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Andrew Bolt's Blog 17/6/18; Straight back to the Furture and Coal for Bolt; No teams for Australia says Dutchman Bolt; You can't be a Black conservative

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Andrew Bolt has turned to publicity from the fossil fuel industry itself to prove fossil fuels are the best. His argument is a reminder of when Cobb and Co proved horses remained more popular than cars before macadamized roads were built for cars. The fact is Industry, Finance and Investment sectors of the world Capitalists and Socialists on this planet seem to think otherwise. No matter what is put in the way of Green Energy by the likes of Trump and Pruitt or conservatives like Abbott the drive forward to Green Power has reached the tipping point.
The article if that's what it can be called looks more the size of a banner from a dying Tobacco industry crying out that tobacco is good for health you just don't know yet. The EU is sick to death of irresponsible Fake News and so is Trump it would seem. the difference the Germans hope to legislate against it. Trump is scared of any such legislation as is Bolt as it would decimate Rupert Murdoch's News Corp business model that the news is whatever serves you the best for a dollar. LNP conservatives and the IPA proved they were Trumpsters yesterday when they voted to privatize the ABC except of course for the non-commercial bits.

Internationalism vs Nationalism an argument that can be asked of Andrew Bolt one day he's Australian the next he waxes lyrical and tells us he's Dutch and dreams of retiring on a barge in the Netherlands. Hypocrisy isn't a word in Bolt's lexicon and he's ready to change colour on any other day whenever it suits him.
 He approves of Internationalism when it comes to Multinational Corporations like Murdoch's Media and even stands up for Murdoch the American owning the largest media company in Australia. But he's totally against Multiculturalism it would seem and uses the German world cup team to make his point. Why didn't he do the same to the Australian team because it would probably mean there wouldn't be one if Bolt had his way or a tennis or Olympic team for that matter. Look just how unlucky they were against France and not a word from Bolt. Nor a word from him on the monarchists on any Australian team referring to the Queen as "Your Highness" Who doe Tony Abbott actually represent when he bows before the Queen and the Pope? All Bolt is doing is waving his extreme Nationalism in plain sight but contradicting himself as he does it and to whom his loyalties lie. He bows to Abbott who brought Knights and Dames back and Knighted a Greek Prince he calls his own.

 There is no "we " when Bolt singles out that a "black" politician has crossed the line even when she's conservative, Yet he ignored the times when Tony Abbott dipped into the public purse to go to weddings birthday parties and had to pay some $14K back. The difference is plain to see she's "black" Abbott's not.  Well in most Australian eyes he is more so than Gichuhi.
 Bolt even suggests it's "your " cash as if he doesn't belong here and to tell you the truth he doesn't. There are far more deserving asylum seekers who came by boat that would show greater loyalty to Australia than Andrew Bolt does. You see in Bolt's ideological Thatcherite roots there is no Australia No Society only Andrew  Bolt the individual and those individuals that make up his side on any one day. No principles just whatever it takes to win on the day and that's showing that the country is rotten to the core and only his 10% can fix it. There is no 'we' only 'me' in Bolt's Australia and no blacks on his team even if they are conservatives.

Fear Mongering

 Bolt the paperboy is back with his PAYWALLS to the financially crippled Australian the largest mill-stone in the Murdochian Australian stable. However, you can't even get the chance to check the claims made by this post taken from that most respected UK Rag called the Inquirer because when googled all roads lead back to the Herald Sun. What we have id a bit of fearmongering telling us that we could become like London when in fact the opposite is true here. Bolt has a habit of taking information from the other side of the planet and saying "it too could happen here". Was there a doppelganger Bolt in Sth Africa decrying Australians to be allowed to visit their nation when the axe murderer was recently found guilty not of just murder and being schooled here?
Remember the days when accepting whites from other parts of the world spelt danger it was called Colonialism and they came by boats. Billions of dollars worth of poisons are found daily on Australians and even more, aren't found each day. Poisons that kill hundreds of Australians and the numbers are increasing Crystal Meth, Heroine and other synthetic drugs, and Andrew Bolt does not complain because these aren't brought in by refugees. Isn't it strange that if one refugee is found to be suspected of a crime Andrew Bolt raises Cane but not so Australians of the kind he likes? He posted this and a number of other posts today to show he truly is an ugly Australian with an IQ near zero jumping from the micro suspected acts of individuals to the Macro condemnation of the politics of a whole nation on just a selected allegation.
Trump also regards Kim as a great man and Nth Korea as a great country that the world has overlooked but not so Iran that has no nukes and hasn't fired any. Yet Israel is a top 5 nation in the world that does and keeps it secret assists terrorist and sends agents across borders to assassinate and rendition those it considers it's enemies. There is something strange in Bolt's thinking.
Another PAYWALL. However, the banner says it all and it will be headlines today in all the Murdoch media. The Liberal Council that has no authority over the government voted to sell the ABC but only the "good bits" not the non-commercial bits but SELL them to WHO  one might well ask.Liberal calls to sell ABC nothing but 'pure self-indulgence'

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