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Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/4/18; Corporatism is an alliance of Government and Corporations defined by Mussolini = Fascism The IPA Ideal;

Protesters rally outside the banking royal commission hearing.

  Banking royal commission: all you need to know – so far | Australia news | The Guardian

What have we found out so far? We’ve heard evidence of appalling behaviour by Australia’s major banks and financial planners from the past decade, including alleged bribery, forged documents, repeated failure to verify customers’ living expenses before lending them money, and misselling insurance to people who can’t afford it. In this week’s hearings, AMP admitted to lying to regulators, and the Commonwealth Bank admitted some of its financial planners have been charging fees to clients who have died. AMP’s chief executive became the first high profile casualty of the commission announcing he was standing down from the company with immediate effect.

Personal Experience

Jacqueline McDowall

 'Ruthless, careless and irresponsible': readers share their banking nightmares | Australia news | The Guardian

This week, Jacqueline McDowall became the human face of the malpractice of Australia’s financial services industry, as she tearfully recounted the woeful advice she was given by Westpac that cost her her house, and most of her superannuation.

 The unwanted Royal Commission

The banks are copping it right up their fiduciary regulation hole!
Bolt offers no answers to Kelly O'Dwyer's no explanation why Conservatives along with the rest of the LNP were dead set against this Royal Commission. Why Bolt himself didn't support it. No real comments just an opportunity to blame it on Turnbull. The fact is anybody dealing with a bank has felt ripped off. When they were government run entities the feeling was one of providing service today we are left to feel like livestock being serviced. Bolt is the first to stand up and decree that this much loved free market is the best and cheapest one on offer. Australian bank fees and interest rates remain some of the highest in the world and we guarantee them. However, Andrew Bolt has little or nothing to say on that score.

Bolt can't offer any advice or commentary on the Conservative position for having resisted this current Royal Commission any more than the moderates in LNP. So having blamed Turnbull for what doing what the public demanded his facetious response is BLAME ABBOTT.
So let's do that:
1) Tony Abbott signed the Paris Accord and set the emissions targets that are now in place. So yes the Conservatives can BLAME ABBOTT. He now wants them scrapped and Coal-Fired Power generators not only upgraded but new ones built and Nationalized against every principle 
Conservatives represent.
2) Tony Abbott three years ago supported our Immigration policies and the raw numbers they represented. He stalled on infrastructure projects and even tried to blackmail Victoria from carrying out their plans. Abbott's do-nothing government set the course for doing yet another 180-degree reverse turn-a-round not on refugees but on Immigration for short-term political gain and to cover up doing zip in government. so yes BLAME ABBOTT
3)Captain Nope Nope Nope refused to upgrade the speed of our Internet system with totally new technology and delivery network. He had us install the Frankenstein MXT monster which is currently incomplete has seen a cost blow-out has taken us from 30th to over 50th in the world behind India and is the biggest lack of service system complained about to the ACCC So yes BLAME ABBOTT.
4) The Marriage Equality Referendum. BLAME ABBOTT
5) Education and Gonski 2 BLAME ABBOTT
6)  The ABF drug cartel BLAME ABBOTT
7) Remember this headline as far back as 2014:

 Abbott government hoses down calls for royal commission into Commonwealth Bank over allegedly dodgy financial advice

So yes
"Just blame the AbbottAbbottAbbott. Much easier." Bolt
Why is it Abbott has such a poor poll rating so much so that 75% of his own party don't want him back and 62% of all voters agree. Those numbers alone send a very loud message telling him to move on. Is it strange he only has the support of party dead wood and not the younger members?

 Tony Abbott is a good friend of Murdoch Bolt see's no issue in the fact that Murdoch hates Turnbull. In fact, he sees no issue in the fact that Murdoch took the ex-PM to a lunch at an exclusive club in Atlanta and pretended Abbott was "invited". They where sprung taking along a News Corp photographer to do a photo shoot of Abbott shaking hands with the VIPs to be made to look a statesman on the front page of the Daily Telegraph in a one-upmanship game with Turnbull. Murdoch was actively polishing the turd.Andrew Bolt has his back pressed so hard against the wall with nowhere to go the world as he knows it is all left and seems to find little or no Australians on either side of him. Notice Bolt is telling us where the panel stands relative to him he doesn't ask or listen to any of them. The shows rating 500,000 what is Bolt's?

Why is Bolt's post so blurred and mine so clear he's the professional?
 Everyone has been asking that. But then Bolt isn't a team player. He doesn't really elaborate much on the Conservative position on Banks, does he?

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