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Andrew Bolt's Blog,2/4/18; Defending 20++ years of Howard and Abbott's political incompetence with more incompetence; Media Barrie Cassidy 600k viewers Andrew Bolt??; Bolt's hypocrisy shows;

" In Israel and in the United States, activists are using human shields to smash through the borders. And reporters are spinning for them."Bolt
Is this all Bolt can say how long how many days has it taken for Bolt to flip the argument and turn the IDF and it's 100 snipers into the victims necessarily defending themselves from rock throwing teenagers and families protesting with guns trained on them by Hamas activists. When  17 people were killed and 700 injured by live bullets many shot in the back and Bolt calls his editorial, the fact while the majority of MSM media is nothing other than left-wing media spin. One knows total Fake News is being manufactured at News Corp and Bolt imports it from Fox News an organization whose intellectual property is No News.
Bolt asks how much can you believe the world's most reputable journalists and media? Well, a lot actually as much as Australia trusts the ABC in fact given:
1) Israel has stated it will fail to cooperate in any external investigations.
2)  The IDF confirmed what had happened on social media and immediately took that confirmation down when they became aware of the world reaction
3) Bolt even unconvincingly suggests Israeli engineering is so pathetic that the protesters that minority that did approach the fence could in any way smash it down?
4) Just how unconvincing is Bolt pointing out his singular and trivial anomalies as reasons for disregarding the majority of media reports. Yet he shows a single case of an armed Palestinian attacking an Israeli not a single case in a peaceful protest that's been occurring yearly for decades."We need to know more" says Bolt even when Israel has publicly stated it will not cooperate.
5) Bolt tells us Israel is only defending its borders. How is it his victims have illegally occupied 17.5% more Palestinian land this year? He's is calling that defending its borders. Bolt is such a liar twisting words with a singular intent deny what has happened. He has to be called out for just that Israel is expanding not shrinking.
6) So where does Bolt actually get his facts from? He hasn't any and is simply calling what occurred the real ones reported by rest of the world as "Fake News". He hasn't any of his own nor does he make any attempt to offer any now that's propaganda and spin.
As for Hondurans passing through Mexico to the US border Bolt hasn't a clue what they intend doing but he wants to somehow associate these events both protests as if they have a common thread, the threat of "invasion". Are the Hondurans armed?  Has the media accompanying them less integrity than News Corp? As we have always said Bolt believes in the power of opinion too lazy for facts because they generally don't support his narratives. So single events are selected to make wild generalizations that have the substance of smoke.
These events are both a test and according to Bolt of countries right to defend themselves forgoing any arguments on human rights and International law suggesting that what's occurring on Israel's expanding borders is righteous despite the body count. That the US is entitled to threaten Mexico for allowing people to legally pass through its territory without US permission on the basis that the US  is allowed to demand that Mexico should forgo its sovereign rights in the interests of America. Hypocrisy, contradiction speculation, lies ignoring of human rights and murder are facts that should be set aside.  Set aside to justify the murder of 17 people and the wounding of hundreds of others women children and totally innocent people expressing their right to be heard by the armies and nations Bolt calls victims.


Tony Abbott is wrong about lots of things, but not immigration


Among OECD countries, Australia’s population increase in 2016-17 is at the top of the scale compared with Canada, up 0.9 percent over a comparable period, the United States up 0.7 percent and Britain 0.6 percent.
Tony Walker the Vice Chancellor of Latrobe is as thick as a brick and is an active apologist for Tony Abbott whose even thicker.Abbott's only record is his failure to pass bills and get things done.
Land and space don't grow yet Walker seems to think the UK's immigration intake 360,000 Canada' s 300,000 and the US 2.4 million is better than ours because their annual rates are better and we haven't the infrastructure why? 1)Because successive LNP governments spent 20 years doing nothing Tony Abbott blackmailed Victoria into doing nothing withholding $3billion and Turnbull is doing the same and Tony Walker says we need to listen to Abbott?
2) The UK is only the size of Victoria but lets in as many people as we do with 3 times our population already and that's ok because their rate 0.6% and the US our size is 0.7%   but lets in over 2 million. Rate comparisons might be valid if we had the same populations but we don't. According to Walker and Abbott, it's not the numbers that count but the rates. The fact is we are a relatively empty country. So is Canada but being like Siberia we are a less hostile environment. So Abbott and Walker are running a statistical smoke screen.
3) Australia is a demographically aging nation. Immigration brings with it small business investment, job creation, a productive youth, labour and skills all the elements and resources needed for building. It doesn't, however, bring with it competent politicians and problem solvers ready to expand and invest.   We have plenty of incompetent politicians ready to spend on votes and demanding we fall further behind and divest in people.
4)What we have as a consequence are governments like Howard's and Abbott's who over 20 + years failed to spend money on infrastructure in their battles for votes blackmailing Labour states like Victoria by withholding money for necessary infrastructure projects the states saw fit.  The successive failures of these political laggards are now being hidden blaming not just refugees but Immigration as a whole. It's being used as an excuse for their very personal political failures and Tony Walker Vice-Chancellor is simply an Abbott apologist covering up the fact he did nothing for progress.
5)Yes, we have a problem it's one that's allowed real planning, problem-solving and logistics to fall behind and made sterile by politicians like Abbott who don't serve the nation only themselves. Tony Abbott leads like no other in that regard by a country mile. Abbott's NBN, his deployment of the ATO, his time-wasting budget, his lies, his inability to negotiate with his own party, his nope nope nope attitude still lingers on like a bad smell today
( Old Dog Thought )
Decongesting our cities: It all starts with quality planning
Rolf Fenner 0



