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Andrew Bolt's Blog,29/3/18; Bolt seems to believe Treaties = Apartheid ; Pell is an ordinary man; Bolt speaking KKK; Abbott was a policy passing failure too; Science just a Religion or peoples tool?;

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Let's face it Bolt carries on declaring he's not a Christian then proceeds to give a sermon while declaring it's not a sermon. 
1) Why do Bolt and Christian iconography portray Christ a Semitic Sephardic Jew as a blond blue-eyed European and not as the brown-skinned Semite he actually was? That image feeds into the racism we see today. The racist voice of Andrew Bolt who claims he's not
2) Bolt tells the story of two men but omits the story of Christians praying before a sortie of bomb dropping invading and destroying Iraq blindly killing and injuring 1 million Iraqis on the basis of  not just one but a series of lies that has had us continuing the bombing in the Middle East today and continuing to lie even more.
3) Our PM today said sorry but tough luck a newly married innocent couple were  killed but that's collateral damage in a war
4) Yes, Bolt two faiths walk  onto a planet and one kills millions and the other a few and Andrew Bolt justifies the mass murder and harsh treatment of innocent families tarred with his simplistic explanation of what's occurred
5) Bolt spits on the very notion of Christianity he certainly doesn't practice it and he must wonder why generation after generation are walking away from it.

Jesus wasn't white: he was a brown-skinned ... - The Conversation

There is no way Jesus would get into Bolt's Australia he'd still be unknown and in the Middle East

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It appears Bolt believes America, Canada, and NZ are apartheid nations because they have Treaties with their nations First Peoples. Contracts valid in law that recognize that the land settled was, in fact, theirs and not just up for grabs by invaders as Bolt otherwise seems to think is fitting. The law by treaty both protects and recognizes first peoples land rights. Unlike the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel which Andrew Bolt also supports. There a 17.5% in an illegal land grab has occurred since Trump became President.
 Andrew Bolt also seems to believe that the white South African farmers who currently own 75% of the arable land in South Africa have a legitimate birthright to it. Is it any wonder Jim Bolger ex-conservative PM of NZ made Bolt look such a fool on the ABC's program Recognition Yes Or No last year? Yes, and Bolger was a conservative too who however believed in history fair play and human rights.
Bolt's ploy nudge nudge wink wink I can't say anything, I can say has  an entirely suspicious purpose of its own and it's certainly not these lies
"This raises very many important questions which I cannot canvas here.

No comments, for legal reasons."Bolt
because it seems no other media organization has that problem. Fairfax has freely reported what has been going on in Pell's committal hearing. Bolt's actually building up to flying another false flag crying crocodile tears that he can't because he's somehow the persecuted exception. That the eyes of the law are on him denying him free speech. What Bolt bullshit and it doesn't float. What we are seeing is just your average commital, due process to see if there might be charges to answer and if the police have sufficient evidence for the DPP to lay charges and bring Pell to trial. Pell might be famous but in the eyes of the court, he's just another man and Andrew Bolt's being a wanker using Pell to yell look at me I'm the victim here.

