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Andrew Bolt's Blog,22/5/18; That Red under your bed is Tony; University excellence soapbox corner; Magic Castro Abbott calls for Government intervention into Corporate affairs and the his preferred private deal; Jews verse Israel; fascism Explained in one word,Israel;

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Confiscation under the guise of a national emergency is confiscation. Then the flip and quick sale to a competitor is akin to an organized mafia scam. First, you see it then you don't because News Corp will cover it up as something entirely different. Bolt certainly allowed Abbott the time to do so, in fact, he had more time than Bolt allows others. We also keep hearing the word debate on the Bolt Report yet we never see one. For that, we are forced to the ABC.  Confiscation is hardly conservative it is even so far to the right that it's, in fact, fascist and entirely contradictory to what the LNP free-market political ideology represents. Abbott literally said it was the government's duty to police prices as if we were at war. Well, we aren't at war and this, as much as Abbott would have it, isn't an emergency it is just another Chicken Little scare tactic which we have seen time and again.
Here we have Andrew Bolt promoting Tony Abbott's call for a action more Cuban, a move on AGL's dirty, obsolete, Liddel power plant. Fidel Castro simply took over the United Fruit Company's sugar plants liberating Cuba from the slavery of the American corporation's oppression of Cuba. How communist of them. The problem is nobody is oppressed Abbott simply wants to the government to confiscate it and handball it to Alinta or some other company ready to do his bidding and that's a Mafia act.
Abbott has done a lot of stupid things since gaining, losing power and now trying to regain power over the LNP. He got rid of a mining tax to allow mining to flourish. It didn't. It cut costs and began shrinking instead. He said nope to Labour's concept of a brand new fibre to the home internet and created an MXT NBN a Frankenstinian monster that doesn't work and whose cost has blown out of proportion so much it can't ever recoup the money invested. It is obsolete before completion. Now he's trying to tell us that a transition to green energy will never be a cost-effective, cleaner healthier energy source left to our kids. That it's is far more expensive than coal.
He is using the hip pocket argument that horse and carriage depots used when cars were first seen on roads. They too were a waste of time that prices will go through the roof and Australians can't afford to leave their kids with a cleaner environment and a healthier one that was the horse and carriage. However, the Corporate experts in Science, Technology, Business Finance have all said he's wrong as too have the shareholders in coal and abandoning ship. So why is he trying to destroy AGL he's proven he's just a failed politician.
 Since Abbott came to power in 2013 Australia's unemployment has been rising not falling our deficit growing and he passed the least number of bills at a slower rate almost breaking Gorton's record in the 60s.  TodayAustralian workers wages are stagnant and Abbott was the catalyst. Peoples hip pockets are vulnerable. No doubt in the short term cutting energy bills sounds good but we have a history of Abbott's promises and ideas not working.  Short-term policies to get numbers on side simply means don't do anything progress is dangerous, so call in the government and stop it. How authoritarian can one get? Should the AGL board be arrested? If the government can force corporations to dance to their tune and Abbott is the example why on earth would corporations even bother to invest here? 
Abbott also wants the ABC closed down and sold as well strange the ABC refuses to sell to News Corp like AGL does to Alinta. They wouldn't sell it to Murdock at any price. The hypocrisy is evident. First force AGL and the ABC to sell to the government then to anyone the government chooses. How Castro of them. It doesn't matter how Bolt spins this there is nothing "free" in the action no principle being adhered to simply self-interested politics not what's best for the nation. 

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A general view of Adani Power Company thermal power plant is pictured at Mundra in the western Indian state of Gujarat September 24, 2012. As global mining giants scale back their ambitions in Australia's coal sector, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani is showing no such caution and plans to push full-steam ahead with a $4.5 billion project in a bet on rising Indian demand. Picture taken September 24, 2012. To match interview INDIA-ADANI/   REUTERS/Amit Dave (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS ENERGY) - GM1E89P1LGJ01

Cheap solar and wind energy prices are killing India’s coal power plants — Quartz

 Over the last year, wind and solar power tariffs have fallen to a record low of around Rs2.4 per unit, much lower than the average of Rs3.7 per unit at which analysts say coal-based power is currently being sold on India’s power exchanges.


