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Andrew Bolt's Blog,16/5/18; Goebbels is channeled by Andrew Bolt; Prue MacSween isn't a racist Bolt is; Bolt says he could live off his 1985 wage; Yes Bullies play Chicken;There is a live donkey at News Corp that can write;

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 Bolt is just a paid apologist only 52 deaths no mention of the other 50 + in recent weeks or the 10,000 + injured thousands by sniper bullets. It's just what Hamas wanted. Apparently, Hamas killed and injured unarmed Palestinians with Israeli bullets. Bolt wants us to believe Israeli propaganda that 203 children 78 women well marked Press journalists and photographers and medics with fluoro vests were all trying to tear down a fence on Hamas orders. Or was it that trained IDF snipers couldn't distinguish them in the crosshairs of their sights due to the smoke and had to fire in self-defence. These killers like the German SS were given no choice but to shoot. 
Has anybody heard so much bullshit coming off News Corp screens or from News Corp staff? Even worse is the nightmare reality avoided by Bolt who doesn't mention Israeli blockade of medical supplies needed to treat the injured people they have just shot, teargassed and injured. Those shot left to die or remain injured for life because of gunshots to knees and elbows. Hamas didn't do any of that. Israel is known for preventing cancer patients getting proper treatment outside of Gaza by keeping sick imprisoned. Fake news and false facts are handed to Andrew Bolt by the Israelis, the very guards and butchers of the Gazan Ghetto to broadcast and he is ready willing and able to lie for them. 
 Bolt also says Palestinians merely "claim" East Jerusalem is their Capital not that the UN and the world recognized the East-West division of the city and also recognizes Israel continues to illegally usurp and occupy today by stealth, force and any other means available to them. The problem is today the world is privy to the truth and not just the Israeli or Hamas propaganda. The videos of mass murder aren't just videos shot by Hamas they aren't fake or manipulated like the cut and paste Bolt's production team does to tell the lie Bolt wants to sell because the real videos independently shot are so"compelling".  There is neither a fence falling, "waiting to fall" nor being pushed or stormed. there's is only the great Bolt and Israeli "what if". The slingshots called deadly weapons were let loose from  300-800 meters away from any Israelis so pull the other leg Bolt. 300 meters was the line in the sand that when breached the snipers were ordered to open fire. A suit and a serious face on a TV screen don't hide the Goebellian bullshit Bolt's putting out as an Israeli puppet I'm afraid.
Bolt then resorts to the typical victim-blaming their hatred of the brutality of the Nabka experience as justification for the killing them. Just as the Colonists did in the Frontier Wars, The Nazis did in killing Jews and that slave owner did in whipping their property. Fake facts resentment versus bullets  plenty of " what ifs" can't hide the reality of 105 dead and dying and 10,000 injured as the justification being spread by Israeli intelligence and delivered by Andrew Bolt just one of their  down under puppets Across Israel, hundreds protest Gaza violence

Can Palestinians be Killed? Can Israelis Kill them? Or do they only “Die”?

I just heard CNN International, which is usually more adult than the American version, say that “clashes” resulted in “deaths,” “many of them” caused by Israeli fire. So there were no clashes. All the Palestinians died on their side of the Israeli prison fence. No Israelis were injured. And all of the injuries were caused by Israeli fire, whether live or rubber bullets (they can be lethal) or drones dropping teargas cannisters. “Many of them” were children or journalists.
Why is it so hard to admit that the Israeli army, and Israeli squatter settlers, routinely kill Palestinians? (If you follow daily news from the West Bank, there is a low intensity conflict there with serious incidents every day.) The current neofascist Israeli government even has adopted a doctrine that Palestinians may be killed at will even when they pose no danger to anyone, if they aren’t doing what Israelis tell them to do.

Eight-month-old Leila, Palestinian martyr and political poster child

  Compounding Israel's crime

At Shifa hospital, the main medical facility in Gaza City, exhausted staff said they could not sustain another day of violence like on Monday. "I hope that things will stay quiet, if they don't it will be a disaster for us," said Dr Aymal al-Sahbani, the head of the emergency department.
The doctor said he had less than half the necessary drugs and only 30 per cent of needed medical supplies like bandages. An acute worry was a shortage of external fixation devices, a metal frame used on broken bones and torn tissues after major injuries.
The vast majority of the wounded had been shot in the leg, Dr al-Sahbani said, and without enough external fixation devices, his surgeons might be forced to amputate. At least two dozen amputations have taken place since the protests began on March 30, according to Palestinian officials.

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Just how schizo is this segment Bolt puts together with Prue MacSween they don't even agree with each other.
 Yes, they agree on The Intervention but not on Stolen Children. However, Bolt demands greater Intervention because Aboriginal Culture is at fault. Prue M demands it because Child protection and Welfare is a great failure.  Something Bolt both want more of for less cost but Prue M wants fundamentally changed because CPS to her is a dysfunctional industry out of control. The strange thing is Indigenous activists believe that too and they to want their children protected and want participation and a say in its management.

