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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 18.5/18; Bolt, Shameless, Arrogant,and Out of Control; Bolt directs us to MEMRI IsraeliTV; The disgusting voice of Quadrant online;


Bolt's never shy when promoting himself and he believes any publicity is good publicity. So yes, he is Shameless: He doesn't advertise this as a PAYWALL for Murdoch he simply sets it like cheese in a trap called news.
 Arrogant: He's that too and like Pauline Hanson, he expects Climate Change deniers, who constitute 3% of the scientific community, to be given 50% of the ABC's time in the debate that isn't one anymore and he calls that then a balanced argument. Maybe the ABC should also give IS equal time as well? In fact, Bolt believes those proportions should be legislated. 
Out of control: Bolt certainly shows he is when he presents opinion as news and false fact for cash. It's a faux product, an activity for which Australia's biggest conman Peter Foster is in jail for. Bolt did a perfect example of it yesterday when he posted his PR statement, a damage control, factless editorial trying to make out that Israel has been a victim in the past 7 weeks of Hamas insurgency. He suggested that the MSM media's soft reporting has been a condemnation of Israel when the opposite is true. Gaza is already yesterday's news a clash was reported when people were being shot like fish in a barrel.
 Bolt makes out that the IDF, one of the world's best equipped military forces were compelled to kill unarmed protestors which included women, children, people in wheelchairs, the aged, the Press and medics out of "fear" when Israeli snipers were caught laughing thrilled for having hit a target over 300 meters away. The movie Killing Gaza shows just how fearful the IDF really are and how they really behave when on the attack and it's not selectively but in the vain of Mai Lai. 
They claim to be an anti-terrorist force yet they have hospitals set up in Syria to assist IS and Al-Qaeda. It was written that Sharee Markson actually stumbled on their facilities and was almost arrested but as she worked for Murdoch she was allowed home safely and nothing more was said of what she saw or had occurred. It's been quoted that Rupert Murdoch has shares in Genie Oil which is heavily invested in the illegally occupied territories of the Golan Heights in Syria staling oil.
A little known public fact is that in 1948 the land known as Palestine was divided into two parts 52% became Israel and 48% was to be Palestinian today Israel has usurped 91.2% of that territory given to the Palestinian people leaving them with 8.8% and they drove 750,000 people out of their home they now call Israel to create the biggest open air concentration camp in the world. Today Israel with the help of Trump has again stolen land in Jerusalem an officially divided city in which a majority of Palestinians live to set up a new US embassy which isn't planned to be in West Jerusalem at all but in what's known as no man's land the neutral zone and  Donald Trump Bolt claims deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. How Shameless and Arrogant and Out of Control is that?

Bolt's playing Nero watching Rome burn when in Tips he posts a video of Jorge Borges an Argentinian poet who was a supporter of the military Junta in Argentina. The Junta that viciously killed and disappeared citizens at will for speaking against it. Says just how Bolt's suit and tie hide his jackboots and uniform.When fascists and racists hide their genocidal instincts behind culture and call for calm debate they deny the try to silence the right of legitimate screams of pain to be heard. That's exactly what Bolt does when he posts his crap and turns up Wagner at the same time or discusses his aesthetic appreciation. Just another Dorian Gray



Roger Franklin: "What might an Australian Tom Wolfe have made [of our] white/black relations?... There would be pen sketches of the ... excuse-makers whose pieties play no small part in keeping the victims of their cliched compassion forever on the outskirts of a white society we are tirelessly told can never entirely shed its inherited guilt."

