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Many in South Africa and in the Left are mourning the death of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. And some of those mourners are frightening.  What kind of woman are they worshipping? My editorial from The Bolt Report.  

  Boosting Peter Dutton & White Australia

Bolt in his most predictable racist way is boosting and excusing Dutton's suggestion that the South African Government is in comparison with us "uncivilized " and he's accusing and using freedom fighter Winnie Mandela as being representative of their barbarian regime. No context is really offered by Bolt that Mandela was a leader of the ANC in the 1980s contesting a war of liberation against Apartheid. A war against the really brutal white racist minority that ruled throughout the Apartheid era killing thousands of coloured citizens.

 Strange isn't it no mention by Bolt of a Steven Biko thrown out the window of police headquarters or Nelson Mandela incarcerated for life but released after 27 years. No regard for that war of Liberation that even we fought here that was global at the time. No historical context offered by Bolt just accusations against Mandela.  Bolt is full tilt boogie on firing allegations and accusations about Winnie Mandela which like a good Afrikaner he magnifies as truth. Aren't we glad that Bolt has no jurisdiction or power in our British justice system which generously allows his publisher News Corp to constantly produce fake news for the purpose of propaganda and influence without any factual substance? Accusations that even the South African government couldn't prove. Peter Foster Australia's great co man was thrown in jail for selling "fake product", Andrew Bolt was convicted of selling "fake news". Yet he's free to continue doing it.

 No debate just pure editorial flim-flam to boost Peter Dutton's racism as a legitimate comment and objective insight.  However, there doesn't appear to be a rush of persecuted white farmers banging at our doors. Rather the opposite is true statements have been issued to let us know they want to stay in South Africa. There are no criminal statistics to support Dutton's reality which he got from News Corps Daily Telegraph actually and Dutton freely admitted that.  All just factless opinion with no statistical support or evidence of any trend. Dutton simply got his information from, the fact-free zone of News Corp mouthing off policy by media to renew Racist Immigration as a front piece on the Australian political landscape again.Winnie Mandela was a hero. If she’d been white, there would be no debate







A foreign professor says I've imagined my lived experience here: "Harvard professor Edward Glaeser said Sydney and Melbourne could have much denser populations that would benefit their economies without compromising quality of life." So I've imagined the crowded roads, vanished farmland, soaring house prices and rising crime from some minorities. 

Bolt does imagine a lot and he does spend most of his time in Cloud Cuckoo Land "So I've imagined the crowded roads, vanished farmland, soaring house prices, loss of community and rising crime from some minorities."Bolt  The reason for Bolt's imaginings were seen in the decades of false promises and poor government in Australia over 20 years of Conservatives like Howard and Abbott wasting opportunities to problem solve infrastructure problems and social problems by simply spending time on buying votes, not policy. Abbott was Australia's worst PM Mr Nope Nope Nope wasting money and a record breaker in not passing but just trying to block bills. He Howard and successive Conservative Governments failed to pass or blocked State governments from developing infrastructure programs. They withheld Victoria to the tune of $3billion unless the state said jump and they said how high, They encouraged the Liberals to sign infrastructure contracts pre-election that the state and planners didn't want, causing huge financial losses. That the reality that bolt is experiencing. The reality of do-nothing conservative politics of well over 20 years.
 Bolt ignores the above for his personal convenience. He feeds native birds for self-gratification by pretending they are his friends while putting them at risk against the advice of zoologists and veterinarians. Bolt's disease ego blindness.https://www.facebook.com/attn/videos/1495224367179684/



Lazy workshy Bolt proves it with his cut and paste paywall and yes he is. Bolt is also blind to the fact that not only will a universal income policy save his Capitalistic arse with a universal band-aid but it will save the bureaucracy of Centrelink an absolute fortune.
So rapidly is the income gap widening, welfare expenses growing and the middle class shrinking. So rapidly are Australians being pushed below the poverty line that a universal income makes sense and at the same time says. We are a Capitalists our business is making money we will pay you to step aside and get out of our way. Guess Bolt's for redressing the labour laws and making it possible no necessary for unions to grow again and make wage demands the traditional way. He's so nostalgic, isn't he, or simply Scrooge? He's certainly not an entrepreneur, economic rationalist or driven by logic in our aging and technologically progressive society. No, he's just Scrooge.

