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Andrew Bolt's Blog 11/6/18; Former Spy Chief to investigate the investigators, Is this the whitewash? Bolt's applied statistics prove an abnormality; Culture Wars of the reactionary right;

  Former spy chief heads new Defence inquiry into 'war crimes'

 One might well ask whether the third investigation commissioned too investigate the other two is intended to be a government whitewash given Irvine was Australia's former spy chief. (ODT)

SASR sources claim the man with the prosthetic leg was machine-gunned by a soldier that, for legal reasons, Fairfax Media will call "Leonidas".
Leonidas is also implicated in the killing of a detainee three years later in September 2012 during a SASR mission in the village of Darwan. Leonidas allegedly kicked handcuffed detainee Ali Jan off the edge of a small cliff, badly injuring his face, according to claims of two Defence Force insiders who witnessed the event.
As the detainee lay injured, hands still bound, the two witnesses say Leonidas was party to the decision among soldiers to “get him out of his misery”. The claims have been backed by the relatives of Ali Jan who were interviewed this week by an Afghan journalist on assignment with Fairfax Media.
Fairfax Media has confirmed the Irvine inquiry was commissioned by army chiefs earlier this year amid concerns raised in leaked defence reports of an entrenched culture of impunity within the nation’s Special Operations Task Group.
It is the third investigation into the special forces to be launched in two years.


 Mormon church 'politically neutral' amid Liberal Party power shift

  These is the exact approach to applied statistics Andrew Bolt loves to use to prove minority groups in Australia don't belong, are dysfunctional, unrepresentative of Australia and demand intervention.  It seems his beloved LNP  and mate Michael Kroger's party has been taken over and infested by such a dysfunctional and extremely unrepresentative minority. An Australian fringe cult unknown to ordinary Aussies.    (ODT)

 The Sunday Age last week revealed that at least 10 of the 78 people elected to the state Liberals’ administrative bodies are Mormons – representing almost 13 per cent of the organisational wing, compared with just 0.3 per cent of Australians who are Mormons.


  ANU's 'Western Civilisation' decision: A reactionary feast for the rabid right


 How Reminiscent is this when Tony Abbott tried a $4,000,000 bribe any Australian university to provide a department for his favourite Climate Change opinionator, Dr Bjorn Lomborg. An academic whose qualifications were sufficiently borderline to question his ability to be a tutor let alone the head of a newly bought department whose ideas Abbott wanted to be taught as an absolute. Lomborg seems to have disappeared off the world map since Tony Abbott's efforts failed to raise him and place him on his anti-climate change pedestal. The Ramsay Center seems exactly the same act of bribery yet again to push yet another relative concept to have Western Civilization position treated as an absolute on the history of civilizations at ANU. Despite the bribe, they declined, preferring their academic integrity instead. (ODT)
The decision has outraged the reactionary right. It is evidently the end of civilisation as former prime ministers John Howard and Tony Abbott know it. They have gone "full mental jacket".
For example, the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) pontificated that the ANU had sacrificed Western Civilisation on the "Altar of Leftist Warriors". Crikey's Emily Watkins has set out the details of the many explosions of confected outrage from the rabids. That was written before The Weekend Australian’s front-page article, a two-page "Culture War" special and an editorial, all angrily condemning the decision. Only moderate Liberal, Peter van Onselen, on another opinion page, backed the ANU’s sensible decision.

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