"That horror is not white racism or colonialism. It is the terrible dysfunction in Aboriginal culture."Bolt  
 Even Bolt now can't bring himself to insist the rapes actually took place. Despite the medical report that the boy wasn't physically hurt Bolt even flags allegations as reality. What's more, he makes the wildest racist generalizations from this alleged evidence saying they were caused by "dysfunctional Aboriginal Culture".  Bolt uses the term as would any colonial or member of an Aussie KKK group telling us it's the way "boongs and niggas think". You can't get more racist than that,
The fact is more children throughout history have been abused, molested, violently treated and even killed by white Christian men who have gotten away with it. If and when abuse was done to Indigenous kids and only luck would determine if it was dealt with at all. If the children were white or coloured and the culprit of Bolt's class, a clergyman or an official, people tended to look the other way. Their focus was entirely in the direction of the poor whites and laser-like on the Indigenous Australians. The recent Report just released shows nothing has changed.
Bolt's focus on Indigenous Culture is a false flag telling us not to look in the direction of middle-class respectability which is more drugged up more alcohol-fueled, more promiscuous and bent but simply less visible in their dysfunction. Simply look at the number of rehab centres, private mental health clinics, hospitals and counsellors that have sprung up in recent years. It's boom town for dysfunction that's fast becoming normalized for the rich.
The dysfunction Bolt's talking about is poverty and it's increasingly spreading across Australia and we see it in the increasing homelessness in our cities which conservatives now want to police, hide and move out to camps on the edge of town no doubt. As for Indigenous Culture well it's been polluted by the poverty and lack of services provided. It's been on the edge of towns since the invasion. The social problems the indigenous face have developed is because of white culture and it comes with mass poverty and it's now happening to more and more white Australians who Bolt doesn't mention. They must be becoming Indigenous too if we are to believe anything he has to say.
Yes, Bolt's a racist who hasn't for a moment acknowledged the dysfunctional Justice, Education, Health, employment etc etc systems that ensure Australian poverty. The Indigenous remain more incarcerated and at the bottom of the ladder of every aspect of Australian life because they were the first and Bolt blames them for their oppressed state and not the system that ensures his privilege is maintained.
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 No Bolt it wasn't a very bad and unexpected blow it was a very reasoned and expected piece of logic from Senator Tim Storer who is a first-class economist who denied the policy being passed and who couldn't be bribed. He made that judgement on a very bad policy denying the government the numbers. Bolt's not telling you who Tim Storer, in fact, is or his level of expertise. It's a reminder of the days when Tony Abbott failed to have bills passed in record numbers but Gillard broke the record doing it. It's not and "unexpected blow" or bad luck it's bad policy.


A new green fascism is replacing reason and debate with superstitions, fear mongering and bullying, and it is making us poorer and dumber. My editorial from The Bolt Report.


This talk of new fascism is coming from the man that tells us Science is just another Religion and is talking about its rise when the Greens seem to be losing their influence. Does he know what he's even talking about?
 So Science is just another Religion and it's it's based on false faith that green power is necessary to save the planet or that there's any urgency to move in that direction. Bolt's premise progress is just a matter minor adjustments to economic interests and our social patterns of behaviour and our relationships that have become institutionalized over time.  Slowly slowly over time and yes Science and technology will fix it. That sounds as if science isn't just another Religion after all. It just needs to be incorporated into the total control of current business interests.
Any attempt at radical change is far too dangerous for the likes of Bolt and the IPA and BCA, even if the intent is good. In simple terms don't rock the effen boat or we will need to withdraw scientific funding of heretical research.
 If everyone in steerage expects to share the top deck a boat it will sink.The trouble is Australia isn't a boat it's what it's citizens made it what it is over time and they can change it's direction too.  Should they want to problem solve do it with factual evidence logic and reason applying expertise and scientific methods to the task, not just interest? So why don't members of the Business Community and the IPA not want to pledge transparency or the paying of their taxes as a goal for our betterment?


Hollywood hates Donald Trump. But sees what happens when someone on TV doesn't: "Roseanne has returned to US television screens overnight after a two-decade hiatus, winning rave reviews [as] a pill-popping, Trump-voting grandma... The two episodes averaged ... 18.1 million viewers, making it the ... highest-rated sitcom in recent memory."  

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Roseanne Connor a fictitious character loves Trump but Roseanne Barr the actress who plays her certainly doesn't
"Despite their demographic similarities, however, neither Roseanne comports to the stereotypes about Trump supporters. The fictional one has a biracial granddaughter and a grandson who enjoys wearing clothing typically worn by girls. The real one differs from the mold even more. She ran for president in 2012 as a Green Party candidate, was a vociferous critic of President George W. Bush, is friendly with left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore and still emphatically favors LGBT rights and legal access to abortion. Barr even anticipated the #MeToo” movement by a full year by publicly promoting accusations that comedian Louis C.K. had sexually harassed women."

Remember "Till Death Do Us Part" and "All in the Family" they were comedies too. It doesn't mean these were Tory or GOP loving shows or that the casts actually represented themselves. Bolt seems to have no clue what comedy is. Barr is just making a return to something that was tried and true years ago. This is floating nothing new except the time and the money.

" I just wanted to have that dialogue about families torn apart by the election and their political differences of opinion and how we handle it. I thought that this was an important thing to say at this time."

For President Trump, many things are less important than “Roseanne” reboot

" "Roseanne" may be the latest battle in the culture war, but it's surely a sign that the president is far more interested in talking about that, than things related more closely to his job."

