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 Here’s The Official Apology From The ABC Regarding Their Description Of Tony Abbott – The Shovel

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Gonski is fine he's actually researched, examined and compared various world educational models and systems and came to the conclusion that some of those that had superior outcomes to us and had aspects worth adopting.  They were clearly obvious in that they were achieving far better results than us.
Bolt, on the other hand, has no education to speak of seems to have done no research holds up a chart showing how our performance is failing when internationally others are succeeding. However, does Andrew Bolt the overnight expert on education offer any light other than criticism of Gonski no! So welcome to a very noisy Mr Dumbski. 
However, there is an obvious problem while the LNP, on the whole, is listening the conservatives in the party are playing politics as usual and are reluctant to accept any rational pragmatic advice on social policies from countries who appear to them to be Left and get ALP or Turnbull support. In  Abbott style of Nope, Nope, Nope, they are happy to keep playing with a rigged user pays system with our kid's education even when we have evidenced the application and principles of free and universal education that work so successfully in Nordic countries.
Bolt claims individual attention to students is an impossibility that can't be achieved. However, that is precisely what occurs in Finland Sweden, Norway Denmark and Iceland.  Bolt claims these are leftist dumbski ideas that don't work and are too expensive despite their success in those Nordic countries with shorter teaching hours and little homework. In fact, if one notices Bolt doesn't mention those countries at all only the Asian ones like Singapore who spend 20% of their National Budget on education why is that? Simple because if he did he couldn't say "this shows little understanding of what teachers have to deal with" when attention is suggested to be paid to all children individually. What Nordic success does show is Bolt in the face of reality failing to face the fact that teachers can deal with teaching and keep an eye on individual students when they act as a team. They do it extremely well in Finland because they have been trained to do so for 5 years. Unlike here teaching is regarded as a high-status profession and paid accordingly and they do it with numbers up to 25 students as a team.  What it shows, however, is Andrew Bolt's ignorance driven by simplistic political bias.
He refers to Singapore where students actually go to school 6 days a week are streamed and also go to private tutoring over and above normal schooling. Where 20% of the National budget is spent on education the competition and pressure to perform is high and kids are surrounded by their helicopter parents buzzing around them all the time. Extra education is supplemented on the basis of who can afford to pay the most to achieve results and begins at the age of 4. That's what the word equity and fairness don't mean in the Gonski report which Bolt just laughs off and what produces the results in Nordic countries without the pressure and anxiety of intense competition. Equity of education allows true meritocracy to flourish and is the foundation on which authentic social mobility is encouraged with less talent wasted but what Bolt claims is a race to the mediocre.

Does Bolt even dare ask how the Nordic model of education actually works not in the least? Does he mention the negative self-image that develops with the competition and streaming at an early age no? Does he mention smarter government policies no, but all he says leftist ideas are more expensive? When in fact, they are not.  The savings possible with the economy of scale, modern technology and smart government policies are immense in administration and advertising alone and those savings are then directed at quality reflected in the outcomes and a model for 21rst century education.
Does Bolt even mention the money saved in Finland was actually poured into the better quality of teacher training and that the private secondary teaching industry has no demands other than providing extra non-core courses to whoever wants? That demands and fears of helicopter parents can't be found? Families actually relax and enjoy each other in the full confidence of quality state education will allow their children to follow the paths they want and not what others do. Does Bolt even run a cost comparison between Nordic universal free public education against the mix of private and public we currently have no? Does he address the different approaches in training of teachers and the status they have in wider society, no? Does he mention that 600 administrative staff run 1 million secondary students and the savings gained when schools are only there to do their job to teach? Teachers aren't there in Finland for all those extracurricular activities handed over to the community that schools supply here. They are there to teach and watch over the needs of individual students.
 Bolt avoids mentioning any of these Nordic countries because they are simply far too Left-wing for him they provide equal opportunity and quality in education and do it for free taking the pressure, the competition and anxiety out of the student, the family and the school and placing it in the hands of  true professional teachers trained from the get-go for 5 years unlike the 2 here tacked on to a 3 year degree.  Kids are taught how to work as a teams to set their own projects and problem solve because that's what they will be required to do for the rest of their lives work in groups where class and culture are set aside to address tasks and outcomes achieved.Weak links are easily noticed and aren't set aside but helped and because everyone has diverse skills. Even the disabled aren't weeded out in Bolt's dumbski fashion.
Bolt claims it can't be done in multicultural classrooms but the Nordic countries have proved it can. Australian classrooms aren't all multicultural Mr Bolt either and the stats show here and in America, homogenous classes don't perform any better than multicultural ones.They perform better where education is truly equal and competition is eliminated and merit allowed to show itself. Gonski if he has a problem is trying to fit the aspects and goals of the Nordic equitable system into a hostile Capitalist environment one that in it's extreme is represented by an ignorants like Bolt who for political reasons are  determined to not have it work because education in Australia isn't about anything but the separation of social status groups and ensuring privilege is maintained. Because who you know is far more important than what you know when it comes to social mobility. Bolt is the living proof of that.

