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Bolt is an immigrant fleeing from the scandal his family left behind in Alsmeer the most notorious town in the Netherlands. Until the 1980's the Dutch prided themselves as heroes of WW2 and told the world of their hate for Hitler and how they protected and saved the Jews from the Holocaust. When in fact the whole story being sold was a lie. The Dutch as Israeli historians and investigators revealed were selling fake news to the world masking their shame. They in fact killed and transported more Dutch Jews per head of population to camps and their death than the Germans.  The town from which Bolt's family came from Alsmeer was the most anti-Semitic and notorious in the Netherlands. The Mayor, voted in by the good townsfolk, was convicted and hung for war crimes. Now Bolt doesn't really ever talk about where his family stood in the scheme of these historic things. He keeps his family history extremely private more than most. The Bolts certainly don't appear on the Wall of the Righteous.
However, it's not so with Australian history Bolt is a migrant but in the forefront of defining our history for us despite the fact he's not a historian or has any association with it. Booker prize winner Richard Flanagan has and has a lot to say about our history and he has a far deeper connection than Andrew Bolt ever did with the men in his family that actually fought in the wars passing their experiences on. Flanagan's speech at the National Press Club is worth reading and it reflects a story diametrically opposed to the short one that immigrant Bolt puts out, it's worth reading about Empire and our inglorious past.
 Yes, vandals like Bolt are a danger to the meaning of Australia's ANZAC Day they perpetuate false myths rather than the true nature of our history and what actually occurred.Much like the Dutch did until the 1980's when the truth was revealed about the reality of their painful past and it's denial.

 Richard Flanagan: 'Our politics is a dreadful black comedy' – press club speech in full | Australia news | The Guardian

 8 war heroes you didn't learn about in school | NITV

The Frontier Wars was the bloodiest conflict on Australian soil. We look at five of the warriors who fought for their people and their land against colonial forces.

add a little truth to the Remembrance and include the non-recognition of the Aboriginal contingent in both World Wars, the Aboriginal Soldiers that were left over there, because of the White Australia Policy, denying them access back home. Aboriginal Soldiers came home to their children being stolen, their homes gone, their families murdered and they were totally ignored for their contribution, fighting for the liberty of all Australians, whilst their own people and families were being denied their liberties in the same country they were fighting for.
So today, I hope the Frontier rallies, will honour all aboriginal people, who have lost their lives up until this day, as they have all died as heroes, fighting for the survival, freedom & liberties of all our people, in this 230-year war, with the British Establishment.
Lest We Forget our fallen heroes of the Dreamtime, whom, are the Spirit Ancestors of our Survival.
From Uncle Albert Hartnett
NB This post is not an objection to Anzac Day. It is meant to pick up the aboriginal diggers and place them alongside their mates in our remembrance and gratitude. Where they belong. ( March Australia)

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ABC host Jon Faine calls the new baby of Prince William a "brat". Sharri Markson fires back at boorishness.


Andrew Bolt has struggling ratings of less than 30,000 viewers Yet the poll lover doesn't even mention this lack of presence on the Foxtel's top 20 list. Sky News, in fact, gets only gets one mention in the top 20. Any wonder Bolt looks non-existent when compared to the number of viewers on free to air TV. The Bolt Report's production team tries desperately to keep Bolt afloat with Shari Markson moments like this using other in-house personalities or those trying to make a name for themselves like Dean and Cousens. Bolt generally plays the adoring puppy listening and wagging his tail. Listening to rave-ettes not of news but about the left-wing competition largely the ABC as in this case. The problem is his production team needs to set the scene with cut and paste snippets which become the imaginary skittles to be knocked down. They don't actually show you the full context or what actually happened on John Faine's show.  So it's not strange that Andrew Bolt's show just doesn't rate night after night and that he needs to claim the stats on other peoples shows as his Steve Price at Night.
When the public is sold a pup it reflects in the numbers turning off. News Corp everywhere does, however, have the power to drive opinion. Islamophobia is a case in point where fear of Muslims went from 9% to 30% with the help of Murdoch's 66% coverage of papers Australia wide. 2,850  anti- Muslim articles in 2017 alone show why. It simply shows the breadth of spin can influence sometimes but not all of the time. Abbott and the conservatives now believe they are on a winner and want to drive the fear of Immigration and Coal as their point of difference in the marketplace of ideas for voters. The problem they have is they can't do it and be honest at the same time.
 Tony Abbott has a history of lying for the sake of self-interest politics. Only a week ago he told the electorate 400 White Farmers were murdered in South Africa in 2017 and needed to be evacuated from a barbaric country. The world didn't know that they were imperilled refugees but Abbott and Dutton of boom gate fame turned 59 into 400.
Australians are told Immigration has caused major problems all over Melbourne as have the South Sudanese and we are too scared to leave home a lie as well. The most livable city in the world has attracted Australians too and not just Immigrants. Unemployment has stayed the same and not risen but had it not been for Immigrants starting businesses at a faster rate than Australians and providing jobs and boosting the cities economy the unemployed numbers would be higher. We are fast becoming a city with 4.9 mill people and feeling what it means to be one.
 If it weren't for Immigrants being more educated we wouldn't have doctors, nurses and dentists, engineers. But more to the point our aging population would show we are getting older with nobody younger to support them physically or tax-wise. If Australians were actually asked what it is we wanted and needed as services we'd understand why we need immigrants and why farmers, hospitals and country towns need immigrants. So what appears to be overcrowding is based on the supply and demands of growing cities like Sydney and Melbourne.You don't think New York, London and Tokyo feel crowded?
It has been the fault of governments like Abbott's that turned the clock off on infrastructure, in fact, Abbott stopped the clock on most things. The Abbott government was 3 bills short of breaking John Gorton's record of the least bills passed.His time was short but it was a do-nothing period which we feel the effects of today. This was a period of cutbacks which caused the traffic jams, a backlog of services and increased corporate fraud we see today. in all manner of things such as deregulated self-managed corporate culture and lack of public services due to cuts in all manner of things such as the ATO ASIC Infrastructure.

