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Andrew bolt's Blog, 13/5/28; Free public association of Australians is illegal and dangerous; Bolt hate of Egyptians shows their Muslims; Look what they do in France; I'm avictim too gcries Bolt; Bolt the bank bashing bullshitter;

Blockading Melbourne


Tens of thousands of unions walk off the job illegally and shut down the centre of Melbourne, again illegally. Yet: "Employers have criticised the Turnbull government and the Fair Work Ombudsman over their lack of response to allegedly unlawful industrial action by workers attending the ACTU rally."

Bolt's link is a simple cut and paste straight from the Herald -Sun.  100k free association of Australians becomes only Tens of thousands and a "The disruptive rally" in the headline. It's a wonder they weren't labelled South Sudanese Youth. They would have if given the chance, after all, it a Murdoch paper. Jihadists in boiler suits.
 Their cause for gathering not mention just the protest that it's illegal, illegal for workers to get together and freely associate to voice their opinion of the budget. Bludgers taking the day off and harming the employers that have been ripping them off more and more since 2013.
This is the theme of the Herald-Sun story an illegal united association of Australian workers armed and on the verge and ready for violence being revved up with cigarettes and beer. 

"As many as 100,000 workers, armed with flags and banners, took part in the protest and called for the end of “broken rules”.
The protest caused major disruptions across the public transport network, with angry passengers being booted from trams suspended at Flinders St." Herald -Sun
No sympathy here only the devil.

Bolt the dual citizen is on Waleed Aly like a rash. Waleed is an Australian citizen as is Anne Aly simply because the day they became Australian Citizens Egypt dropped their right to be Egyptians. It's odd isn't it that despite that known fact Anne was required to produce a letter of evidence. Bolt's only connection to this issue as Dutchman is his hate for Aly who like Anne is more qualified in every way merit wise to be held up as truly admirable citizens not only for their qualifications talent and youth but for being closer representatives of what it means to be an Aussie than Andrew Bolt who dreams of semi-retiring on a Dutch barge somewhere in the Netherlands and writing his blogs from there rather than here. The only thing that keeps him here it would appear to be 1) his job 2) his kids. He rarely if ever mentions his wife and definitely never has photos taken with her or his family, unlike Waleed and Susan. That's very un-Australian.

 Rating 2000:1 in Waleed's favour might just be the reason for Bolt's obsession with Waleed Aly

 Another woman factless Andrew Bolt treats as a "frightbat". A woman who has far more accolades than Bolt could ever dream of in all facets of her industry. Respect freely offered by her peers. Again it's called ratings unlike the ones Bolt can put on his CV that aren't lies and exaggerations like he was educated at Adelaide University my ass.
 'We stand together': Women protest at Cannes

We stand together': Women protest at Cannes

In 71 years of the Cannes festival, 82 women directors have presented a film. This is compared with 1688 men.

Bolt doesn't want to deal with mass murders at home committed by Christians he doesn't want to mention that Indigenous in the main are better practising Christians than even he is. Yet he is the first to selectively search the world for events in which a Muslim commits a crime, and I mean the world. Context is of no concern to Bolt in his cause to connect random events and not differentiate the varying reasons why they took place. For Bolt, the mass shooting in Orlando Florida was the same as this stabbing in France despite the fact that the police had very different explanations. For Bolt right or wrong they were simply Jihadist why?
Firstly it's a PAYWALL for the Australian. Secondly, it fits with the 2,850 anti- Muslim articles News Corp has published in the past 12 months when not only are Muslims in Australia from some 54 different cultures but they are just 3% of the Australian population. That alone suggests most Australians have never even met a Muslim. So Bolt's excessive focus on Muslim Australians is limited and he has to search the globe for the weight of his negative stereotyping and lies and errors are thrown in for good measure.
France has had Colonial issues with that extend back as far as the 50s shootings and bombings are a part of French Culture and not just Muslim. But it's fertile ground for Bolt to somehow suggest if Frenchman who happens to commit a crime and is Muslim that a reflection on the identity of 2 billion Muslims throughout the rest of the world but more so here despite the fact that the statistics show the opposite here. The effect has fragmented Australians where once only 9% of us were bigots to some 30% of us are today not because we know or have any reason to hate Muslims but for the hate-speech committed by the Murdochians like Andrew Bolt.  

 Image result for Cartoon of anti- Male sympathy
Here is Bolt practising the art of himpathy again Bitthead without Bevis Blair this time. I'm sure Bevis is watching from the him-room somewhere.

Bolt has switched sides and camouflaged himself as a 'bank basher'. Don't believe a word he says underneath he's a true blue Corpratist. These are just anomalies in the banking system and not systemic faults with either system or culture just rogue events that need to be dealt with. Just as there are no Stolen Children in the Indigenous Services sector only some possible exceptions due to some errors of judgement. This is another reason for not trusting Bolt because when he says Oh Dear you know he's covering up the bigger issue.

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