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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 12/5/18; A video of how Australian Police arrest Indigenous youth; How the media present and inform Australians and call it "News";


Andrew Bolt is having another short 5 day week this now a regular occurrence. Remember how he bragged about his 80 hour weeks he now does them in 5 days. He goaded Duncan Storar to get off his ass and others on welfare to do the same. Bolt declared himself the yardstick of what was possible and how to accomplish it. What a BS artiste he is a self-scripted music less opera  he is.

  A Cop Remained On Duty Until A Second Video Of A Police Car Hitting An Indigenous Teen Went Public

 Video is very slowly changing the culture of Australian policing of Aboriginal youth. If this incident hadn't been caught on video would the driver have been stood down? Would Farmer, a relation a possible relation of the great Polly Farmer, have faced additional charges of running into a police car with malicious intent?  This is an example as revealed in the Royal Commission of Australian policing of Indigenous youth to a tee. (ODT)
A senior Western Australian police officer has been stood down from active duty after additional footage showing a police car running into an Indigenous teenager on Sunday emerged.
NITV News / Via

NITV News yesterday published a video which shows an unmarked police car in the Western Australian town of Thornlie swerving across the road toward William Farmer, an 18-year-old Indigenous man.
The car hits Farmer who then falls onto the footpath, turns on his side and appears to start convulsing.

"A WA Police Force officer at the centre of an internal investigation into an incident in Thornlie has been stood down," the state's police media unit said in a statement provided to BuzzFeed News.
"The action was taken ... following the provision to police of additional footage of the incident."
Video that initially emerged earlier this week showed an unmarked police car hitting the teenager, but new video obtained by NITV News gave a clearer view of the incident.
Mervyn Eades/Facebook / Via Facebook: video.php

  A New Low: Channel 9 'Does A Sunrise' On $30m Palm Island Uprising Payout - New Matilda

 The premise of the story is ridiculous enough – the stuff on which odious programs like A Current Affair and Today Tonight (and ABC Lateline) are built – but it still manages to plumb new depths of gutter journalism as the trainwreck unfolds on your screen.
You can read the story here or watch it below, but do it on an empty stomach. In the meantime, here are the facts that Arfier left out of the story, all of which I and many others have reported countless times over the last decade, apparently to limited affect.
Mulrunji Doomadgee was beaten to death on the floor of the Palm Island police station on November 19, 2004 for singing ‘who let the dogs out’ at Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley, the most senior officer on the island and a man almost twice the size of Mulrunji (Hurley was six foot six and weighed 115kg, Mlurunji less than 80kgs).
As Mulrunji lay dying, another Aboriginal man in the cell tried to comfort him and yell for help from Hurley and other officers. His screams were ignored.
When Mulrunji’s family arrived at the police station later that morning to enquire why he had been arrested, he had already been dead for hours. Hurley lied to the family and told them he was fine, but unavailable.

Fact or Fiction Bolt's banner reads as if the election has been held the election being the ReachTel Poll. If polls don't cheer Bolt they are automatically put into his "outliers" basket. If they do cheer him the "alternative fact" becomes a reality the election has been held it's done and dusted and it's over. Suddenly he's a fairweather friend of the LNP again. What will tomorrow or the next post bring in the way of fiction for this weathercock? 

  Canada: Monitor to track hate groups amid far-right rise | Far Right News | Al Jazeera


People take part in an anti-racism protest outside the US Embassy in Ottawa [File: Chris Wattie/Reuters]
 Wake up Australia
Montreal, Canada - A new organisation has been set up to track hate groups in Canada amid what experts say is a marked rise in far-right sentiment across the country.

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