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Andrew Bolt's Blog,7/5/18; Who taxed us the most?; Sophie won, George was Charged, and Andrew Bolt got away with murdering the News; Cathy McGowan is Bolt's Golum in this; Butthead continues to burn women; Tobacco and nonsense; Murdoch's business model demands a loss;

Victoria to get $8 billion for new roads and rail

Victoria to get $8 billion for new roads and rail

A third of the nation's infrastructure pie will be spent on addressing the state's escalating congestion problems. Victoria will get almost $8 billion for new roads and railway lines from Tuesday's federal budget, with nearly a third of the nation's infrastructure pie to be spent on addressing the state's escalating congestion problems. Given Melbourne's dramatic population growth and the burden that's placing on the city’s transport network, nearly a third of the government's $24.5 billion infrastructure budget will be handed to Victoria.
Given that since the last Victorian election when the LNP threw a freeway contract grenade into the ALP's inheritance and Tony Abbott's $3bill blackmail withdrawal of funding the Federal Government can no longer stall in withholding the necessary infrastructure funds that caused the congestion we now face without a severe backlash.

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This banner is little more than an attention grabber a PAYWALL lead for the Herald-Sun. Has Bolt really nothing to write about? The man who brags that he works an 80 hour week while people like Duncan Storar do nothing began his weekend on Friday morning and really took the time off until last night and started his 4 day week with little more than a banner that suggests a connection between two totally unrelated events. He 's so loose with his facts that he doesn't even bother to check his facts. the girl was 14, not 13. Bolt wished he could say 10 no doubt.

So let's do the same because I can't access Bolt's "column".  I can, however, compare two events and ask a more poignant question just the same.

Take George Colomaris pushing a soccer fan about as hard as Sophie Mirabella pushed Cabinet MP Ken Wyatt to prevent a photo being taken with Indie Independent MP Cathy McGowan. George did it for the honour of his mother who it was acknowledged the fan wasn't flattering.  George was charged fined and forced to apologize and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorships and banned himself for a year from the game he loved. He missed Melbourne Victory's Grand Final win this weekend.
Andrew Bolt on the other hand in public went feral on 2 pranksters who threw some glitter on him, yes just glitter. So much so Bolt lost it and on video too. He clearly attempted what could have easily been seen as GBH Grievous Bodily Harm. He even proudly admitted to kicking one prankster in the crutch and punching him on the jaw. But Bolt didn't stop he made every effort to do more.
Caught on camera Bolt wasn't humble in fact it seemed as if he was having a bi-polar manic - moment and it lasted for days. He wasn't just pleased with himself but publicly called on others to do much the same and take courage from his example and go out and punch suspicious lefties. He even put up his glitter stained suit for Auction. The question remains today WHY WAS HE NOT CHARGED IF GEORGE WAS?  George had to defend himself did the Murdoch legal pit bulls come out to defend Andrew Bolt who seemed mentally challenged in the way he responded. 

Cathy Mc Gowan said she wasn't pushed. The Newspaper apologized Bolt doesn't mention that, does he? Yes, the Newspaper got it wrong. But McGowan was hindered from having her photo taken with Ken Wyatt and intentionally so by Sophie Mirabella. She wasn't obliged to intervene in anything Sophie did and minded her business. She didn't intervene with Mirabella stopping Wyatt or the reporter writing a story and getting it wrong. She walked away from the stupidity. Mirabella's victory is and will be proven to be Pyrrhic the woman has a record of own goals as long as Tony Abbott's. Yes here we have a case of Andrew Bolt verbally "glittering" "staining" Cathy Mc Gowan but she being a woman and ergo wiser than Bolt will let this slide through to the keeper.
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Guess this reads as if Bevis and Butthead a.k.a Blair and Bolt are defending themselves again against the attack of the "freak bats" the "me too" brigade and what they call reverse genderism making them male victims which however does not exist. What does exist however is an inequality which they deny and which squarely places them on the conservative right-wing that resists any cultural change despite the fact that Capitalism is slowly destroying communities families and filling individuals  with resentment and anxiety due to financial dependance forced on them. Resentment is pervades all classes those at the bottom and even those at the top who fear loss both economic and cultural.
What seemed was a rampant misogynistic, brutal but " very normal" culture, when revealed for what it was at Fox News, had the top cockies all fall off their once thought secure gold perches. That success then spread to the Entertainment Industry where Cosby and Weinstein et al were shown up as examples of the norm rather than exceptions and it has now reflected itself in the publishing as well. What we see in this lengthy post is is an attempt mock, deflect, distort deride and hopefully confuse  and to suggest that men are victims being attacked by women who really want to take the place of men.
All this to segue to Bolt's statement "What are the odds of a leftist New York literary figure being selfish, demanding, dishonest and a total arse? A trillion to one, I bet."Bolt
How Butthead of Andrew Bolt suggesting only "leftist" women would call out rape and misogyny. What are the odds? The odds are short in Bolt's case his probable history, accompanying jokes and urgency to deflect with a nudge, nudge, wink, wink in order not to focus on inequality.
Bevis and Butthead underying regret is they aren't like Indian upper caste men. They then could just throw petrol on their female accusers, not jokes and derision and burn them . 'I am that girl' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

 Does Bolt make any sense? "That's some criminal industry our governments have created:"Bolt
Is he suggesting illegal tobacco is a 'new' criminal industry if policed and should be left alone? Is there any level here on which Bolt  makes sense?
Bolt has given up and has accepted the fact that Labour will win why? It's in the interests of News Corp's business model which changed when Abbott was thrown out of office. Have Abbott become the leader in opposition again, run a full frontal attack on the ALP with a nope nope nope approach to policy. Revenue will continue to flow from the BCA and IPA lobbying and advertorial fake news as always after all influence has been proven by 2850 anti- Muslim articles in a year and the division they created. The same could be done for any number of things with Abbott back. Unfortunately, the Turnbull government isn't as sympathetic to this political approach and has left the ABC in place as a trusted corrective to Murdoch's narratives.

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