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Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/3/18; Australia like America and the UK is now running our Government by Media; Reverse Sledging called out by Bolt; Bolt revealing who he is a lonely right-wing curmudgen;

Dutton’s White Australia Policy

Delivered to Dutton's attention by the Daily Telegraph fully supported by none other than Tony Abbott but denied by Julie Bishop

Government by Media

The minister remarked that the farmers “need help from a civilised country like ours.” And he further suggested that “these people deserve special attention,” as they’re the type of refugees that will “abide by our laws, integrate into our society, work hard” and “not lead a life on welfare.
Unsurprisingly, Tony Abbott stepped in with his support on Monday, stating that Dutton was “absolutely right.” The former prime minister described the situation in South Africa as a “national crisis” and “racism of the worst sort.”
Minister Dutton explained that the persecution of the farmers had been brought to his attention via reports in the Daily Telegraph. But, South African crime statistician Gareth Newham has said there’s no evidence these farmers are being targeted more than any other South African citizens.

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What makes some people such savages? "Cricket Australia has filed a complaint with Cricket South Africa after two days of sustained abuse of players’ families by fans at Newlands... One fan in the members’ pavilion fronted David Warner as he left the field after being dismissed and proceeded to make comments, reportedly about his wife."

Bolt media sledger is shedding crocodile tears for the worlds greatest cricket sledgers. What's even more hilarious as it's coming from a slug who is one of the greatest sledgers of women no Australians on record. He totally wants to viscerate women in his own industry as if they were some form of competition to him. It was amusing when Miranda Devine put Bolt back in his box. He simply slunk away.
Guess he's trying to demonstrate what the poor white Sth African farmers have to put up with in their barbaric country. REVERSE SLEDGING
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We're facing what will be the dilemma of more parents this century. Where to live next year when our last child leaves home for overseas, like his sister? Do we move to the country town we love? Or follow our children overseas? Or pick somewhere else completely, since the children are scattered?  Now it's the older generation who are rootless.

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When your children are your only human anchor in life and your cut adrift you realize just how limited a life you actually had. Don't attribute it to the 21rst Century but realize your an exception most parents celebrate their children's independence not mourn it. 
 Will Bolt and his wife actually stay together in that lovely little country town in which Bolt will remain an isolated recluse? Ordinary Australians aren't as paranoid as Andrew Bolt about divulging who they are Waleed Aly, for instance, is a joiner an inclusive person and not an exclusive one like Bolt. Waleed is seen "doing" with his wife the things that ordinary Australians do. Unlike  Bolt who at best shows himself in photos among his things and not really doing anything. How the hell does he get off telling us what "we" are facing in the 21rst century? Calling his life a dilemma is one thing but telling us ours is is another.  Bolt's not rootless he's only rooted and that's always been obvious. His children will steal away not be stolen.

"Tell us the news here. My own news - rain at last, but too little of it. And the Magpies are now bothering me like the dogs when I have lunch outside. Three parked themselves around my table, begging." Bolt the recluse
The real 21rst Century Problem for this country is: Coupled with the fact Bolt advocates Tertiary Education needs to be more training oriented and not available to just everyone. None of these other countries or universities think so.

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Bolt hates Paul Kelly why? Because Kell doesn't hate Turnbull. The opinions don't rely on any numbers facts or polls. Labor's policies on the other hand are well researched and unlike Abbott's don't simply rely on the Nope Nope Nope approach to policy making. The ATO have been caught red handed providing tax cuts to tax evaders and the government wants to provide even more. Kelly and Bolt are calling poor because Labour wants to neutralise the over abundance freebies workers and the poor have no access to. Redistribution is even a necessity that Murdoch pushed in America a decade ago. Withe the increase of, poverty, homelessness, and casualization of Labour ordinary Australians are struggling thats facts reality based on evidence and not hubris. Bolt's opinions based on zip is hubris.
The shooter was said to be associated with the Salafi movement the ultra-Conservative movement of Sunni Islam which has a lot in common with the ultra- Conservative Christian Right which in fact counts Saudi Arabia as one of it's staunchist allies in the Middle East after Israel.
 Bolt has totally ignored the school  and mass shootings in America even the police shootings of persons stigmatised by race or appearance alone. Yes he ignores the shootings, stabbings and violence taking place there and here by white right minded Christian who seem to own the majority of the weapons in both countries. If he did report these countless events it would diminish the alarm he wants to project and amplify against Muslims particularly his unwanted here. 
 White Terror is far greater in the USA because of the availability of fire power and it's generally conducted by right-wing Christian Nationalist thinkers armed to the teeth. It's why 500,000 school children in the USA are about to march against the organizations that sponsor the tools of bloodshed  the NRA and the current American Government. Is it strange that Andrew Bolt stays silent on these matters? Peter Dutton however doesn't is advocating the loosening of our gun laws here.
The French have a vast Colonial history and with it social and cultural complexities that come with it. The Politics they have faced haven't just been Islamist but  political complexity since the end of their Colonial past which aren't simply Islamist. Nor are they simply Islamist because ISIS adopts them and says they are. 
Reduction of this kind is just too easy but it's Bolt's want largely because he can deal simplistically with a more complex set of events.  Understanding truth isn't his goal the division and fragmentation of social groups here is his intent. Rather than unity in diversity Bolt looks to divide those groups that might find a common left wing cause like economics. That has been the Conservative way.  It's a methodology adopted by the alt-Right since before my 70++ years. It is in itself a bullying voice of white exceptioalism and superiority the protection of power and privilege that has lead in the extreme to white terrorism and just outright violence.

Yes Bolt does what Bolt does he accuses Overington of saying what she didn't and then he  moves the goal posts and tells us what she didn't say in order to argue against her. Overington wasn't discussing "content" she was addressing Bernardi and Bolt's complaints about "style" and how it relates to meaning. Calling these two Dorian Greys who somehow associate style good manners apearance and all the trappings with control of meaning like two snobbish public school boys. Bolt was never one just a wannabe. Comedy more often than not turns them on it's head and reveals them for who they are and that's the power of the "C" word that offends them not the word itself.
Bolt needs to get long winded in his blog to push style over meaning to confuse the argument twist it to suggest he's defending something when he's not that style somehow is associated with greater validity. That comedians are somehow lesser beings and as such carry lesser privilege. He certainly wants truth to be dressed in a suit.
" Let some ABC comedian scream "c..t". Bernardi will not want him jailed. But Bernardi - and I - will object to paying him through our taxes. We will not want to fund an ABC that so trashes the kind of cultural standards we want - and which we collectively fund the the ABC to actually uphold."Bolt
This is not true Bolt wants someone in the ABC's  "sacked" which is good as as calling for "jailing"  But note Dorian Gray is complaing about about comedic style and meaning it delivers and disputing the legitimacy of the context  "Comedy". He and Bernardi want to declare themselves the arbitors of what's funny and how it's to be delivered just as Lenny Bruce was in the 70s. How socialist of Bolt demanding that he and Bernardi run the dept of fun in Australia. 
 Bolt in the debate on Indigenous Recognition destroys the debate by redefining the meaning of Indigenous and makes it comedic when he says" I'm Indigenous" again he wants us to disregard context and so change debate . So yes their reality isn't the C in Cunt  that he's against it's the C in the AB# he's out to get when he says cultural standards have been trashed. It's the dishonesty of these two Dorian Greys and their fear of loss of privilege. When a poor man eats with his hands Bolt's offended by the use of his hands rather than his poverty it's much the same here

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