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Andrew Bolt's Blog,7/4/18; The great silence in Australian Media; Israel's Death Sentance for Civil Disobedience and Bolt approves;

  Palestinian journalist dies after being shot by Israeli forces | News | Al Jazeera

Andrew Bolt approves of this and calls it defense

 A total of 31 Palestinians have now been shot dead since the start of the protests on March 30, when tens of thousands took to the border area with Israel, demanding the right of return for Palestinian refugees.
Israel says they were invading despite being nearly 300 meters from the fence

Three Countries show how Near a 100% Green Grid is | Informed Comment


In general, the world invested more in solar energy than in coal, gas, and nuclear combined last year. The Portuguese, Scottish and Costa Rican advances are not even very dependent on solar, which suggests that a whole new wave of further renewables implementation is around the corner.

 Israeli snipers open fire on Gaza protests second week in a row | +972 Magazine


Palestinian protesters burn tires at the Gaza-Israel border during the eighth day of the 'Great Return March,' Shuja'iyya, Gaza City, April 6, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

 Israeli snipers kill at least seven Palestinians, wound over 300 others during the eighth day of the ‘Gaza Return March.’ Protesters attempt to block soldiers’ line of sight by burning tires.

 Brutality is the only answer Israel has to Gaza’s civil disobedience | +972 Magazine

Palestinians youth collect tires to burn them during demonstrations in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip, April 4, 2018. (Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

 Israel issues the Death Penalty for Civil Disobedience. Not a shot

 It is impossible to know what will happen along the border with Gaza in the coming weeks. But one thing is certain: Israel will continue to respond with brutality and arrogance in the face of Palestinian nonviolent civil disobedience.


Terry McCrann rewrites Paul Kelly: "The idea that drives the latest core conservative revolt — a new coal-fired power station, run by the government if needed — is inspired and works at every point. It works on policy, politics and consumer grounds." Much better. UPDATE: Peter van Onselen's astonishing tirade of abuse.


Bolt's battle it seems is with commentators and not reality and he admits it when he let's slip
"There may be good arguments against what Tony Abbott and the Monash Forum propose."Bolt and there are. Bolt yesterday was all for government intervention in the free market a total contradiction to what he regards as a pillar of conservative value and now he doesn't say he's wrong or even admit he said it. No, he tries to suggest Abbott has somehow found a god-given exception to their fundamental principles. Yes, it's a bit like Bolt saying he's Indigenous that if Socialism works for the benefit of Capitalism it's ok. "I'll put it in a little bit if it hurts I'll take it out"  the rapist's attitude to the plea of "not guilty your honour". You can't be a little bit pregnant as you can't be a little bit of a hypocrite.
1)  Abbott's problem doesn't solve the reality that he hasn't the power to lead the Liberal Party
2)  According to IPSOS, 62% of the voting public don't want Turnbull to go
3)  The free market, science and the public disagree with an idea that sounds like another NBN
4)  There is no progress in going backwards 

If Bolt believes in the universality of "Free Speech" and our laws base on that principle why is he denying it in Indonesia? He's every right to deny it but wouldn't that make him a Left-wing -Activist generally to be found among the "artist class" of the country. Secondly, it's hard to suggest that any support for or against a cultural debate in Indonesia has anything to do with vilifying Christianity. However if Bolt a non-Christian feels so upset he can take his complaint to the AHRC and have it tested.
It's very hard to tell what it is he's saying here given "Yet our artist class vilify Christianity while excusing Islam - the true and pitiless menace to free expression: " His initial complaint is about the unspecified Australian artist class but his seeming specifics are to do with Muslims arguing with each other culturally and politically in Indonesia. Maybe he should look for a public forum in Indonesia to vent what he sees as his Christian Agnostic and left-wing complaint.
Bolt's all over the place he rarely likes statistics and prefers the personal from which to cast his generalizations but screams when the ABC publishes a personal story of a Geophysicist who left Shell 6 years ago for his beliefs. That's not right in Bolt logic how dare the ABC  do as he does.
Then Bolt segues to China a sovereign state which Bolt says can do whatever they like his defence of Israel's butchery of Palestinian civil disobedience. China it seems not killing anyone it seems can't be defended or reported because it's "sludge". Is that CO2 or fossil fuel sludge he's talking about or clean sludge like clean coal he dreams about? It seems simply the confused workings of a mind limited by the sludge of his own making. 

Newspoll showing a 4 pt difference with Abbott and the conservatives screaming the past 30 polls to ensure the country realizes and never forgets the Liberal Party is split and News Corp headlining the same since Abbott was demoted it's no surprise they have achieved the result they wanted. However, given the constant internal Abbott friction, the Party should actually feel pleased with itself with only a 4 pt difference. Bolt fails to mention IPSOS also discovered that 75% of those claiming to be Liberal voters want Turnbull to stay and 62% of all voters agree. So the only hearts broken it seems is Team Abbott that failed to get the traction hoped for from anyone. 

Wind un-power

 Remember When Andrew Bolt spent blogging that it was cold in Malvern or someplace he'd looked at on a weather map and generalised the world was actually cooling and that was sufficient proof that there was no global warming trend. Well, he stopped that when statistics made him look the fool he is. He rarely quotes Spencer and 1998 these days. But don't worry his logic hasn't changed. 
 The wind wasn't blowing today and Bolt makes it seem as if a trend and series of blackouts were imminent. No mention that Tesla's Battery was in place for emergencies and this is a program that's in transition. Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world as it is with internet speed. It was once 30th and is now 50th a legacy supplied by Tony Abbott.
Countries like Portugal, Scotland, and Costa Rica are now 97% serviced by renewable energy without the dire chicken little panic that Andrew Bolt's putting out. Furthermore, their prices are less than ours.
The market is transitioning to renewables it's the 'free market' Bolt deems a pillar of the Australian economy. However, he's now calling for a socialist intervention because energy generators like AGL aren't being the marionettes he wants them to be. They have a planned their progress above and beyond personal and short-term political interests and have seen over the horizon.
Here we will have Bolt noting not trends but the singular events and as we transition away from coal finance, investor, technology and science he will need to find another tack. But don't worry he's got a library to chose from at Fox News.
Meanwhile, Bolt's let the Dutchman loose and is at home turning his lights on and off according to 5-minute pricing reports. The man's as mean as a sewer rat.

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