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Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/3/18; Yesterday it was No to Shorten today it's Yes tomorrow who knows?; Red Symons had to get up at 3am and at 68 Bolt says he should still be a work horse; A brilliant analysis of Australia and so not Bolt;

1hSymons is 68 he's fallen over and wound up in hospital and Bolt makes out it's normal he should continue to get up at 3 am to prepare for his drive-time show. Guess we can see what Bolt really thought of his father Symons was old enough to be his. No all this was a lead into shit kick the ABC for employing " a brown one with a thick Pakistani accent and by a woman."Bolt Is it any wonder so many Australians think Bolt has a South African accent after all the sounds very old school South African in attitude. Who is he attacking here the Pakistani, the woman, or the fact that a coloured and a white woman are on the show? Bolt's day is coming and coming fast he'll be needing plastic surgery to justify him not looking past it won't work his audience might be getting older but they are the baby boomers who voted Whitlam in. The young will also be older and they certainly don't buy the BS Bolt puts out. So he will be dumped and all those youthful lying photos he puts up to advertise himself will come to zero.

Now for some real FOOD FOR THOUGHT something Andrew Bolt is incapable of offering.

 No Joke: Capitalism, Australian Identity and The Threat to Unity - New Matilda

A most essential read for understanding the Australian context by Mike Dawson and his diametrically opposite non thinker Andrew Bolt

"So here we are, with our parliament in stalemate, wavering at the crossroads. One of the two paths leads out of the jungle. The other is a dead end. That’s where all the screeching is coming from. The kings of the jungle don’t want us to leave. They like it here.
The rest of us need to decide. Because the jungle is not going to civilise itself."
"It’s a parasite, the ancient pathogen of rent-seeking. No need for invention or contribution. Just identify something lots of people depend on. Housing, utilities, jobs, transportation, health, education, credit. Then give your support to politicians who will help you extract a premium for nothing.
We carry this sickness in our body politic. When it flares up, it turns back the clock on the lives of ordinary people, as it is doing today. And it invites us, through spurious mythologies of origin and identity, to forget about the “fair go” and compete in a race that’s stacked against us.
Yes, Australia is still a benign place to live compared to much of the world. But the point is that’s changing. We’re slipping fast, down in the economic expectations of the IMF, down the OECD rankings for health, education and social security, and down the international indices of wellbeing."
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Bolt is like a flag in a storm yesterday he was arguing definitively that Shorten's Tax plan "will cost"  and it was both bad economics and bad politics yesterday. "But with his other tax grabs, leader Bill Shorten has a massive $156 billion war chest to spend over 10 years, including on a cut to personal income tax."Bolt Today it seems it's good in both ways and has Turnbull on toast. What kind of yes but guy is Bolt with the OTHER unexplained? "most won't be ALP voters anyway" says Bolt which today is brilliant politics.
Corman calls it the Politics of Envy. The  productive poor on decreasing wages and casualisation of jobs are just jealous says the finance minister. No their not, they  just realize they have been dudded and screwed by this donor supported government. Bolt never talks about a fair go does he why? Because he's simply not part ot anything productive nor is he really reagarded as part of the idle rich the club he so desperately aspires to join. He's just their media lackey.
"a servant, especially a liveried footman or manservant.
"lackeys were waiting to help them from the carriage"

