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Andrew Bolt's Blog,25/3/18; Ugly egos dominate the Australian landscape Peter Dutton, Politics, Andrew Bolt Media, Steve Smith Cricket. Who are the Barbarians that think they fit in?; Murdoch media concentrates on the "rival Rallies" that amounted to 12-500 people and we can assume inflated;

'We spoke about it at lunch': How senior players cooked up the plan to cheat

Captain Steve Smith has admitted his team deliberately conspired to cheat in the third Test.  His reputation -  along with the entire team - is now in tatters.

Andrew Bolt called the South Africans Barbarians for sledging. Peter Dutton called them uncivilized and they all yelled Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Ugly egos and role models will do anything to win in this "Civilized" nation.

 On day to 'march for our lives,' rival rallies and competing views | Fox News

When Millions Marched for our Lives throughout America and almost a million in Washington alone the American President left the capital to play golf in Florida. His News Channel Fox News spent time publicizing the opposing rallies and the numbers attending as much as 500 in one and a dozen in another.  "As March for Our Lives rallies advocating for gun control unfolded across the nation on Saturday, some cities saw dueling events staged by pro-gun activists.

The state capitals of Utah and Arizona saw supporters on both sides of the issue, though the size of the pro-gun rallies appeared to be markedly smaller." Fox News

This is one of 800 cities

Cameron Bancroft has been charged with ball tampering.
The huge crowd on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Capitol Hill. Picture: AFP Photo/Alex Edelman

 Pastor Rapes Teen, Church Asks Victim To Apologize To Pastor’s Wife

 The righteous and good people Andrew Bolt supports yes they too like him and the good few are exceptional.

 To make matters worse for the young victim, officials at the Columbia Road Baptist Church blamed and shamed the girl, forbidding her entire family from attending services until she apologized to the youth pastor’s wife.

Australian Conservatives believe White Western Christian Culture is definitively Australian and should be so stated in our Constitution. Ex-President of Malaysia Mahatier still believes Australian elites are very much White Christian and intolerant Europhiles and aren't an ASEAN nation. Peter Dutton, Tony Abbott, and Hanson agree as do media men like Andrew Bolt. We aren't Asian. 
However if only 25% of Australians claim to be Christian and they consist of Indigenous, Pacific Islanders, Sudanese, Lebanese, Chinese and other minorities logic dictates Conservatives are talking utter BS as they don't welcome these immigrants or refugees Christian or not into the country. It seems their 25% census figure slips to much less than  15%. If one considers their extreme factions as exceptional and staunch Christians. These Conservatives actually speak for less than 2% of Australians. Proof more Christian churches are being sold today or being converted to other faiths than are being built and we are importing rather than recruiting clergy why is that?
 Why do they garner so much media attentio when they are a mouse? Simple Murdoch media allows them to roar through Andrew Bolt just as he does Climate Science Denial, and so many other minimalist conservative issues. These groups actually represent Christianity and are equally as bent as any radical Islamist group claiming to represent Islam.  Unfortunately they also have an easier pathway to guns in America and have an advocate in Peter Dutton here in Australia who wants our gun laws eased.( Old Dog Thought )

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