Bolt is just an aging white man scared of losing the privilege he was handed by tradition. His way is the only way and he fancies he is where he is due to merit. He's not. His parents didn't come here by "choice" they were selected and allowed to come by "special interests" his father was a teacher prepared to work in the bush where teachers were needed. However before doing that they were allowed time to acclimatize. Bolt is today totally against that "In fact, there is a kind of fascism there, where special interests are granted special seats:"Bolt He wants a different sort of fascism in place here one that denies non -Christian coloreds entry into the country and one that allows whites with a conservative bent in only why? To fill those multicultural electorates that vote ALP. of course.
Bolt's illusion he's trying to push that special interests aren't granted special seats in Australia at preselection in the Liberal Party? That these seats are purely allocated on the merits of the candidates. No Bolt is bullshitting himself he's simply a curmudgeon who fears the loss of privilege coming his way and his children's way the inherited Cultural Capital he married his wife for and never earned.

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Monash University has a bizarre ad that advertises itself as a university for Left-wing radicals wanting to protest about global warming, Donald Trump, "refugees", US gun laws, identity politics, Aboriginal sovereignty and every other Leftist cause going. Here's a uni that simply confirms adolescent Leftist biases - on taxpayers's money.

21m LINK

 One wonders what is Bolt on about here until you notice it's an ad for Quadrant put out to suggest Tony Thomas is a reasoned thinker. The question one might ask what is Bolt's alternative for a University ad if it's not promising progressive critical thinking using the tools of reasoned thinking and analysis coupled with the clarity to see the hidden ideologies within. What would Bolt's ad look like?
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What Bolt fails to mention in this world of demand and supply the demand for coal will naturally increase as the supply decreases due to the divestment of the world in transition. The lie however in Bolt's argument is that there is a magic coal technology that produces clean coal "high-efficiency, low-emission technology. ". Clean coal to date is the alchemist polluters promise unfulfilled.
In a world in transition Bolt is laughingly pointing out the competition one might see of two dogs fighting over a well-chewed bone that no longer has any nourishment left. Does anyone see the word TRANSITION here in Bolt's fanciful tale of CLEAN COAL?
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A forced Bolt smirk
Remember when Miranda Devine was once Bolt's centrefold on his Bolt Report he hates her now she's no longer his wet dream or then maybe she still is but a nightmare. Anyway, he hates her and is always so conflicted in her presence that she no longer gets invited on the show. 
His excuse is she doesn't acknowledge the legitimacy of Mr Nope Nope Nope Tony Abbott 
This is the tragedy of the relentless Abbott insurgency. It poisons every legitimate conservative issue.
Yet isn't it Devine who's poisoning the issue with her hatred of Abbott?

 When Bolt says she's "Poisoning the issue" you know it's with a dose of truth and that's the essential fact. What are the missing elements of truth in the Monash Group the numbers and names revealed are always the same Monkey Pod Room clutch?However, Who does Bolt throw in the ring as their saviour of cred, Barney Joyce and the honesty of the Australian saying "trust us" we know but can't name the others because they aren't Liberals. That's Andrew Bolt's convincing evidence to argue that Abbott can be right and not just be a political money waster as he was with the NBN and  Victoria's roads and infrastructure.

There is no principle here. Immigration is not the problem of our overcrowding it was always the fault of the bill passing laggards like Abbott and Howard who spent and wasted money on trying to buy votes instead of addressing real problems. We miss Julia who was the best negotiator this century. Yes, Judith Sloan cheers Tony on of course she does she works for the IPA it represents those that dig up the dirty stuff. So of course, she supports Abbott. You'll find her in those objective jottings of the Catalaxy Files Bolt so often turns to for reference. You know the place he got his son the job. Sloan too sells the alchemy of  High-Efficiency low emission coal-fired plants. Is there a single one built yet that produces clean coal energy? Or are what we are talking about a little cleaner say 2%?
Remember Abbott's MTX NBN better and cheaper service that too was a political pipe dream that screwed the building of a new one. It's Abbott's most expensive failure to date.
The pro-coal ‘Monash Forum’ may do little but blacken the name of a revered Australian

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