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Andrew Bolt's Blog; 26/4/18; Bolt more Dutch than Australian tries to steal ANZAC day; Ex -head of the ADF Admiral Chris Barrie is disgusted; Israeli State Politicians and lawmakers celebrate:

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Andrew Bolt has never been to war he has no relations that have been to war for Australia and the only association he has with war is his family ties to Aalsmeer the most notorious town in the Netherlands where the citizens elected mayor was hanged for his collaboration with the Nazis. The good folk of Alsmeer were noted for their enthusiasm in hunting and killing Jews. The Dutch post-WW2 let the world know what heroes they were by creating a myth of anti-Nazi culture and that they actively protected Jews. That myth was brought to an end in the 1980s by the Jews themselves. Investigators who showed that the Dutch deported and killed more of their own Jewish pop per head than even the Germans did. 
Andrew Bolt is known for keeping his family history close to his chest. He's publicly stated he'd never felt Australian until after his marriage but somehow has been overly eager to fashion and adopt Australia's Culture as being not multicultural but Imperial, monarchist and largely British despite the fact that he has absolutely no heritage or family connection to any of Australia's wars. In fact given his heritage Aalsmeer he has more in common with the Germans  He's not a historian he has no academic qualifications to even suggest he has any first-hand knowledge of what it means to be an ANZAC and what it means to those Australians that do. Andrew Bolt is merely a camp follower who wants to steal the party.
People far wiser than Bolt like our retired head of our ADF Admiral Chris Barrie, Gary Oakley an Indigenous AustralianVET from the ATSI Veterans and Services Association Ben Quilty our official war artist in Afghanistan and Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan whose family history of war are all Australians that do have a real connection and all seem to deconstruct Bolt's glorification and his need for a false flag myth typical of the one the Dutch attempted to construct after WW2. 
I don't know what Rowan Dean's connection to ANZAC day is he doesn't acknowledge one and I suspect he has none. He's been brought onto The Bolt Report as the creative the ad man to help sell the myth by tearing down those who like Admiral Barrie and Luenig refuse to be camp followers. Anyway, all these people are disgusted with the way the term ANZAC has been misappropriated by various interests and fail to serve history, the reality of war and those that served and are currently serving on active duty outside of Australia. Admiral Barrie is disgusted with Abbott's $100 mill Disney monument in France and the proposed other $500 mill one in the future. None serve to assist the Veterans today and to glorify war in the National interest instead of peace is a disgrace. Monuments, flags, uniforms and anthems don't for a moment reflect the truth Australian experience Of British, German, Turkish, Japanese Australians living together in peace. Admiral Barrie is quite clear that Bolt and Dean have lost the plot and that Luenig is far closer to the truth that ANZAC day has been kidnapped Commercialized, Militarized, and used by national extremists and that these two Australians Bolt and Dean are simply camp followers partying and attempting to steal some glory  of war for no good purpose where there was none and to which they have no connection. Bolt definitely almost has a struggle to say he too was a proud vet has the mythical medals to prove it. His sons marched in the school band wow. However hard he tries to bury his past in Aalsmeer it won't wash unless he begins to celebrate the peace fought for in multicultural Australia.

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Andrew Bolt's connection to ANZAC day is yes none other than his sons played and marched in the school bands. It becomes clear when ex-head of the ADF Admiral Chris Barrie states that people like Bolt and Dean are charlatans who have kidnapped ANZAC day for their self-interest and have no connection whatsoever to the ANZACS or for that matter any connection to Australia's actions overseas other than as political extremists throwing other Australian sons bodies on the line. Bolt's heritage is as far removed from anything ANZAC. He is as far removed as one can be. He has openly stated he never really felt Australian for more than half his life until he got married and he doesn't entirely feel it today. But today started his editorial with exactly the same performance as he did last year " proud as"
 Ex-head of the ADF Admiral Chris Barrie is perfectly right Bolt has stolen ANZAC day and turned it from reflection into some camp followers party, parade and celebration. Bolt would call the Admiral who served Australia a hater and tries to steal his thunder. He'd call the Indigenous servicemen that served and wanted to come home but were denied the right because of the White Australia Policy liars. Those that did come home to find their children had been stolen to find Bolts denying them the mateship found in the trenches. All of these realities Bolt and Dean would call disrespect for their ANZAC myth that for many is and remains a lie.