 PISA 2015 average scores V2 

 'Pretty damn critical': Education experts urge big business to step into the classroom

It seems Andrew bolt's concerns are misplaced and the problem with Gonski's report is that he's ameliorated it to suit centralist political thinking rather than taking a holistic examination of why our education system including Tertiary and Vocational don't and aren't prepared to meet the needs of the 21rst Century. Failing to deliver equal opportunity to everyone, promote self-reliance, independence, opportunity, and the possibility of providing avenues of social mobility due to merit equally. Wasting talent and maintaining privilege and cultural capital through inheritance, marriage and or simply luck of who you know rather than what. Andrew Bolt would never have achieved his mobility if skill and education were the determinants of where he's landed. This century won't be as easy for his children as it was for him despite being sent to $30,000 p.a private schools and be employed by dad's mates. Will the IPA provide jobs for all his kids?

"The biggest barrier is the upper year 11 and 12 curriculum which is so favoured toward tertiary entrance.
"Fixing up secondary school and allowing kids to achieve 'excellence' even if they want to be a panelbeater or a barista or a chemist is something that we’ve never had on the table in Australia."
A rethink was "pretty damn critical", Professor Hattie said. His University of Melbourne colleague John Polesel, whose research in this area was cited by the Gonski 2.0 review, noted Australia was well behind Denmark and Germany, where about 25 and 50 per cent of their respective high schoolers undertake an apprenticeship.
"The reasons they work well are because the employers actually play a role in designing and delivering the courses and also providing that workplace experience, so that young people are actually learning on the job," Professor Polesel said.
"That doesn’t come cheap. For those employers to do that, they actually have to bear a short-term cost. But the short-term costs of training them are worth it in the long run because ... you end up getting a skilled employee who can actually do what you want them to do because you’ve taught them how to do it."

 Israeli police teach schoolchildren how to shoot Palestinians | The Electronic Intifada

Shooting practice at an Israeli school: targets set up by police depicted figures wearing the Palestinian kuffiyeh headdress.
Israeli police planned to teach children how to shoot at Palestinians as part of a training exercise in a school.
The incident in the Menashe Regional Council, near Haifa in northern present-day Israel, was brought to light in recent days when Palestinian citizens of Israel took photos of what was happening.
Jamal Zahalka, a member of the Israeli parliament from the Joint Arab List, is demanding an investigation into the training sponsored by the Israeli police and the education ministry, which he said “prepares students psychologically to kill Arabs.”
One photo shows a person – most of their body blurred with a black marker – using a paintball gun to fire at cutouts of men and women wearing checkered kuffiyeh headscarves that are associated with Palestinians.


Fact check: Is Australia's tax to GDP ratio lower now than it was throughout the Howard years?

Former secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Michael Keating, says that Australia's tax to GDP ratio is lower now than it was throughout the Howard years. RMIT ABC Fact Check examines the data