Initially, Adani had planned to run its own vertically integrated “pit-to-plug” operation, taking coal from the Galilee basin, transporting it to Adani-owned power stations in India, and increasing profits by cutting out middlemen. Up to 16m tonnes, a year from the proposed Queensland mine was earmarked for the Mundra power plant in Gujarat.

But Mundra has since fallen into serious financial difficulty, making the “pit-to-plug” vision largely untenable. Adani’s subsidiary Adani Power has a net debt of about US$7bn. Last year it offered to sell majority control in the Mundra power station to a government entity for one rupee.
Mundra and other privately run coastal power stations have to import coal because of Indian rules that give state-owned entities control over the domestic resource. As world coal prices have spiked, those same power stations have struggled to turn a profit. The Indian association of power producers has claimed that coal is unviable in India at prices above US$70 a tonne. The current price is about US$95 a tonne.

What is shameful, Bolt is simply repeating what he already said last week a carousel of commentary which keeps coming around and around again. Last week he proved he knows nothing about the structure of universities and how they function and now the second time around he proves he really doesn't care. Bolt declares we need "good science" and Peter Ridd offers that with no research only opinion. Bolt demands debate any paid opinionated denier of the global peer-reviewed research is the true sceptic Bolt included science despite it's constantly published research is just a religion with fake methodology.  So the 1% of deniers should get 50 % of the time that 99% of scientists get in the public debate. The fact is when it comes to Bolt and News Corp they get 90% of the time.
 Research is not required nor opinions peer-reviewed and naysayers are called true sceptics by Bolt they are the ones that build a universities reputation. Now that's the sort of excellence Bolt expects from our Universities the global standard required but while he's got the microphone he fails to say that's not debating but preaching. In Bolt's eyes Universities are little more than structureless free for all of ideas, preachers corners and soap boxes, no departments, structured debate necessary. No reputations to uphold by adhering to globally recognized methods of argument or peer-reviewed debate. James Cook is recognized as one of the world's best Marine Science Departments, not a house of simplistic opinion scattered to the air the loudest voice the winner.
Reputations in research attract the best staff. the best research funding and students queued up to learn and James Cook is acknowledged to be at the top of Marine science.  Yes, there are universally accepted methods to research and debate to which staff when employed sign contracts of adherence. Peter Ridd did just that but has crossed the behavioural line and has been sacked. Not surprisingly either as he was given warnings which he ignored. Bolt calls this sacking a disgrace because in his opinion campuses are little more than agoras of "free speech" and in which Ridd is being denied his freedom. He's been sacked and he's been told he can say whatever he likes but no longer as a member of staff at James Cook Marine Science because he's brought it into disrepute. Bolt actually applauded when the same happened to Dr Martin Hirst at Deakin University. He even liked to believe he had some influence in that.
So in all of this bru-ha Bolt really has no guiding principle, does he? He has no idea what science on a University campus actually does. It seems an anarchy of ideas no rules is all that's required for excellent science and just calling science just another religion justifies being a true sceptic. His functioning model of a university campus ensures the complete reputational destruction of a multi-million dollar institution. Basically, no university is just speakers corner a  free for all theatre where the loudest and most powerful win. It's not News Corp. Tony Abbott tried to adopt that model. He even tried to bribe universities to take on "what his name" that once world-famous side-show spruiker he called an expert who seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet. Abbott was ready to pay $4,000,000 for his hired gun who'd be hard pressed to get a job as a tutor today. Bjorn Lomborg where is he now?  Oh, Bolt even referenced him in his editorial describing what excellence means on a university campus.


