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Andrew Bolt's Blog;7/3/18; Andrew Bolt's a 30% tax deduction what does he produce? LNP Government; SouthPacific battered by the men below;


     Australia's Shame

    Indigenous work for the dole scheme slaps thousands with serious failures

     Thousands of people in a controversial work for the dole scheme have been threatened with having their Centrelink payments cut off for eight weeks, leading to Opposition claims some "having to basically forage for existence"

    This is a serious building where serious decisions…


    "The government would not make a decision on ending discrimination in marriage laws. They made us do it and have since formed a committee to fight for the rights of wedding retailers to turn customers away. One wonders how many of them actually want less business.
    The government will not make a decision on Aboriginal recognition. They made our Indigenous People go through a lengthy and extensive consultation process to make recommendations and then threw them out without a second glance. They slashed over $500 million from Indigenous funding and then wondered why we aren’t closing the gap."Kaye Lee

     Facing up to hardship in the Pacific


    Tukuitonga told the gathering the South Pacific countries, through climate change alone, had been taking massive losses to annual gross domestic product (GDP) – 20-30% or more -- due to the effects of extreme weather events, especially cyclones.
    While they are among some of the world’s poorest in dollar terms, for a bad year like 2009-10, those countries would be losing overall some $10 billion.
    More figures reeled off by Dr Tukuitonga set out the pattern of relentless bad news, against which he offered some patches of light in terms of actions being taken, or which might be taken, by governments and other interests.

    A bottle has been found on a WA beach, 132 years after being flung from a German sailing barque. Picture: AAP Image/supplied/Kym Illman 
    An old old message from Bolt

    Bolt's self-publicity on Sky says he drives the media cycle. I don't know what cycle he drives but it's certainly not one that has anything to do with the media. Michaelia Cash might be an LNP embarrassment to both Turnbull and herself but that's not new news nor is it news driven by Andrew Bolt.
    When your enemy is meant to be your friend but are media boosting your blunders like Abbott and Bolt have been doing it isn't because they are wrong but they are hardly in a position to tell you to fight calling you piss weak. 
    "And if Cash is too compromised to do her job, then the solution is obvious. Well, obvious if your aim is good public policy." Bolt
    If Bolt claims to be a conservative commentator why has he been listing left all the time in recent days? To sink the SS Liberal of course and refloat the lone rubber ducky Abbott of course


    The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has since deleted all praise for the mass-murdering communist: "Not only is Che Guevara a celebrated South American revolutionist, but "che" is also a colloquial term in Argentina meaning friend. This year gather your friends for  ... a five course culinary adventure through the countries Che visited. "

    2m LINK
    Bevis and Butthead back. These two only have to do a body count and mass murders will come to light. Murders like Menzies who 50,000 of our troops by sending them to Vietnam on the basis of a lie as did John Howard. Che may have been a Communist, however, he certainly didn't cause the death of millions of people That these two proud Conservatives did. Is there any doubt why they want to keep the Spirit of ANZAC alive it masks the true history of the massacres committed under the cover of lies.  Che fought the fascists in Cuba they were the real enemy unlike the fake ones created in the name of fake fear and politics of Bevis Blair and Butthead Bolt. By the way, most Cubans are more educated than Andrew Bolt in both a professional and Cultural sense. That broken wrist he has and the costs to have mended he complains of would have been fixed for nothing in Cuba. Cuba's problem is 50+ years trade embargo put on it by the USA. Trump wants us to have a little taste of it today and we are screaming. Imagine if we were Cuba Blair and Bolt dumber and dumber are what's sick not the festival.

    Sounds as if Bolt has stolen Fox News 's personal attack on anyone, not pro-Trump. Has anybody in the history of American politics seen so many staff abandoning the Trump ship? If they stick their heads up they are smashed by Fox and Sinclair. That's what sums up the lack of credibility the numbers that keep filing out of the White House and Trump's Administration still looks flaky as does Trump's golf cards after 100 days of golf. Funny isn't it Bolt fell off a ladder and has a penchant for Whiskey which he brags about and says he was just pruning which has to be believed. Sam Nunberg simply can't be believed any which way yet Trump believed him. He was an aide. Whose dumber Trump with his choices and rejection of staff or Bolt who carbon copies his opinions from Fox News?

    It is odd to hear a federal minister - Alan Tudge - today finally putting the arguments I've repeated for years, even if he shies from solutions: Bolt
    Bolt has been doing it for years and proving himself an uneducated idiot for doing it. Australia is a Settler Country just 200 years in the making and Asian, not Europen which is culturally 1000's of years old. As are Canada, NZ, America and Israel, Of these Bolt highly admires the Cultural Fascism of Israel as do white nationalists and Nazis the world over at present. If Bolt demands need to diminish the separation of powers and enshrine Australia as a Christian nation like Israel what does that make him when the American Nazis want the same?
    Meanwhile, he claims to be an agnostic so why Christian? It's not the religion of peace.
    Because he thinks he's more Australian than anybody born here after him Indigenous in fact. How intelligent is that? Europe might be struggling but not with multiculturalism but because of the politics of its Colonial past. Australia is certainly not it wants to shed its Colonial past and bathe in the success of its multiculturalism. To say otherwise is to be the whinging exception who to say it after 59 years and continue to say should listen to the majority chorus of Australians yelling piss off if you want!


    "We're hurtling back to the Dark Ages, now with a Climate Inquisition. How sad to see our civilisation crumbling, and to the cheers of those you'd expect to defend it."Bolt
    This coming from the man who repeatedly declares Science to be just another Religion and Australia needs to be officially declared a Christian country and Western nation. The Inquisition was much the same and supported the drive of Islam and Jews out of Spain. Today the fascist right is doing much the same in EU and the Nazi's of America want to model themselves on Israel.
     Bolt is the man who readily applauds this notion and the call for a Crusade to drive Islam from Australia over a period of time by making entry nigh on impossible for Muslims to pass any immigration tests. Wants Australia to be Western mono Culture in the middle of Asia. He says we are hurtling to the Inquisition and Dark Ages on what basis simply because we are a rainbow nation.  Through his demand for assimilation and his anti-immigration stance along with Dutton's idea of selling visas to the rich, they have a fantasy that only their selected immigrants will come. It's never worked in the past as the wealthy and successful have absolutely no ambition to come and live here. All they are doing is flying false flags and dog whistling for something that won't happen. Our democracy will be diminished by their narrow focus.
    The questioning of Muslims,  Marriage Equality, Gender Equality, Safe Schools and Science is the Dark Ages,  Turn on the light Bolt you are there living your dream turn on the lights

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