 Sir John Monash


Column Malcolm Turnbull made a good call last week. No, he would not promote Sir John Monash to field marshal, our highest military rank. Not that Monash would mind. He’s been dead for 87 years. And that's the point: surely our arrogant desire to rewrite history must stop. 


What fails to be promoted is the changing history of this nation from the Colonial Empire's land of the unwanted and cheap labour camp to a multicultural settler Democracy.There were little if no positive aspects to this Colony and it's power structure which endured but for the migrants that came and redefined the meaning of unity. Bolt only talks of the enduring unity of the elite and the elements of culture that only he and the regressive privileged want to be maintained. Those aspects identified by Tony Abbott as 'Team Australia' a very small team indeed.
 There was never a 'Team Australia' from invasion day the privileged and powerful ensured that. There wasn't a time when Australia wasn't conflicted and the majority poor working class generally Irish, Catholic, or indigenous slowly many as Richard Flanagan pointed out many became more indigenous than they did loyalist and affluent the ranks of whom were blocked.
The army was one of the only means to equal opportunity in this country and provided even the indigenous with the equal right to die next to a white man who he could call mate until of course, he got back home.
 That class division and suspicion lasted well into the fifties between Protestants and Catholics when escapees from Europe came Bolt's Parents hadn't heard of this place until called for. Where they ten-pound migrants? Why did they escape the Netherlands on might well ask? Why doesn't Bolt promote his family history as the families of ANZACS do? He celebrates the history of others as if it were his own stealing their medals and stories. His history is falsely misappropriated claiming he's a true blue Aussie now when for over half his life he denied it. There is something dark and untold here as his cultural preferences aren't Australian nor ANZAC at all. Andrew Bolt admits to being a loner not too many mates for him.

" Isn’t this the real Australia? Could all this really be shaken by a troll like Guardian columnist Catherine Deveny calling Anzac Day a “Trojan horse for racism, sexism, toxic masculinity, violence, homophobia and discrimination”?"Bolt
The lady Bolt calls a troll Catherine Deveny has defined Andrew Bolt to a tee and this is Bolt's Australia in a nutshell but first, you need to see it for what it is not. It's not just the mask, the myth white nationalists and militarists spin for some self-engrandisement to pass on to their children.
Who has the right, who is more equipped to say what the true meaning of the ANZAC story is if it's not  the ex-head of our ADF Admiral Chris Barrie or is it Andrew Bolt? "I'never felt Australian until my thirties really forties until he married one?
 Barrie is, however, one of Bolt's troll-like Australians no doubt as he said of the ANZACS that the lucky ones were the ones that were dead. They didn't have to see the circus theft of what they experienced by celebrators like Andrew Bolt who have never put a uniform on and have stolen the real story of the wars fought. The celebrators that promote sending our boys to war and not put every effort into peace. The celebrators that deny the miracle of a united multicultural Australia by narrowing it's cultural definition to incite division for cheap and short-term gains. They, in fact, promote and abuse those for recognizing the real unity of different cultures living together in peace. I dare Bolt to call Admiral Barrie un-Australian. The racism Bolt promotes is here in front of us masked by the simplistic stupidity of his words "proud as"