Andrew Bolt's Blog is designed not for opinion but disinformation, distraction, deflection, and confusion for the purpose of lobbying away from any centralised. rationality, reason, science or expertise in problem solving that might not dovetail with those of the Conservatives, the Corporates or the wealthy elite with whom he aspires to be a part of but isn't. He's merely another agent.

Naruto the monkey apparently took the photos of himself after coming across Mr Slater’s unattended camera in a reserve on Sulawesi, Indonesia.


We're still kind-of safe while judges remain smarter than animal rights activists. A court has thrown out a claim by PETA to grant a monkey copyright over a selfie it took on a photographer's camera:  “We have no idea whether animals or objects wish to own copyrights or open bank accounts to hold their royalties from sales of pictures.” 


There's no pushing the envelope in Bolt's world going backwards is the way of his future. No testing the water in Bolt's world.

The Australian Opera isn't self-funded I suggest Bolt looks at its accounts. The NGV isn't self-funded and there has been over the years scandals raised about its accounts. No Bolt heads to the funding of minorities of any sort in the Arts and demands an examination of their books because why? They are a self-interested minority representing a useless culture easily mocked. Bolt mocked the South Sudanese beauty pageant on the IPA's podcast there he sounded like the true racist he is. He didn't question the funding just the concept of beauty and cackled.
What is significant here is the transparency with which Bolt was allowed to access the funding books and their use compared with the lack of transparency in the books of Bolt's 4 pillars of respectability the banks that we as a nation guaranteed from going broke during the GFC and the thanks they have shown in return.
Rest assured Bolt's not offering us to take our pick. He's taking his and it's not the one commissioned by his team.
Is it strange that Monash is where the University is located and attracts high numbers of people not born here who are supporting one of our largest export industries Education? Bolt doesn't mention that strange, isn't it? No doubt many of those who left were also students.  Nor does he mention Glen Waverly High a school very much in demand with families who prize education. Furthermore, while Bolt emphasizes the word "foreign" in terms of arrivals he doesn't seem to use it when mentioning the "net "people who left. Unless "net" is a foreign nationality I've never heard of. He's hardly comparing apples with apples. Yet he mentions the "car-crush". Students move to Monash to avoid that "car-crush" and they hardly fuel it.
 Tony Abbott went out of his way to block the building of a freeway here in Melbourne by withholding $3 billion from the ALP. Meanwhile, the previous Liberal Government had done absolutely nothing about infrastructure so much for the "car-crush" prevented from being resolved.
As for crime rates, Bolt, as usual, alludes to but leaves any figures out largely because he regards the police as conspiratorial in hiding those "real" figures he prefers to make up. He brags about his high ratings 'off a small base' but does the reverse when the same is shown to be the case for minorities in which for example newly arrived migrants can be shown to be less likely to commit crimes. The criminal and repetitive behaviour of a few kids is what Bolt uses to fuel his argument. Families are younger, more skilled and better educated than most Australians. 
By the way, the crime rate Bolt refers to in Monash shows no relevance to whether Monash is merely a target of crime or whether the crimes are committed by migrants. Are they an easy target for crimes committed by good old Aussies? Loose with facts nothing specified Bolt certainly full of them and casts a wide net. Big with spin Bolt certainly is full of it. Racist Bolt certainly is one, just listen to him on the IPA podcast with his son James.
The most recent spike has been considerable: an extra 7338 people were living there in 2017 compared with the year before, easily the highest increase in the country.
As a reference point, Cranbourne East in one year grew just short of the total number of residents of surf coast town Portarlington (population: 7695, up 2.2 percent).
More than 85 percent of those new arrivals came from internal migration (people moving from other parts of Australia).The Age
Bolt's car-crush explained Since then she has watched the suburb groan under the weight of its increased population.
"The infrastructure of the roads, the trains, it's nowhere near keeping up with what it needs to for the growth," she said.
The trains were often full early in the morning and late at night, she said, while the roads surrounding the suburb had become choked to the point of uselessness.
In the lead-up to this year's state election, the City of Casey has issued its priorities for helping fix the area's congestion issues.
No, it's not the new migrants that have arrived Mr Bolt


Trump triumphs again, playing the Trump-hating media like an angler at a fish farm:  "Trump [said] reports about the United States' 'special' relationship with France was not 'fake news,' then turned to  [President Macron] and removed an unseen particle from Macron's suit.  'In fact I'll get that little piece of dandruff.'"
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Trump is more like Milo than a President and Bolt loves the circus because it distracts from the reality. It's why Abbott - haters are anyone mentioning his name other than conservatives. He lauded Abbot's Canadia greeting, his 28 seconds of silence message and the raw onion will go down in history as his ability to be a showman as great as Trump even showing Trump the way. Would the occasion have been as hilarious if Marcon ruffled Trump's hair back?

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