"I have no reason to think he hasn't done his teaching and his research in a highly competent and professional manner he happens to question the politically correct orthodoxy about man-made global warming."Abbott
1) Why doe Abbott protects himself with the phrase " I have no reason to think he hasn't done his teaching and his research in a highly competent and professional manner" He doesn't sound too certain does he? Is it because his peer group don't?
2) The fact is Peter Ridd hasn't debated the issue as a scientist but simply as a denier where is his highly peer-reviewed and competent research? Andrew Bolt is a denier does that mean he has the qualifications to become a member of the Marine Science Department at James Cook? I'm sure he thinks so.
3) True science has looked at the facts published their results had them reviewed and has continued to do further and further research. It hasn't stopped and the results keep pointing to the facts such that 97% of scientists agree that the planet is warming due to human activity. a) that the Great Barrier Reef is in danger and b) that danger is a direct consequence of global warming.
4) There is a world of sceptics out there using a methodology that's proved itself to be the best epistemological basis for man's knowledge of the physical world outside him and its called Science. The majority of scientists agree despite being sceptics in the true sense and not flippant deniers for any other illogical reason  such as Abbott's " true science is what corresponds with the actual facts out there and that's what we have to get to the bottom of."
5) The fact is Mr Abbott the ship is in and science agrees while it's the non-scientists who are the flim-flam men trying to run the narrative. The only attack on science is coming from idiots like Bolt who claims to be a sceptic and calls science just another religion and offering no epistemological basis on which to pin his greater wisdom/

Yes, you can stand for Palestinian rights without being Antisemitic

Yes, you can stand for Palestinian rights without being Antisemitic

It needs to be said once again
 I grew up Jewish, in an environment strongly supportive of the Israeli state. But I don’t support the way Israel treats the Palestinians, particularly when they slaughter unarmed people as they did this week.
Many Israelis oppose their own government’s treatment of the Palestinians. Left-leaning Israelis vote against Prime Minister Netanyahu, and they oppose Trump’s inflammatory decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. The same is true of millions of Jews here in the United States.
Of course, Palestinians protest. Life has gotten worse for Palestinians since I visited, particularly in Gaza. Some call Gaza an “open-air prison” and compare Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to South Africa’s apartheid. If Israel has a problem with Palestinians protesting, improving those conditions makes more sense than killing people.
Calling anyone who critiques the Israeli government’s policies and actions “anti-Semitic” may be a useful way to silence dissent, but it’s not at all accurate.
Israel is not Judaism. We can and should have a healthy debate about Israel’s policies and U.S. policy on Israel, just like we debate anything else in politics.

A poster of Aziz Awisat that says "Hero prisoner, Aziz Awisat" with a picture of him above the Jerusalem landscape.

Palestinian dies after severe beating in Israeli prison

Tamimi child arrested again

Also on Sunday, Israeli undercover agents disguised as Palestinian civilians arrested teenager Muhammad Fadel Tamimi in the occupied West Bank village of Nabi Saleh for allegedly throwing stones.

Muhammad was forced into a civilian car with Palestinian licence plates and taken to a West Bank detention centre.
Muhammad was released hours later after he was determined to be in poor health.
The 15-year-old is recovering from devastating head injuries after being shot with a rubber-coated metal bullet fired at close range in December.
One-third of Muhammad’s skull was removed as a result of his injury.

Muhammad Fadel Tamimi photographed in the village of Nabi Saleh on 5 January.
Oren Ziv ActiveStills
Muhammad was arrested by Israeli forces in February while awaiting major reconstructive surgery and forced to falsely confess, without a lawyer or a parent present, that his skull injuries were incurred after he fell off his bike.
His 17-year-old cousin, Ahed Tamimi, was sentenced to eight months in an Israeli prison for slapping and shoving two heavily armed Israeli soldiers shortly after Muhammad was shot.

  Archbishop of Adelaide found guilty of concealing child sexual abuse

 Bolt prefers to name and shame Indigenous Australians and laugh at Julia Baird for saying Christians who attend Church regularly are likely child molesters. Bolt vehemently denies the statistics that surround the Catholic Church and the Order of St John of God it's strange, isn't it? Guess it's Indigenous that take sex tours to East Asian Countries. Bolt seems to have had his back turned to all the Australian Child molesters and pornographers. He keeps singling out alleged indigenous cases however and seems obsessed.
Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson has been found guilty of concealing child sexual abuse in NSW.

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