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     He's back and yes he's proving he's Dumbski on climate change yet again. Remember a short time ago he was consistently calling those who maintained the planet was warming liars that it was actually cooling and had been for 15+ years. He didn't apologize for that. He was wrong and he just shut up. Most things go away when you simply shut up. 
    The Arctic is melting as are the glaciers in Greenland well that's a lie the oceans aren't rising. Test it out fill a bath with ice let it melt and you won't see any rise in the water level. If you do then you're having religious fruitcake delusions.  The tools, measuring devices being used by science are merely props to fool the believers.Andrew Bolt, on the other hand, knows because he's a much wiser and sober person as is Tony Abbott and the world of climate change science and global warming is crap despite the 97% majority who say otherwise.
    Having insulted China, the Pacific Islands, Greenlanders, the French and others Bolt's determined to tell the world basically to F off because he's off to the Dark Ages apparently he has a contract with News Corp like Noah to fill a boat and take as many people as he can with him.  However, Bolt only sells tickets on other peoples shows like Steve's which by the way he claims as his own. Little or no one listens to the Bolt Report but nevertheless, he insists he has but off a small base. The same as global warming supporters they too only seem a majority because they like Bolt are off a small base of 195 nations out of 197.195 countries signed Paris climate agreement, 2 oppose ... - USA Today

    The Everglades wilderness has already been reduced by half by the construction of dams and canals and to accommodate a booming population.
    Florida’s mangroves have been forced into a hasty retreat by sea level rise and now face being drowned, imperiling coastal communities and the prized Everglades wetlands, researchers have found.
    via Everglades under threat as Florida's mangroves face death by rising sea level | Environment | The Guardian

     Proof Bolt's trying to improve his ratings by having others like Rowan Dean on his show. He ought to try handing the whole show to Dean and becoming the guest like he is on the Steve Price at Night show. If the ratings go up for Rowan D the unmade bed Bolt could claim it was due to him and he's really the host. He readily does that when he's only the guest but gets no billing.
    Last night Dean like Bolt swore that Reverse or black racism actually exists because he Bolt and others are offended. Yes, slave owners once cried too. Reverse Racism exists if you take 230 years of history out of the context of a rational conversation and then if you are ready to do that you too will believe Bolt and Dean are Indigenous.
     So today's blog is what Bolt calls part of his 80 hours a week work cut and pasting excerpts from his Sky News editorial everywhere. All he has done is reinforced the fact he's knows nothing about Marx in less than 2 minutes. The converted are seen preaching to the converted seemed to be the Crux of the Bolt Report and people were invited to listen in.  Like two Catholics in heaven, the president of the BCA and Andrew Bolt can be overheard talking as if they were the only ones there.
    Karl preached the inevitability of the historic failure of Capitalism he didn't preach the inevitability of Russian Communism, Cuba's predicament of a 50+ year trade embargo enforced on it by the US. He didn't speak od the Nordic experiment in Democratic socialism either. What the head of the BCA and Andrew Bolt conveniently fail to mention is that that the Capitalist ideal  The American Dream they want to import has become a Nightmare. All the institutions are now progressively failing not just some but the majority of the people and not just some of the time but all of the time. Health, Employment, Education, Banks etc etc are no longer serving the nation but are servicing it. 
    Institutional collapse is present here too as we have seen recently The Church,  Banks Business Education Health infrastructure and even our Political system failing to maintain their intended functions of serving the majority. Greater attention is now being given to demanding alternative social policies. Democratic socialist models in Nordic countries are being considered as they have been doing far better than those obsessed with solely the free market system of unregulated supply and demand. For heaven's sake, even Tony Abbott is calling for the nationalisation of coal-fired power plants and regulation of the power industry why? Because centralised governments can far better plan and long-term social policies like China's do more to serve the nation than the unregulated free market and at the same time produce the equality enabling the real freedom individual of individuals to relate in non-dependant relationships free of anxiety and resentment witnessed today. We have lost focus and remain being sold a myth of an old dream that no longer works and is creating a dystopia.


    Column Cardinal George Pell was sent to trial in Victoria’s Country Court this week on multiple charges of historical sexual offences.  That has been hailed by journalists as proof that “not even the country’s most senior Catholic figure is above the law”. But the point of this committal was not and should not be to show something no one questions.
    2h Link
    That's what was said all the time by all of us when  Bolt was calling the Royal Commission and  Pell's committal a "witch hunt". Now Bolt is saying that Pell should be treated like any other man accused and charged with historic sexual offences by our justice system. So what's new Bolt isn't ranting why?

     However, it's legitimate to ask what the Vatican will do now he's been brought to trial because Pell is a dual citizen. If he's found guilty will Bolt be screaming for the cancellation of his Australian citizenship? Will the Vatican do the same?

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