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Andrew Bolt's Blog,1/5/18; Why is the ABC such a danger to Andrew Bolt? His kids might learn that their privilege isn't earned;

Independence is of great concern to conservatives. In fact, they complain about it constantly. How is independence encouraged in a nation of individuals? Equality and pragmatic social policies that are directed at reducing the economic dependence of individuals on each other to survive but unites them to willingly unite might be a start rather than breed psychological resentment, anxiety, and tension in the family, schools, workplace liberate them instead.
Andrew Bolt was heard to say "I'm the only breadwinner in the family" he didn't say that with pride either when he once said I have to take them to Bali on holiday either. He complained as if it were a burden. He resented being kept by a woman in Darwin why else did he lie about that. Welfare is a burden to Bolt and his resentment is multiplied by his sense that equality somehow means a loss of privilege, economic, gender, cultural and other. For a citizen whose social mobility was kick-started not by merit but the luck of marriage he now is threatened by any forms of social policy that threatens that system of privilege to which he feels entitled and flaunts. Bolt talks the talk of individual freedoms but doesn't walk the walk or demand the rational policies that deliver it.
But to assume that “freedom” and “government” are engaged in a zero-sum battle is to miss entirely the role of economic coercion in the decisions we make in daily life and to the extent that governments can reduce the weight of that burden on everyone. Through, free education we could actually increase individual freedom to live the lives we want.  If healthcare were a free right of citizens, then it’s easier to leave a crappy job, start a new company and relieve the family from worry.. If every school is good and uni is free, parents wouldn't have to strain to salt away money for tuition, and new graduates wouldn't start their adult lives with student loan debt. If women and men fare equally well in the workplace, and parental leave was paid, then each family could determine the childcare arrangements that make the most sense for them. People could choose to stay together. The conditions that make certain decisions “rational” are, themselves, subject to conscious change the very changes Bolt says is impossible but really means shouldn't happen.
However, the reality is the truth Bolt hides while The American Dream he so worships is failing with 40% living on or below the poverty line and domestic violence on the rise. With income and wealth gap increasing why would Bolt even consider we follow that the American Dream. Is the unfettered privatisation without regulation the rabbit hole we should go down? Particularly when it's perfectly clear that other countries are faring far better while we are fast slipping to the bottom of the ladder of OECD countries. Why are the Nordic countries faring so much better than we are and any rational social policies following them vehemently mocked and denied by Bolt and the conservatives?
A  Public independent ABC is not just mocked and scorned but needs to be stopped according to Bolt. Universal Education is impossible, Health and child care unrealistic your taxes will rise with these universal schemes. Taxes need to be cut to keep you on the wheel of dependence and not raised to rationally cut costs. Costs of Advertising and irrational duplication of unwanted administration brought on by competition and unnecessary privatisation. When faced with the proof of the benefits, those policies have delivered elsewhere and the individual freedoms delivered Bolt's arguments don't have a leg to stand on other than he and his kids will somehow be disadvantaged when in fact they won't they'd be freed.
Bolt argues multiculturalism is a complication we face that other countries don't it's a blind stats prove that multicultural schools in Nordic countries do as well as the homogenous schools do. and homogenous schools here and in the USA fare no better on average. Bolt if fully aware of this so why the lie?
The World Happiness Report ranks 155 countries from 1 to 10 in terms of happiness and is based on a survey of 1,000 people from each country. The measure is based on real GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy and people’s perception of their freedom to make life choices, generosity, and perceptions of corruption.
In the latest report, the Nordic countries lead the way, with Norway, Denmark and Iceland at the top of the list, while the Central African Republic, Burundi and Tanzania lag behind with low scores in GDP per capita, social support and people’s freedom to makes life choices.