A Christian a group of Christians felt they needed to retaliate to 9/11 so they chose a country to invade.  However, they needed an excuse so they simply lied. With greater weapons, they indiscriminately destroyed that country killing wounding and displacing over 1 million people and have created the biggest disaster in the Middle East the world has seen since WW2. They call that collateral damage. I don't think any single story Bolt produces is little more than media distraction of a bully trying to convince us he's really the good guy. Christians are funding terrorism globally.  Christian special ops forces today are in 149 or 75% of the countries of the world. I don't think Andrew Bolt's selective story has the impact that 15,000 bombs dropped in Yemen have. Imagine if the media actually ran a daily blog on the consequences of  Australian Christianity's presence in the Middle East alone. We aren't informed by Andrew Bolt that's for sure.
 Australian airstrike likely killed newlyweds | The Saturday Paper
 What Bolt fails to inform you of is his statistics were actually taken over 50 years not 16 and which have actually produced 4 convictions in Rotherham.This beat up focussing on Muslims is the equivalent beat up that Bolt is attempting to do to the Indigenous community in Australia.
 In the UK it's also a Tory sponsored media campaign lead by right-wing media that lead to the boosting of Britain First whose members have since been jailed for hate-crimes. Media moguls simply for profit find false alarmism sells papers and at the same time distract from the daily disasters of the Tory government. 
News Corp does it here too 2890 anti- Muslim articles in a period of 12 months is proof in itself of the intended racial hatred produced by Mainstream Media here, Britain and the USA. Why do they do it works. If Bolt produces drivel from the UK who is going to bother to check is facts? Nevertheless, it helps to produce division here.
Let's talk about the Christian rape rings in Britain in the Entertainment industry where children were groomed by good Christians for years. Australia's Rolf Harris just one example. Politicians, The clergy. Secular administrators of children all operating for years but never really of any concern to Andrew Bolt who claims he's a crusader for good. He's certainly not Derryn Hinch just pretends to be to get at Australia's Indigenous, Muslims and anyone else he fancies to hate for politics.
Do you notice the difference between Bolt's approach to Adam Goodes and Steve Smith and the punishment demanded by Bolt of Goodes? Bolt's returned to form. Smith is simply an accident be it of his own making but the punishment is too severe. Did he say the same for Yassmin Abdel Magied?
Smith isn't being punished for what he did he's being punished for having been caught and loosing so so much $$$. But he's doing that because the games primary interest is the $$$. Smith is being sent to the Manus of cricket and feels ashamed and disconcerted by the severity of the action but Warner is being sent to never come back. No mention that when business takes over sport the rules of business take over not the rules of cricket and that's what breaks people harder unless of course, they are directors. Smith was not a director of the ACB or the global game.
"But the jump to hysteria is something that has elevated the offence beyond what they actually did, and maybe we’re at a point where the punishment just might not fit the crime." Warne
Given more thought, Warne should realize it's no longer a game. He was demoted for talking and being too friendly with the betting side of things when he lost the vice-captaincy or any chance of being captain. That cost him $$$ too.  Packer changed cricket forever.

Here lies the problem " fracking, done properly, is perfectly safe." That's what was said about Nuclear power and we saw what happened Chernobyl and Fukushima. That's what they said about supertankers and oil and we saw Exxon BP and Nigeria. Fracking is taking Australia's best agricultural land. Fracking is perfectly safe? Why doesn't Andrew Bolt invite Alan Jones onto his show and discuss the fact that he's just a Green Populist? It's funny isn't it Bolt turns to that Religion he calls science to confirm his argument is over/
 "You'd have to worry about Smith's mental state now. He has paid a horrible price for listening to Warner." Bolt

Bolt's simply trying to shift deck chairs on the Titanic concerned about Smith's mental state and turning on Warner. Who was captain? Who could have said no?
He's not concerned about the mental state of the children on Manus why Smith when he was even lying when appearing to tell the truth. Bolt has no concern about the mental state of anyone he's helped get sacked and there are many. He even has no concern for some people he's cheered being sent out of Australia to where they came from and been killed. A case in point an Aghani Hazari who begged that his life would end if sent home and it did. Did Bolt mouth any concern for Peter Slipper's Mental State?

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