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Andrew Bolt's Blog,8/5/18; Ponzi Politics and preaching to the converted;

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Who on earth does Bolt think he is talking to the unemployed, hard off and helpless? They don't subscribe to Foxtel let alone watch Sky News after dark. Paid up members of BCA and IPA might but they aren't swinging voters the ones to convince. Bolt has an audience of fewer than 30,000 viewers nationally who are already converted. He's now selling Abbott's imported Trump Ponzi policies with the personality of a funeral director. Trump at least hit the hustings and went out of his way to meet the people he wanted to turn. Bolt sit's behind his television screen behind his glass-topped director's desk hunched over whispering to an already bent conservative audience numbering less than 8% of Waleed Aly's 500k + followers. At least Waleed's is a mix of diverse political Australians.
The essence of a Ponzi scheme is bullshit. Bull to get an ever-increasing number of punters to part with their money in this case votes in order to pay the interest promised to those who invested before them. In Abbott's case not to do what's promised.
 "A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator provides fabricated reports and generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading.  Shit hits the fan when people want their money out faster than what's coming in and that's exactly what's happening to Trump now because he's not doing what was promised. The unionists and workers who voted for him in 2016  no longer believe him and want out. Politicians that constantly lie could be said to be running a Ponzi scheme and Tony Abbott ran the biggest one this country had ever seen and in 18 months it was over.‘Worst Mistake I Ever Made’: Union Support Nosedives as Workers Express Regret for Trump Votes

So 66% of immigrants are employed, productive taxpayers. Bolt constantly told us they were a welfare burden laggards that dragged the country down. The other 33% apparently are in the main their dependants they aren't unemployed they are their families their children and are Australia's future fund because we are an aging society needs an investment in youth to support us. These new arrivals tend to be younger better educated and more skilled than the Australian unemployed who have been retrenched and not retrained and kids we don't spend money on. So if the skilled migrants Australia needs don't come we and our GDP goes backwards and there is a tipping point at which we slide into a recession that Bolt either doesn't understand or wants us to.
 Industries are screaming for skilled workers now which we can't supply so we have temporary visa scheme that's been turned into a scam. Conservative politics is the hollow Chicken Little politics of fear which we saw Abbott produce when he became Opposition leader once before, false alarms for short-term political gain.  Abbott in his 18 months in office screamed stranger danger against Muslims closed the car industry and set his eyes on closing down the sunrise industries of solar and wind energy which employed an ever-growing skilled workforce when traditional industries like mining were laying workers off due to technological advances and shrinking demand. He cut the budget of scientific research and innovation, deregulated banking and the financial sectors which didn't make them any more transparent but opaque as the Royal Commission is revealing today. Now that's the Ponzi scheme Abbott Hockey and Corman the enablers of. Scammers with promises solid as Easter eggs selling non-discretionary debt to a shrinking middle class. 
Abbott never once complained about the immigration target of 190k handed down by Howard. He never tried to reduce it. However, he simply did bring infrastructure to a standstill while still spending. He held the ALP states back. Withheld $3 bill in funds from Victoria after an attempt to politically blackmail and influence an election about the East West Link. When the LNP lost he held the money back anyway. In other words, Abbott insured our cities would "feel" crowded by delaying and stopping infrastructure projects. Projects nobody did anything about for decades.
 Ponzi politics squeezed the population bi-partisan politics came to an end and do nothing politics took its place. Abbott set a record of the least number of bills passed and blamed migrants and others with not being on Team Australia. Abbott never built anything but monuments. He never called for a reduction in the Immigration targets when he was in government. So it's not strange that Bolt and Abbott both immigrants themselves are now blaming the backbone 50% of this country the immigrants for the LNPs do nothing terms in office for the past 2 decades. 

Bolt introduces Peter Costello as his independent expert who believes capping spending and tax the same then balance would be achieved wow how bright at 24%!! What they are in fact saying they intend to raise taxes and spending to the highest level ever seen this century. The fact is the rate of spending has been the highest under the LNP and not the ALP.
 Currently, debt to GDP is  $580 bill 19% why because Abbott removed the ceiling of $350 bill and started spending like a drunken sailor on what? What have we to show for it? No infrastructure, a fucked up Frankenstein monster of an NBN, a gross amount on interning legal Asylum seekers, an RC into Trade Unions which effectively produced nothing and a war in the Middle East while hardly any bills were passed when he was PM. What have we been spending the half-billion since Abbott on? Why doesn't someone address that historic question and evaluate performance? Australian's personal debt is one of the highest among OECD countries why? It's not because we are all driving down to Portsea in our Bentleys to watch the polo.

How lazy is Bolt he's repeating yesterday's post blaming Mc Gowan for Mirabella's bad behaviour and obviously limited Pyrrhic victory but moral loss? Mirabella no doubt has spent her big payday in court by having lunch.
 Bolt repeats yesterday too here mocking the festival why? It seems he wasn't invited as neither an Author or an MC. Free Speech like Education can't begin unless there is an equal playing field and that as far as education is concerned can't begin until it's free and available to everyone in safe schools. Which Bolt denies because it crosses the lines of private and privileged education. Free Speech is unavailable as long as the resources and technology available to deliver it aren't available to everyone equally. When attempts are made people like Andrew Bolt who have privileged access immediately run speech demanding it's denial to everyone on the basis of free speech. Tautology that leads nowhere when it comes to rational debate. Mockery and derision from a meagre brain tends neither to be funny nor in any way enlightening. Nor is it political justification for the attempted shredding of the ABC, Get Up,  or any other organization that are the peoples choice to critique our current cultural systems which fail to be cohesive while promoting individual freedoms
Junot Diaz and the Rot That is Bourgeois Culture
" Personally, I find the status-consciousness of our culture repellent. It saturates the society, soaking every institution and even the public spaces between institutions, as in the value-judgments we constantly make (even half-consciously) about others’ clothing or looks or confidence. In a sense, status-consciousness fuels our world, determining our behavior through its implicit presence in social and institutional norms. (For if we act contrary to norms, we’ll have a lower status.) This is to say that anti-democracy fuels our world, for the principle of respecting status/authority/power is opposed to that of respecting the equality and potential rationality of all people. Moreover, as I just noted, the people we end up admiring are usually precisely those who don’tdeserve to be admired, given the qualities it takes to succeed in a capitalist world. To quote the historian Albert Prago, “in an amoral society, the amoral man is best qualified to succeed.”

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