 Proof that Bolt encourages failure is his constant denial of what's been proven possible

Image result for Illustrations, of  Nordic approach to Education

1) Education in Nordic schools has proved otherwise without the secondary tutoring industry that has sprung up that helicopter parents feel necessary to pay for to ensure success.
2) Costs saved have been put 5 years of teaching education and not just a tacked education degree after a 3-year course
3) What Bolt mock actually works in Nordic countries Finland has been a consistent example for 2 decades.
3) Teachers with classes of 1-20 work as teams and successfully do what Bolt claims they can't assist students to work at their own pace without shame. If teachers fall behind they too are easily recognized and supported to improve their skills why because competition has been exchanged for the independence of individuals to be themselves. The very outcomes prove Bolt's the idiot.
4) What Bolt calls "useless" has had a history of success elsewhere and his arguments that it won't work here have been also proven wrong. All Bolt is battling for has shown to be a failure in creating "smart" Australian government policies yet a success elsewhere.
Australia's equal opportunity and Bolt's stressless model of education and debt. Is he paying his kids HECS fees? I did plus their Private Education Fees. Equal opportunity my arse

So, if you’re already overseas or you’re planning on heading overseas for more than 183 days and you have a HELP or TSL debt, it’s important to understand your new obligations. Here’s what should you do:
  1. Before you move overseas log in to your myGov account and turn off the security code feature (unless you’ll still have access to your Australian mobile number).
  2. Notify the Tax Office within seven days of leaving Australia if you intend to move or reside overseas for more than 183 days in any 12-month period.
  3. Even if your worldwide income is small, you will need to lodge a non-lodgement advice form annually. Otherwise, you need to report your worldwide income annually.
  4. If your worldwide income exceeds the minimum HELP and TSL repayment thresholds, you will be required to make a repayment of your HELP or TSL liability. This may be in the form of a compulsory repayment or an overseas levy.
  5. If all this seems too hard and you’re concerned it will be missed, consider repaying your HELP or TSL debt in full.
The Tax Office is calling this a voluntary scheme but be aware if you don’t comply, there is a big sting in the tail with the fines due. So, before you pack your bags and head off on your great adventure, make sure you register and are aware of your repayment obligations, which may kick within the next few months.

Image result for Illustrations, of  Nordic approach to stress relief

Bolt refuses to address the fact that Universal Health provides a healthier society by simply providing better-measured outcomes simply by the improvement of preventative care for one. If people feel sick they go to the doctor without worrying about their bank balance. Healthcare of a nation is better managed for everybody, not just those that have the money or were born into it by luck The mortality age in the US is falling and that in Nordic countries is rising.  There is the better administrative management of doctors and pharmaceuticals simply because of the economy of scale. Bolt's simply taking selective advantage of transitional issues to try to convince us that universal health schemes don't work but notice he avoids International comparisons why? Because other changes then become logically necessary.
Bolt's cry the NDIS is creating the disabled flies out the door in the face of the evidence of the homeless and incarcerated mentally ill who are required to self-manage our private health system. It flies in the face of a conservative government whose real interest is to witness its failure.  While whole families break down under the stress disability our recidivism in prisons has become revolving door individuals of people in need of medical and disability assistance. People are tied together in states of anxiety stress and dependence that can and would be reduced if ever conservative governments stop ensuring public health failure. Bolt really loves the American Dream which today has become a nightmare with it's 36 mill without any insurance or access to affordable healthcare.

Finally, Bolt makes a comparison that is meant to impress us but it's not one on "outcomes" it's one on policy. It's a monkey see monkey do immigration policy that seems to have cost Theresa May the loss of her Immigration Minister and has weakened her position as the leader in her party. Bolt makes no mention of that. He's only interested in a policy that has isolated May even further and that's what Abbott did and what conservatives want us to do in the Pacific region. UK Home Secretary Resigns Over Immigration Scandal


Bolt certainly has complained about his family in blogs. Remember the Xmas he had to "take them to Bali" in order for him to have his hols in Aalsmeer. He was blackmailed and taking them was like taking excess baggage. Then there was the complaint that he was the only workhorse in the family the only one that brings in an income and really worked." 

"When your private life is material for your spouse's blog, you have a problem bigger than what Erlach complains of."Bolt

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