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Andrew Bolt's Blog,4/5/18; Facts from Warringhah; Hypocrisy in the land of Bolt is fine; Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott never say sorry Cate McGregor does; Independant Media never say sorry and Bolt tries to blame Cathy McGowan;

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His performance as the Member for the blue ribbon seat of Warringah has really been abysmal to say the least. What was a 15% margin in the once safe seat has been chopped down to 5% and the local members aren’t very happy. I’m not surprised. Regardless of party I would expect that no group would want to be represented by the greatest liar to ever have set foot on the floor coverings of Parliament House.
And his negative running commentary on the party he once led since losing the leadership has been on the margin of a traitor to the cause. What a dreadful leader he was and member he still is – milking his position for every drop of power and personal advantage he could extract from it. John Lord

Will he stand or not?
My feeling is that he will. He wouldn’t survive outside of the cut and thrust of politics. He needs heads to kick and faces to insult. His whole background speaks of aggression. It’s what he lives for. He will always need a payback forum. One in which he is able to abuse and snarl at those he opposes. An ego that sits far above his intelligence will not be able to walk away from it until old scores are settled.

An afterthought from an article I wrote when Abbott was Opposition Leader
Tony Abbott if nothing else is a very colourful character. He is aggressive both physically and in the use of language. His negativity is legendary and he has little consideration for any ideas other than his own and says NO to his opponent's policies regardless of their worthiness. He is by evidence and his own admission a liar of some regularity. Added to that he has a political gutter mentality and little respect for the institution of parliament and its conventions.He started the decline of our democracy.
 John Lord


Is Trump about to talk himself into impeachment?
Donald Trump

Is Trump about to talk himself into impeachment?

Trump has taken to Twitter with posts trying to prove the preposterous idea that presidents cannot obstruct justice.
  • by Jonathan Bernstein
  • According to Andrew Bolt the media hate -Trump and print fake-news Trump has no involvement in it's formulation, Why does Fox News run a curtain of protection for Trump who along with his lawyers openly admits to paying hush money and obstruction. When does this President get the time to make considered Foreign Policy decisions when he also admits he doesn't bother to read his daily briefings. Bolt believes he's a genius.

Dareen Tatour stands in court on crutches.

Israel convicts poet Dareen Tatour

“I’m preparing for any eventuality, even the worst case,” Tatour told the publication Arab48 after her conviction. “I am up to the challenge of accepting the responsibility for freedom of expression.” Tatour

Encounter made me realise I was wrong to oppose Safe Schools

Encounter made me realise I was wrong to oppose Safe Schools

"Young trans people believed in me once. Then I dashed their hopes and broke their hearts. Redemption came from an unlikely quarter."
Catherine McGregor Andrew Bolt once couldn't get enough of her now  he's turned his back
  • by Catherine McGregor

Cate McGregor declares herself wrong to oppose Safe Schools

" In a piece for News Corp, McGregor wrote: “I do not support the Safe Schools program as the best way to support trans kids. I had been asked to be an Ambassador for the program and had initially agreed. But when I learnt more about the political leanings of Roz Ward, whose role in Safe Schools is pivotal, I simply could not countenance it. She is a committed Trotskyite.”
Andrew Bolt once counted McGregor as a "mate". He said it because it was cool as did  Tony Abbott that's no longer the case and Bolt now regards McGregor as being 'erratic" rather than frank.
 One has to consider Bolt's faux steadfastness to principles given he supports Tony Abbott who zigs & zags all over the place these days and never saying he was once wrong compared to McGregor who is prepared to genuinely think things through and declare she was. Bolt prefers the liar and the politician in Abbott and practices never saying he is wrong either. They simply say things because they are tactical useful and never mind the principles.
Image result for Images of Sophie Mirabella
It's a very strange question to be asked by Andrew Bolt whose extremely selective about what he says.
Because McGowan wasn't obliged to there are very few people that would stand up for Mirabella even against a newspaper given her history. Did Sophie Mirabella push McGowan out of a photo with Ken Wyatt? Yes, some say even if she did it without resorting to physical contact only doing it surreptitiously in the shadows if you like preventing McGowan having her photo taken with Ken Wyatt. 
Was her court case win Pyrrhic only?
"any updating of the records has to now include the revelations that Mirabella had been a far from an ideal colleague to aged-care minister Ken Wyatt, having secretly recorded him, placed her hands upon him to prevent him moving and attempted to “check in” on the evidence he would provide to the case.

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