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Andrew Bolt's Blog,24/4/18; Andrew Bolt is talkin con he has a suit and a mike but it's still snakeoil; Bolt crying victim; Islamophbic Spin; Sounds like Milo staged this in NY; Abbott the bored door;


RATINGS NATIONAL FIGURES where it really counts and Andrew Bolt stands alone and isn't carried:
 Andrew Bolt rates less than 35,000

Waleed Aly  575,000 (x20) and Q&A 385,000 (x13)

Andrew Bolt Bolt is only a legend in his own dinner time. Sky's biggest rater Paul Murray is only 56,000 

Oops! Awesome Mr Bolt!!

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1) Immigration has prevented 720,000 Australians getting jobs or are those 720,000 new migrants. That's  Andrew Bolt's, Tony Abbott's and Peter Dutton's con.
 Less than 10% of Migrants are assisted or refugees. 90% are younger than the average Australian and therefore have longer working and taxpaying lives. They are better educated with higher skills than the average Australian Andrew Bolt tends to claim the opposite is the fact. Furthermore, they are more likely than Australians to set up new businesses and yes create jobs for more people. None of this is mentioned by Bolt when he says migrants are taking jobs. But then he doesn't want us to know this because it doesn't fit the short-term political arguments he wants to sell. As far as Bolt is concerned migrants are the new rats we've let onboard SS Australia.
 Limited expert data is supplied by Bolt to actually counter the advice supplied by Treasury and other experts. No doubt Bolt will like climate write a book on Immigration to declare himself Australia's foremost expert. Bolt claims he's entitled to this free-speech unlike the more qualified. All Bolt is equipped with is a desk a suit and a microphone to preach some very un-checked opinions at the behest of News Corp in order to boost Tony Abbott's wisdom and leadership qualities. Who it might be added when he was PM Abbott neither supported a reduction of 80,000  in the Immigration numbers nor false and racist figures such as  400 White South African Farmers were murdered in 2017. The man's a desperate politician grasping any ideas that might keep his personal career afloat.

2) Talking about Tony Abbott and reversal of ideas when the scandal of the fraudulent financial advice of banks arose in 2014 what did Abbott do? He didn't demand sackings and better self-management. He cut ASIC funds by $120 mill and ensured the sacking of 200 staff against the protests of the CEO of the regulator at the time. When NSW Liberal MPs were caught taking illegal donations from developers Abbott said it was the fault of the laws. Abbott was an advocate for deregulation and denied any systemic criminal activity. and today he 's blaming ASIC
Tonight John Roskam of the IPA  again applauded Abbott stripping ASIC's teeth Roskam blames their poor performance and not the bank's governance. He is also concerned about the closer regulation of bank activity. As history has shown the IPA is simply called these criminal events exceptional just the actions of some bad eggs that ASIC didn't police.  Funny it was a totally different story when the Royal Commission into unions shone a light on Craig Thompson's misuse of $13,000 worth of petty cash that then was systemic union abuse of funds.
Exceptionalism is not even a new con but a very very old one. Abbott cut funding to the ATO resulting in the loss of 3.500 of highly qualified staff many of whom were to be gobbled up by the Tax avoidance industry itself. He gave companies an indirect tax break. The IPA same again has tried to sell us the spin that only a few bad eggs exist when avoiding tax yet a whole industry has grown specialising in minimisation and avoidance. So companies who pay no tax do deserve company tax cuts today.  The fault really lies with the ATO. If you let foxes into the chicken coop they will behave.

UPDATE and an aside
Andrew Bolt wasn't named but News Corp was but the underlying subtext was directed at Andrew Bolt and his overuse of position and power when delivering a miserly and bullying attack on Duncan Storar because of his past and his class when asking a question on Q&A. It was a scene from Dicken's Oliver Twist. There wasn't a member of the panel last night that applauded what Andrew Bolt but none named him why? What he did was regarded as totally un-Australian. Let's remind ourselves that Bolt has done it to Zacky Mullah, Adam Goodes, Yassmin and countless others and claimed it as his right to free hate-speech. No Doubt we will see him defending that right today and claim he's the victim. Image result for Cartoons when thugs cry defenseless victims
Bolt's admissions "I'm not convinced" in 2017 has become "wrong" in 2018 where is the media watch exaggeration?
"The commission’s opponents in the media, like Sky’s Andrew Bolt, have also lined up to admit their error." Media Watch

Abbott assured us the regulators were doing too great a job and were "over-regulating " the banks so he cut ASICs fund a little to the tune of $120 mill and 200 jobs. He did it to the ATO as well taking 3,500 jobs off the payroll and delivering that knowledge to the tax avoidance and minimisation industries which companies supported. What did I say when Bolt is named and shamed he cries, "victim. The use of terms like alleged, and unconvinced were never used into the royal commission into unions, was it? 