 Backstory: Insiders host Barrie Cassidy reflects on the 50 years since he started in journalism - Television - ABC News

"I never had the ambition in my mind that we would become the pre-eminent Sunday morning program. In fact, there is no program on daytime TV in Australia that reaches 500,000 and 600,000 viewers [as Insiders does now], and that's surprised me."

In the 50 years since, he has covered politics for ABC News and current affair programs, worked as a correspondent in Washington and Brussels and, in the 1980s, experienced politics from the inside as senior media adviser to then prime minister Bob Hawke.
In an interview with Backstory editor Natasha Johnson, Cassidy reflected on his career and shared some insights on political reporting and interviewing. Here are some of the highlights:
Is there any wonder Andrew Bolt hides his ratings from the public. He says they are fantastic "OFF A SMALL BASE" . The ABC is TRUSTED


 One really hasn't a clue what Bolt is trying to establish here other than New York and  London have much the same pop but London seems to be a  dangerous city if your Male, Muslim, of African descent or under 30 in February you're more likely to be a victim. Is that the clue? Less likely if Christian and white.
There is little more one can say. However, that's Bolt and his use of statistics he simply doesn't know what to do with them leaving them suitably meaningless. Well done Bolt??? Bolt prefers sweeping generalizations coming from single and unconected events.
 All one can say of Bolt in him quoting Kipling's poem IF about the men Kipling was thinking of when he inked his poem they were true Colonial forces of an Inglorious Empire which began with the pillaging of India by the British East India Company and investors and  rent-seeking elite that governed the UK and the global slave and indentured labor trade. The true privateers of their time. Paine and Cummings were nothing like them at all.
The true meaning of Passover is forgotten
 Not a peep about the Good Friday massacre of Palestinians guess that's a conspiracy theory too or 1400 injured and over 700 by live ammunition fired by IDF snipers some into the backs of people running away or on their knees praying. Nothing about what  Passover once meant the Liberation of the Jews from Egypt but as of 2018 the oppression and imprisonment of the Palestinians by the new Israeli Pharo Netanyahu. Bolt's totally silent on the mass shootings by the IDF by 100 snipers. Now that's been denied supported posted and unposted by the IDF on facebook conspiring to reframe the whole event as one of defence.
How is it Bolt can point out Christian deceit but totally ignore the deceit on the part of Israel on Good Friday but then turn to France to tell us just how bad Islam is. This commentator is as strange to watch as a flea in the way it jumps about for food.

Bolt so conveniently forgets how South Africans Pakistanis Indians all have been caught cheating the guilty are in fact the change in the Culture of and the business of Cricket. It began when business took over and systematically turned upper-class Amateurs playing for a team in a gentleman's game into gladiatorial combat of individuals grouped into teams. The 20/20 bash, the IPL is far more representative of the game today than Test cricket is and it's the culture these gladiators are brought up in. Slaves working for the dirty lucre and their billionaire owners with a win at all cost attitude. How are they expected to think like test cricketers of old? The problem is the rules no longer reflect today's venal culture and pretend it's something other than it is. This has been a realty jolt and so do we keep on pretending?

" Even so, on this evidence, it seems to me that Quantock has a very unhealthy obsession. I worry for him." Bolt
Bolt I'm afraid tries to belittle Quantock's very healthy obsession not with Andrew Bolt per se but with News Corp the insidious  Murdoch'sNews Free Zone is propaganda corporation that has over the years been a major source of IPA and right-wing influence on our Governments for over 40 years. Andrew Bolt just happens to be a brand synonymous and within the propaganda machine and hardly news product at all.
The fact that Sky News and News Corp are oxymorons and we the citizens absorb and are polluted by their sound bytes and fake products much the same as we are subliminal advertising means we need Quantock and those like him to have the healthy obsession with what he does. If Quantock was to comment on Bolt's blog he'd be moderated off any such attempt precluded from any opportunity of free debate.  In fact, nobody really finds themselves face to face debating with Bolt. The Bolt Report simply cuts people short when Bolt finds himself floundering out of his depth. James Matheson was a classic example who when he was seen to run Bolt ragged was cut off with a promise to be invited back. He never was. No Bolt Quantock isn't obsessed with you nor am I, however, we are obsessed with fake commentary and ideology presented as reasoned opinion based on facts.
Proof Andrew Bolt actually believes he's the centre of attention

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