You couldn't get more trash than posited by Richard Franklin of Quadrant on Line that delights self-declared author of repetitious diary notes and author of nothing Andrew Bolt. Publishers operate in the free market, unlike Franklin who operates in the very subsidized atmosphere of Quadrant soon to disappear if the subs are cut. Franklin also contributes to another heavily subsidized rag The Spectator which almost went under in a defamation suit
The quality of Franklin's work so loved by Andrew Bolt is reflected here:
In the immediate aftermath of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing Quadrant's online editor Roger Franklin wrote an article titled "The Manchester Bomber's ABC Pals"[8]
Referring to the Manchester bombing and Monday night's Q&A television program, the article said, "Had there been a shred of justice, that blast would have detonated in an Ultimo TV studio" (it was later amended to, "What if that blast had detonated in an Ultimo TV studio?") and then continued, "Unlike those young girls in Manchester, their lives snuffed out before they could begin, none of the panel’s likely casualties would have represented the slightest reduction in humanity’s intelligence, decency, empathy or honesty."[9][10]

ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie called the article a "vicious and offensive attack" and called for the article to "be removed and apologised for".[13] The federal Minister for Communication, Senator Mitch Fifield, called the article "sick and unhinged", and media reports stated that the Australian Federal Police had been notified.[9][14] Quadrant board member Nick Cater distanced himself from the article on the ABC's The Drum program on 24 May, suggesting that it was self-published and saying, "This was a despicable things [sic] to write."[15] Columnist for The Australian Chris Kenny called the article "disgusting," "sick and reprehensible," and "a tasteless overreaction."[16]
News Corp columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt initially praised the article, stating, "Roger Franklin is magnificent in his anger at this Q&A sophistry." Later, Bolt updated his comment: “My goodness. They took it seriously? They seriously believe someone will act on Franklin’s satire?” Later still, Bolt wrote, “I guess, on reflection, that Franklin should not have – satirically – said he wished the blast went off at Ultimo instead of Manchester. It is certainly not what I would have written."[12] Finally, all Bolt’s comments were removed, but an earlier version of his blog post is still available on the Internet Archive.
When Quadrant editor-in-chief Keith Windschuttle was contacted by reporter Nick O'Malley from The Sydney Morning Herald to comment about the article, he said "You’re talking bullshit. Don’t call back."[12] Windschuttle later sent Guthrie a letter of apology, stating, "I have instructed that the article and its comment should be withdrawn completely from our website. Even though I do not share all of the interpretations expressed in your letter, I accept your assurance about the offence it caused you and your staff. You have my unreserved apology for any concerns it might have given you."[17]
The article was removed from the Quadrant website on 25 May 2017 but it is still available on the Internet Archive.
Maybe the lack of being accepted by the "free market" is what really chokes Franklin up

Remember when Bolt repeated as rote anything and everything IS media broadcast. He was such a believer in everything they said he became the media voice for IS down under. The FBI and all the investigators into the mass shooting in Orlando was according to Andrew Bolt an IS victory and all the agencies denying that was wrong.
Here he is doing the same for Hamas. Hamas wants credit for the 7 weeks of protests Israel wants Hamas to have the credit and Andrew Bolt is their media man down under to spread the news of their list of heroic martyrs.
So 110 dead women children press and medics killed is all a lie as is some 4000 protesters injured by live bullets the real story is the proportion of Hamas among the dead and injured was 80% Hamas and they were armed and Bolt has caught Hamas taking credit for the Nabka.
Hamas is losing support in Gaza as was ISIS in Iraq and Syria they nevertheless were active in promoting themselves if not at home to the world and Bolt and Israel are helping them why? For very obvious reasons to hide the overkill that in fact was witnessed. 



 The institute is stridently pro-Israel and anti-Arab political bias." It further notes, that MEMRI's founders, Wurmser and Carmon, "are both hardline pro-Israel ideologues aligned with Israel's Likud party".[7] 
Carmon, in a public letter to Juan Cole that included a threat with a lawsuit over his comments on MEMRI, stated that he has never been affiliated with Likud. Cole answered that he hadn't alleged that, but that MEMRI would campaign for Likud goals such as the rejection of the Oslo peace process.[9]