Some say terrorism, but most think mental illness: Alek Minassian, 25, kills nine people in Toronto with his car and then fakes pulling a gun at police in what seems an attempt to get himself shot.
11m link
Yesterday 4 people were murdered by a naked white guy in a waffle shop as I predicted that news missed Bolt's attention as did the recent shootings of two armed black men by police in America recently. Apparently, none are confusing enough for Bolt and his nuanced innuendo suggesting he's not but others are saying it could be "terrorism". Why do I say Bolt's intention is nuanced because he doesn't begin with offering the fact "Minassian is an Armenian name. Most Armenians are Christian." Bolt until the very last sentence in his post. However, he gets the message out, doesn't he? Like his argument that practising Christians are the least likely to commit domestic violence. Australian Aborigines are most likely to commit domestic violence. No mention they are in the main Christians and more often than not more practising than White Australians. Bolt's all style and copy don't look for substance or fact.
"The suspect in a Toronto van attack that killed 10 people and injured 15 others on Monday attended a high school program for students with special needs where he would often walk the halls with his head down and hands tightly clasped, according to former classmates." News
One might ask why Andrew Bolt with all his access to first-hand reports new this and conveniently left it out preferring innuendo over fact. It's the way Bolt ultra conservative spin doctor prefers to roll.Driver 'may have been angry after rebuffed by women'
Toronto van driver identified after 10 people killed, 15 hurt. A report says the driver may have been angry about women.



Who exactly is the "provocateur"? "Conservative writer and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos was forced to leave a bar in New York City Saturday after a crowd chanted 'Nazi scum get out.'" So who are these bullies, hounding out a man quietly standing in a pub? "The videos identify the chanting group as members of the Democratic Socialists of America."


 "It's astonishing how people acting like bullies actually congratulate themselves on being more moral."Bolt
It's amazing really when Bolt doesn't come out to deliver his tirades on the street he delivers them from behind his media curtain to Zacky, Duncan, Yassmin, Adam flips and calls that democracy. He does it even when street protesters are delivering what Milo wants. Question, does Milo's publicity manager work hard to ensure people turn up for a Milo event? I believe it's so formulaic it's paid for by Milo himself for the publicity to draw a shouting crowd and police to get in on the act. It's called Show Time. The video even looks staged and a bit of performance art by Milo neither a big nor active crowd was it Mr Bolt?
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When Abbott tells Australians 400 White South African Farmers were murdered in 2017 and doesn't admit that figure was a total fabrication of truth to have then recognized as "refugees" he doesn't deserve to be allowed to say anything. When Abbott refused to support the ALP's policies and then grabbed them for his own showing just how unoriginal he is he shouldn't be allowed to say it. Besides, the EU and even the UK didn't appreciate him saying it. Abbott was doing it for Abbott because that's what he does and has been doing it since he was a student. A squeaky door gets the most attention and News Corp merely amplifies that squeak
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Here we have typical Conservative thought avoid the principle and truth at all cost and only speak to the tactics that make the spin difficult. The advice here has nothing to do with Australia and what's been going on for decades but only to do with sides and public perception. Is there any mention of the facts, reality and the numbers of people hurt? Any mention of the early deaths the mental damage done, no? The fact that after the banks were sprung for fraudulent advice in 2014 and Abbott actually cut ASIC's budget to the tune of $120 mill and 200 jobs are ignored. He and Corman kept deregulating cutting Company Tax in doing so. They destroyed the power of the ATO to enforce company tax.  Hurt real pain was the emasculation workers rights to unions and the emancipation of companies from paying benefits on casualised labour and not what the public "might " think. Bolt's really clutching at straws waving and drowning.

The third is the way attitudes may shift on the idea that Shorten is too close to the unions...

The fourth danger is the way this debate reshapes views on Shorten’s judgement. The Labor leader pursued a safe and populist campaign by crusading for the commission, but who would say he was wrong?

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