genuine, this is probably the first time a whistleblower has provided free access to a method of producing the highly poisonous weapon."
 Novichok – toxic questions about chemical at the centre of the Skripal saga 
 How was it proven to have been Russia, if nerve agents can be produced anywhere?

 Related image
This is a false flag a PAYWALL to the Telegraph 
1) One would assume  Peter Taylor SC and Tribunalist is far more aware of Australian Law than Andrew Bolt
2) We are fully aware that the term "illegal" Asylum seeker has no validity in International or Australian Law and is therefore in itself an oxymoron. It is merely being used here incorrectly and biased manner by News Corp's author unknown to discourage due process and substitute it for vigilante action. Even Peter Dutton knows better than to do that.
3) Bolt's Opinion and the News Corp Article is yet another of close to 3000  Islamophobic vigilante calls made in a 12 month period. If that isn't a case of maniacal hate speech against legal refugees calling for the government to illegally break International agreements what is?
4) The full facts of the case haven't been reported what is amazing is that a case of contempt hasn't been sought. Guess that's the beauty of British Law even Muslim baiters and haters are allowed to stay and divide the nation.

Yet another sensationalist PAYWALL to the Australian
Bolt's obviously playing tag the News Corp team Paywall. One thing stands out and shows how Bolt was trained in commentary methodology by the News Corp legal team rather than any clear thinking practitioner. First, you put forward whatever suggestion you want to get across truth is totally unnecessary lies and loose facts perfectly acceptable in order to influence opinion. Research has shown lies influence more and lasts longer than the truth anyway. 
Having done that to legally protect oneself put in a get out clause at the very end knowing full well it doesn't have to be read and usually isn't. All this has been calculated with as much attention to influence as a Woolworths Supermarket layout. and here it is "However Scotland Yard said there was no evidence to suggest a link to Salisbury.  A 68 year old Russian could have died anywhere in the world from any cause and a suggestive and meaningless correlation made for the purpose of maligning Russia and Putin for little more than taking the attention away from Donald Trump. Was any attention given to his retracted promise to raise the age of gun buyers in the US after the mass shooting of school kids by a teenager with a legally purchased A15 weapon of war? Or the Stormy problems he's facing at the moment. Or the number of senior advisers he has leaving the Whitehouse. Or the need he has to turn to Fox News and Murdoch for help? Read on down below!!
In a decision Trump declared he "made all by himself"  he's sacked his secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Bolt has broken all records of hiring and firing than any other President before him or any other world leader in fact since Stalin and here we have Bolt saying "he had good reasons" as if he knows the direction of this man's mind. Needless to say, Bolt's reference is Murdoch Media. "The undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, Steve Goldstein, released an extraordinary statement saying Mr Trump never explained to Mr Tillerson the reason why he was fired."
 "The undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, Steve Goldstein, released an extraordinary statement saying Mr Trump never explained to Mr Tillerson the reason why he was fired."
What we have here is images of the movie Caine Mutiny and Captain Queeg' 
Stranger still  "Tillerson was the only one in the administration yesterday who said Russia was “clearly” involved in the poisoning of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in the UK." is that Bolt's "good reason"?

Labour has been said to have "Economic Policies Driven by Envy " according to Corman the Finance Minister and Bolt are reinforcing that here when he says "this will cost."
Neither he or Corman have referred to the facts that the LNP are proposing Corporate Tax cuts that even Corporations have said won't be directed to employee's wages or the increase of jobs. In a time of increased GDP Corporations have made unprecedented profits of over 20% and Labor's wages have decreased when adjusted to living costs. There has been a massive increase in the casualisation of the workforce with a concomitant loss of benefits.
Corporate heads have publicly admitted that their tax cut gains will be directed to shareholders and buy back shares. So who are we Jealous of in this politics of envy?  The wealthy the well to do the 10% of the nation that's the Politics of envy. The unproductive rich getting richer and yelling your jealous to the 90% of the productive labour of the nation that's been deprived of a fair share of the increased GDP. The engine that drives the nation is being called jealous and a dangerous cost by these two unproductive fat cats who expect they can put up another painting on their walls. Yes, Bolt a "dangerous cost" to him.



In Britain, investigating another scandal of mainly Asian men raping hundreds of white girls: "Chief Constable Simon Bailey asked: "What culturally drives this?" In Egypt: "A female Islamic professor...  claimed that Allah (God) makes permissible for Muslim men to rape non-Muslim women in order to ‘humiliate’ them." 

1m Link

 The quote actually was "could have been" that Bolt refers to as "were"!!
Bolt has to shift his scandal reports from place to place because if he stays on a single subject for too long it doesn't stand scrutiny. Because the questions and facts will become too difficult to explain. So cases of sexual abuse in  Indigenous Australian communities are sensationalized and framed to blame black and Indigenous Culture. Then rapidly shift to Rotherham in the UK to malign Islam as if it were the base for child grooming crime in the UK then to Telford However if you actually examine what went on in the UK as a whole you'd soon realize the anti- Mulsim bias Britain First bias in the reporting. Bolt even jumps to Egypt to find a quote that is useful to the cause of one brush tarring of Islam. Useful because it's done by a woman of course. He and Jim Molan were once great supporters of Britain First whose leaders have been jailed.
 Bolt doesn't raise the issue of the history of child sexual abuse in Britain at all. The grooming by respectable MPs, Religious orders or even secular organizations involved with children like the scouts does he. It apparently doesn't exist in his White Christian communities of the UK. 
Remember when Bolt reported the No Go Zones of the EU headlined by Breitbart. Those Mythical Zones like Birmingham  UK and EU where locals couldn't go without a visa. Areas that good souls like Bolt just couldn't go, all a lie!! When that was highlighted Bolt just silently snuck away having planted his racist seeds of hate in the minds of his followers and ignorants. Breitbart if I recall apologized or was it the author of the false flag study because the report was declared BS, little more than a right-wing political fire starter as are these on Rotherham and Telford also are.
Britain is a Multicultural country and consequently, crime is multicultural sexual crimes are too and aren't as Bolt makes out mostly Muslim and justified by Islam. Imagine the grooming the Catholic clergy did for over 50 years Telford and Rotherham simply fade to little more than what they are extremist right-wing fuel poured on Islamophobic Politics.
" the Sunday Mirror published a report about "groups of mainly Asian men" targeting vulnerable white teenagers in the town since the 1980s.
" What have we discovered over 50 years? That 25 "white" girls could have been approached for sex by Asian men. The Police response "This was one of the first national complex critical investigations into grooming offences. It centred on historic offending in Telford and Wrekin and ultimately resulted in seven men being jailed for a total of 49 years. Imagine the number of clergy jailed in that period of time alone or the number that ought to have been put away. Bolt doesn't.

One wonders why Bolt references the BBC News for a report put out by the Sunday Mirror which took the place of  Murdoch's once slag sensationalist rag the News of the World shut down due to the "Hacking Scandal" in 2011 when we saw Murdoch doing an Alan Bond and playing old man unable to remember anything. Get the drift what a recovery!

Report upholds four allegations against Doyle, including breast grab

‘Vindicated’: Robert Doyle accuser ‘very pleased’ with probe findings

Tessa Sullivan said she felt "very pleased" after an investigation into Mr Doyle on Tuesday upheld four allegations against him, including that he grasped her breast.
But she says she won't run for public office again, despite the findings, and has criticised former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett for jumping to Mr Doyle's defence.
‘‘It is a huge vindication after 11 weeks of waiting,’’ she told ABC Radio on Wednesday.‘‘Four findings of gross misconduct really display the vulgarity and the disgusting actions by Robert Doyle towards us.’’

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