Bolt's always been on about Aborigines being dysfunctional and child molestation is his proof. No mention that sexual molestation is also rife in white communities as well.  He proudly says he has huge ratings off a small base that's a plus but low when compared with free to air ratings of Waleed Aly. He says Aboriginal child molestation stats are huge off a small base as well but fails to mention that it's prevalent in the wider white population too but for years has tended to be ignored. He never mentions any cases like the group of people in Perth who were busted or the ex-policeman recently jailed for using his granddaughter for child pornography. What of the regular the number of non-aboriginal men queued up to go on sex tourism jaunts. Yes, non-aborigines are caught and jailed for incest as are Australia's clergy and childminders. The sexual molestation of children has been revealed to be everywhere. But no mention of the dysfunction found in Bolt's wholesome Christian and white culture at all when at the same time advocating that there is no such thing as race. 
Bolt jumps aboard an opportunity to kick the living daylights out of Indigenous black Australia. Prue M doesn't she directs her complaint to the systemic inadequacy of the CPS  as does Indigenous Australia. Neither CPS are listening nor is Prue M or the Indigenous Activists listening to each other and Bolt is actually taking advantage of it to justify his Racism.
Hundreds of years of generational welfare dependence have been brought on by the politics of Christian do-gooders whites that have kept the indigenous Australians unequal and raised with that self - image of inequality while being introduced to drugs alcohol a natural self-medication for escapism that whites use as well and some profit by.  Generations of disadvantage and lack of opportunity haven't destroyed the need to survive poverty which has nothing to do with the history of being Indigenous, black or living in remote areas. because The very same can be found around the corner and in Bolt's community of Melbourne. Indigenous Australians didn't invent inequality.
 The problem is white Australia has never historically helped to eradicate inequality only assuage it. It has never allowed the poor to complain because if they did they just might see that they have had their feet on the neck of those unfortunate who actually want to stand up. White people are increasingly seen today living in the same conditions and behaving in the same way as the indigenous poor while child molestation is ignored and has nothing to do with poverty or aboriginality. 
 The middle class have buried and simply have not paid attention to their own vices while scapegoating others to praise themselves All they have achieved a culture of distrust of the welfare man and that's normal. Individuals have been taught to distrust and resent each other in a culture of blame because they are dependant on each other. Furthermore, all our institutions encourage it. Wives learn to resent their husbands and vice versa workers their bosses and children adults simply because of a lack of freedom to be ones-self. 
 Aboriginal children are removed from families when neither they nor their families want it. Lang Hancock advocated sterilising Aborigines would as the kindest measure the best form of Child Protection and Andrew Bolt isn't far off that, Prue MacSween doesn't and neither do Indigenous Australians who love their kids as much as any Australian. Bolt is using their inequality and grievances to condemn them the victims and not the historic inequality our institutions actually promote. His an ultra- Racist victim basher who is invisible in his mirror.


Bolt loves to use the term Aborigine and paints them all generally with one brush rarely mentioning the  Multicultural complexity of the First Australians unless it's of advantage to him to do so. Nor does he accept the diversity of the "rest" of us when it doesn't suit him. The instruments chosen by Deborah weren't Victorian. She, therefore, was misusing her aboriginality in some activist and devious way and dividing the homogenous "rest". The indigenous divide wasn't being made at all Australians were treated with the respect and all were and being mourned as Australians. Bolt was and is one declaring loudly any distinction and that Deborah was the one disrespecting "his Team"
It's magnified in Bolt's nitpicking racism and self-defence that doesn't hold water when read.
"The anthem featured Aboriginal clapping sticks, while didgeridoos, not indigenous to Victoria, accompanied the guests of honour, and played again later." Bolt
Bolt was the one offended and only he was and remains vocal about it. Offended by being invited to mourn but not his teams way.
"This ludicrous formality, now obligatory at most state government functions, has rarely sounded so utterly inappropriate as it did here."
Yes, Bolt lives by the rule that bears his heritage of GOING DUTCH. He simply should not have crashed the service simply with respect to the dead which he showed none given his thoughts.
" Those who perished in towns such as Marysville, Kinglake and Strathewen need no welcome to their country, as if strangers to the land they loved, lived and died in."
Sorry Bolt they weren't welcomed as if strangers, they were welcomed as joining others that also died on that land before them Australians one and all. You are the one that seemed to have been the only one refusing to share that understanding.  But then you generally are the outlier. Apparently the dead in that fire all were members of Bolt's Team whatever that means?


How about this Andrew Bolt, you claim to be the sole-income earner in your family and say it often with a complaining tone. You have to take your family on holiday. You have to dream about and sacrifice things you can't have and are deprived of because of your wife. Could you live off what you were earned in 1985 today and provide? If you had to what would you be forced to change other than the level of your condition? Well, the ABC's budget was in today's terms $1 billion the equivalent of the $ 475M government revenue in 1985. All it has increased is what it is required to do according to its charter with the same revenue value. There is no "fat" like the undocumented grant of $30M given to Sky News by Turnbull never really explained. Or the corporate welfare tax cut they are trying to give now. Remember when pay TV was promised with "no ads" well that's dead and buried.
The chicken player was Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. Chicken is the Military exercises held by Trump on his insistence. Chicken is Trump and the 3,500 lawsuits he's threatened over the years against people with less money. Playing Chicken is what bullies do.
Has anyone noticed that Bolt isn't quoting Abbott on this remember when the NSW Libs were caught taking bribes from developers?  He said it was the fault of the laws and not taking the money. They aren't saying that now are they.
One thing is certain Tom Wolf could write Bolt can't but he makes a living at it. Donkeys can't race or ever be thoroughbreds either.
PAYWALL The question was he paid to do it and get caught? Bolt hasn't the guts to comment and fight for free speech the way Deryn Hinch once did.

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