Brian Whitaker, the Middle East editor for The Guardian newspaper at the time, wrote in a public email debate with Carmon in 2003, that his problem with MEMRI was that it "poses as a research institute when it's basically a propaganda operation".[48] Earlier, Whitaker had charged that MEMRI's role was to "further the political agenda of Israel." and that MEMRI's website does not mention Carmon's employment for Israeli intelligence, or Meyrav Wurmser's political stance, which he described as an "extreme brand of Zionism".[44] 
 Carmon responded to this by stating that his employment history is not a secret and was not political, as he served under opposing administrations of the Israeli government and that perhaps the issue was that he was Israeli: "If your complaint is that I am Israeli, then please say so." Carmon also questioned Whitaker's own biases, wondering if Whitaker's is biased in favor of Arabs – as his website on the Middle East is named "Al-Bab" ("The Gateway" in Arabic) – stating: "I wonder how you would judge an editor whose website was called "Ha-Sha-ar" ("The Gateway" in Hebrew)?[48]
Norman Finkelstein has described MEMRI as "a main arm of Israeli propaganda". In 2006, Finkelstein accused MEMRI of editing a television interview he gave in Lebanon in order to falsely impute that he was a Holocaust denier. In an interview with the newspaper In Focus in 2007, he said MEMRI uses "the same sort of propaganda techniques as the Nazis" and "take[s] things out of context in order to do personal and political harm to people they don't like".[49]

Now place Andrew Bolt's in this context and ask what it was he really discovered?

Sneaky Bolt hits you with a PAYWALL to the AFR 

"I have a sense there is a lot of tension at the moment," he told Bishop, according to a person familiar with the conversation. "I need you as my deputy to be completely supportive." Unsourced
So Bolt's post hangs on "a person familiar with the conversation" yes it could have been Peter Pan for all veracity this holds but Bolt believes it and that's supposed to be sufficient for us then to believe it.
Sorry Bolt's selling the AFR here nothing else other than the same old same old that Tony Abbott was done like Caesar. Well nobody is crying for his comeback but Bolt and a few other outliers.

The only amazing thing here is the intensity of Andrew Bolt's research that only focusses on people of African appearance and not of all the violent events that occurred within the same time frame. So using the Andrew Bolt method is it any wonder the police don't find Bolt's reporting as either accurate, normal or without bias. Bolt repeats and repeats events in order to expand the appearance that these are the most violent events the city has faced. Once he was active in associating these reports with Muslims to give added emphasis to a refugee issue when it became clear that the kids were actually Christians. There was a time when Pacific Islanders were the focus along with NZers of Maori descent but that's been sidelined but can only guess why Bolt has turned on Africans. You get some idea when you listen to him mock and laugh with his son James at the concept of a South Sudanese beauty pageant on an IPA podcast which clearly showed just what a Racist Bolt actually is.
If Bolt applied his statistical methodology to resident Australian wranglers on the regular basis he does to Africans, Muslims and Aboriginal pederasts he'd have us wanting to lock them away too. However, there'd be no political advantage attached to doing that. His method isn't new but we saw how effective it was in 2005 in Cronulla and the ultra conservatives in the LNP  have been applying it ever since with Bolt and News Corps support.


Richard Dawkins, the famous atheist, agreed weeks ago to come on my show. I am agnostic and had planned a conversation, not a confrontation, about his published views on Islam and Christianity.  But just 90 minutes before showtime Dawkins started to bombard me with listsv of questions I could not ask. Here's how I responded last night.


 Bolt is peeved because of, 1) He was unknown to Richard Dawkins before arriving in Australia and 2) He discovered who Andrew Bolt really was and requested some compromises that ensured he wasn't used as a tool by a tool of the right. It appears it resulted in a no-show because Dawkins became aware Bolt wasn't intending to use Dawkins for  "just a chat " but a chat to garner ratings attention for political purpose.
The fact that Dawkins wisely and I repeat wisely didn't attend and his insight was reflected in Andrew Bolt's mocking disparagement of a man who compared to the mental cyclops Andrew Bolt has something of value to say to everyone. Bolt is such a bad loser. As most bullies, he knows it and so does the public because it shows. Only some 0.001% of Australia watch him and real intellectuals avoid him. Any wonder why?

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