synonyms:servant, flunkey, footman, manservant, valet, liveried servant, steward, butler, equerry, retainer, vassal, page, attendant, houseboy, domestic, drudge, factotum; More
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 Yesterday and the day before Andrew Bolt was on a dedicated witch hunt. He wasn't after a single child molester but entire cultures he claims supports them " the Nigga Culture" in his mind that we call Indigenous Australia.  He then moved to the other side of the planet the UK to take his blunt racist club to his child molesting Muslim Culture. Never once for a moment did Bolt consider the sexual molestation of his own precious White Christian communities and how rampant and organized it was.  Organizations both religious and secular groomed children for sex at a greater rate than any others and the male patriarchy that allowed men to feel free to treat women and children as they wished.
Bolt remained silent on Melbourne's mayor Robert Doyle but defends George Pell when Catholics inside the Church, in general, were well aware of the molestation and black practices that occurred within the church.
 Pell, it's Australian leader and a member for 60 years pleads not guilty and ignorance even as an enabling accessory to these dirty deeds. Bolt nevertheless defends Pell how? By shaming the victims why? It's simple for a single purpose the defence of Pell sells papers while the defence of Mayor Robert Doyle doesn't. Media practice according to Bolt is the money, not the truth. The reporting doesn't attract as wide and as ready an audience as defending Pell.  Pell who yes might be personally innocent of molestation but throughout his 60 year time served in the church to maintain ignorance and silence shows him to be an enabler. The silence practised commonly throughout the churches history allowed it to flourish. Bolt might as well have stood up and said the police never took bribes and its leadership was innocent because they were entitled to claim ignorance.
Bolt protects Pell and his method is typical of his social psychology "slut bash" the victims. It's the way of our court defence system our pay for PR system the adversarial nature of our justice system. It's not the search for truth but the battle to win or lose. No mention by Bolt what the church lawyers did to those who proved to be victims all those actions were also overseen by Pell and accepted as necessary tactics in defence of Mother Church. The Sargent Schultz defence doesn't hold water I'm afraid that's why Pell is in court.


Bill Shorten's huge tax grab on dividend income risk's being his version of John Hewson's infamous Fightback: a bold policy document that gives the other side lots of ammunition. Hewson was destroyed by Paul Keating - but is Malcolm Turnbull a Keating? These side-by-side blurbs by two fine analysts on The Australian put the contest well.

1h Link

One thing you notice when Bolt opens his mouth he doesn't define who the winners and losers actually are. Not like the Finance Minister Corman who claims the ALP's policy is driven by envy. It's quite logical isn't it that 90 % of the Australian population receive less than nothing from the share of Australia's increased GDP. The fairer redistribution of wealth is not envy. Bolt doesn't do quite the job Corman does dancing like Rumpelstiltskin on the productive Labour of this country yelling "you're just jealous"



Bolt going back to 2001 shows just ho back to the future he wants to be. Times change standards change only Bolt doesn't. He's no snag. Blair and Bolt Bevis and Butthead the team that thinks it's funny mocking women. Notice Bolt's silence on our ex-Lord Mayor and ex-Liberal leader.
Is Bolt repeating yesterday or changed something? No not at all Trump whose fired 40 members of his Whitehouse Staff has left the White House in a shambles and Bolt the Murdoch apologist down under claims Trumps an angel when compared with the Murdoch attacks on Putin and Xi. Guess they believe Trump's silence is being diplomatic and his praising of Putin and Xi clever. He's even praising Little Rocket Boy now. Bolt hasn't touched Trump's history of chaos that according to Fox News is Fake News and the only Real News is Fox.


Sounds more like the good old days of the Abbott Government to me. Hanson was pretty close as well. It certainly doesn't sound like Labour.
2hTerrorism changed nothing Andrew Bolt the media-driven FEAR OF TERRORISM did because it also threatened REVENUE. That was the intent when misrepresenting reality.2h
Conservatives never miss opportunities and remain silent on Russia's request to show what they are talking about. The alleged nerve agent formula can be bought from Amazon on the internet for $30. Theresa May's "most likely Russian" really dissolves to nothing when she can't be confident she knows where it comes from. Does Bolt? The rest is politics a distraction from the shambles of the Tory Governments economic policies. Create fires as many as possible is the tactic to stop the drift the Labour.

"Corbyn’s spokesman Seumas Milne told reporters: “The government has access to information and intelligence on this matter which others don’t. However, there is also a history in relation to weapons of mass destruction and intelligence which is problematic, to put it mildly.”
 Corbyn challenges May's 'evidence' of Russian ‘culpability’ in ex-spy poisoning — RT UK News

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