Andrew Bolt is the advocate for privatised health trying to sell the pup that competition drives prices down the American model that has left 30 million Americans without any health cover and over half undercovered. With competitive advertising and complimentary administrative staffing in every organization competing for customers. It's left the USA with the most expensive but even the worst health delivery service among OECD countries in the world. That's what Bolt wants here. For people when sick to negotiate the private health system stressed when they are already sick and expect the families of those to also take on the burden of that stress.
Centralized healthcare services and provider education of doctors nurses and others cut's costs not raises them as seen in the services provided in the UK and Nordic countries where if you're sick you are provided with super quality service for everyone and freedom of stress to boot. It doesn't mean the "rich" can't pay extra if they so want when extra hasn't been proven to be necassarily better. However, they then do have the choice of paying the gap between the national insurer and the private service.  However per head of population why are Americans paying 3- 5 times more for services that aren't any better but more often worse than anywhere else with the accompanying stress?
Let's not talk about tax alone but compare what taxes get you in Finland. When a middle-class wage was $62,000 30% tax got you universal health with NDIS, Free education Paid parental leave when having children for both parents Free child care and preschool until the age of 7 and countless other benefits such as unemployment  and Age Care on an international scale of comparison of quality the same if not  better than here. Couple that with the less mental stress and the resultant index of well being is something Andrew Bolt can't begin to comprehend. Imagine he could mix with all classes of people without worrying if or not they were bludgers.  How is this all possible economy of scale for one cutting out all the fricking middlemen the reduced administrative and advertising costs that competition brings and transparency the mother of all evils in a freemarket that doesn't deliver freedom at all as opposed to an regulated market whose purpose is to deliver equally and free the individual citizen family and community from anxiety.

Some thing else Andrew Bolt supports that doesn't seem too ANZAC to anybody ... ISRAEL. Anti -ISRAELI IS NOT Anti- SEMITISM

 Killer of Palestinian teen praised as "excellent" by Israeli judge | The Electronic

  A soldier who killed a Palestinian teen has been praised as “excellent” and “conscientious” by an Israeli judge, who sentenced him to a mere nine months in prison.
This conclusion to the trial of Ben Dery for the cold-blooded killing of 17-year-old Nadim Siam Nuwara is another all too predictable episode of how Israel’s military investigation system whitewashes crimes against Palestinians.
“Despite the clear and overwhelming video, spatial and sound forensic analysis showing Ben Dery intentionally killed Nuwara, he was charged with a lesser crime and a wilful killing was whitewashed into an accident,” Brad Parker, international advocacy officer for Defense for Children International Palestine, told The Electronic Intifada on Wednesday.
“The lenient sentence announced today is not surprising and illustrates how pervasive and entrenched denial perpetuates impunity even where video evidence shows Israeli forces intentionally killing children.”

Israeli lawmaker stands by call to shoot Ahed Tamimi | The Electronic Intifada


Israeli lawmaker Bezalel Smotrich published a tweet on 21 April calling for a Palestinian child prisoner to be shot.
Smotrich wrote that he was “very sad” that Ahed Tamimi is in jail because she “should have gotten a bullet, at least in the kneecap.”
“That would have put her under house arrest for the rest of her life,” the lawmaker added, according to the newspaper Haaretz.
Smotrich is a member of the extreme right-wing nationalist party Habayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home).
He has advocated a plan for the expulsion of Palestinians that a noted Israeli Holocaust expert has described as potentially genocidal.
That expert also said that Smotrich’s values resemble those of the Nazi SS.
Smotrich was responding to Israeli journalist Yinon Magal, who wrote, according to Haaretz, “I’m watching this clip again and I am so glad that Tamimi is still in jail. Sometimes, it’s good that the mill of justice grinds slowly.”

 Second Palestinian journalist dies of wounds from IDF sniper fire | +972 Magazine

 Palestinian journalist Ahmed Abu Hussein is seen receiving medical treatment after being shot by an Israeli sniper during a protest on the Gaza border, April 13, 2018.

Ahmed Abu Hussein was shot by Israeli snipers during a protest near the Gaza-Israel border two weeks ago. He was standing at a distance from the fence and was wearing a PRESS jacket.
Palestinian journalist Ahmed Abu Hussein is seen receiving medical treatment after being shot by an Israeli sniper during a protest on the Gaza border, April 13, 2018.
Palestinian journalist Ahmed Abu Hussein is seen receiving medical treatment after being shot by an Israeli sniper during a protest on the Gaza border, April 13, 2018.
Ahmed Abu Hussein, a Palestinian journalist based in Gaza who was shot by Israeli soldiers two weeks ago, died of his wounds on Wednesday at Tel Hashomer Hospital in central Israel. Abu Hussein is the second Gazan journalist to be killed by IDF snipers over the past month, and one of 40 Palestinians killed during the Great Return March protests.

Video: Soldiers celebrate as they shoot Palestinians in West Bank | The Electronic Intifada


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