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Andrew Bolt's Blog, 19/6/18; Carbon Tax we want one; Israel is at war with the world; Liberal preachers Report empty;

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Bolt bias shows doesn't it. He can't help spoil anything he's not the centre of. He's simply a gatecrasher with a platform.

"One: a 22-year-old white woman is raped and murdered in Melbourne. There are national vigils and calls for all men to examine their role. " Bolt

 "a 2-year-old Aboriginal girl is allegedly raped in the Northern Territory. " Bolt

Suddenly changed to

" Both alleged crimes are inexcusable." Bolt

So no foul no favour no bias by Bolt? Then why is there a smell of jackboots in his commentary?

 2 equivalent and comparable crimes no they are not. One a white man admits to raping and killing a woman in Melbourne while an indigenous man is alleged to have raped a child in the NT and Bolt is upset. We can hear him banging his drum and swinging his vigilante noose raising Kane that we aren't as upset as he is about that black culture up there in the NT. 
 He flips and says the man in Melbourne is only alleged to have killed the girl and no matter that he confessed. Melbournites attention is suggested as misplaced and  Bolt is criticizing us you for your lack of empathy the need to remove black children from a black culture that's off the rails because as Abbott has said it's not Western. Never mind that it is Western and drugs and alcohol were alleged to have been involved and white men jump the same way if not worse in many circumstances.
 Because something "alleged" to have happened in the NT is sufficient for Bolt to put on his hood. He makes no mention of the Melbourne priest the Bishop removed from duties because of the "allegations against him recently. No mention of the man found guilty of murdering his son recently. No mention of any other molestation of women or children in Melbourne some pimped out in Geelong recently.  It's as if he's critical that all men should examine their role. That would be appropriate under any circumstance, wouldn't it? It might, in fact, be time for Bolt to examine his. Bolt's opinions have the ring of Breitbart and yes the smell of jackboots.
 Breitbart editor-at-large justifies separating families at the border: It is "better than what they had"


"This is a policy to punish big energy users and to effectively subsidise green power, all with zero effect on temperatures and with costs passed on consumers. Why is the Turnbull Government doing it?"Bolt
No mention here by Bolt that the "big" users of energy actually are transitioning away from coal AGL, Origin, BP and others who all see the most user-friendly and equitable way to transition is, in fact, some form of Carbon Tax or prferably and ETS. All we see is politics at play with Abbott continuing to be the threatening and disruptive voice behind the curtain. According to these drowning men Industry, Finance, and the Australian voters have all got it wrong only they are right. You don't hear Abbott calling for a stalling referendum on this one, do you? (ODT)

Bolt who maintains he's part of the inner Liberal circles seems to be very much on the outer on this one. So much so he has as much of a clue as I have on the inner workings of the broad church that has room for everyone.

Does anybody find it strange that Bolt makes no mention of the number of MP's in the Abbott government doing the same as Liberal Senator Lucy G.That Tony Abbott was caught out doing the very same thing to the tune of $14,000 That he accepted scholarship money for his daughter to the tune of $60k when in fact the scholarship was doubtful in its authenticity and the person revealing that was criminally charged. Why is Bolt directing his firebrand righteousness which we didn't see directed at Abbott or his crew back then? It seems the only reason might be is the colour of her skin and that she's African. Bolt simply ignores the voters as he did when Abbott was the dipper into the public purse. 

No surprise here James Patterson member of the IPA is given a Murdoch platform to preach and not debate or even be questioned. Why is the ABC allowed to run news? The answer is staring you in the face in this Bolt Report. The ABC is there for the sake of Australian Democracy. Sky News is there for the sake of a bottom line. Patterson is there to help shackle the ABC or even better have it sold to that unnamed Moghul that pays Bolt to allow him to be his puppet.



Why this difference, ABC? Actor Craig McLachlan - straight -  is accused by fellow performers of sexual misconduct. He denies it but the ABC cancels screenings of his Dr Blake show.   Comedian Tom Ballard - gay - is accused of sexual assault on another comedian. He denies it, and the ABC lets him keep filming his comedy show. 
Straight for the Jugular no just yet another chance to attack the ABC by Andrew Bolt who wasn't but should have been dumped for attempted GBH well documented in videos last year. There is no double standard here as Tom Ballard hasn't been Charged. Maybe that's why Bolt wasn't dumped for his assault on two pranksters in Lygon St. He was accused so why wasn't the rule he's calling for applied to him? The pot calling the kettle black it seems. Why wasn't Bolt even reprimanded for his blatant racism on the IPA podcast conducted with his son James? Andrew Bolt showing just what a racist role model he is for his children mocking the very idea of a South Sudanese Beauty Pageant in Dandenong. 

Academic freedom is at heart of Ramsay Centre furore

Tony Abbott on the board of the Ramsay Centre tried to bribe Australian universities once before to house Anti- Climate Change environmentalists Dr Bjorn Lomborg's Copenhagen Consensus Centre on a campus and failed. He's now looking to do the same with the Ramsay Centre's for the promotion of Western Civilisation covertly an anti- Multiculturalism course. The very notion of what a university is is at stake and Tony the wrecker is there to challenge it with the support of his old mentor John Howard and the IPA well and truly behind him. One only needs to recall Abbott has never left the feet of his mentor Bob Santa Maria. Given that Western Civilisation is currently taught on university campuses what is the urgency here to have it as a separate degree? Simply purpose of the Ramsay Centre wasn't a study of Western Civilisation at all it was intended as a Church to promote it
The Ramsay Centre is still looking for a tertiary home for its donation as is the Copenhagen Consensus Centre which is not at all linked to Denmark according to the Danes. (ODT)

 Sydney University academics label Ramsay Centre 'European supremacism'

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 A repeat of Yesterday Bolt seems to repeat a lot of posts these days and uses them as space fillers. Bolt seems quite lost since his pet troll and worker the real force behind Bolt's Blog left him Peter BH. Let's hope Peter saw the light. 
How many would attend the Andrew Bolt show? If Bolt's opinions are News Australia it seems prefers Fake on the ABC


ABC newsreader Juanita Phillips smears Western civilisation: "Perhaps any study of Western Civilisation could examine how and why violence against women is such an integral and accepted part of it."  Phillips then presents an item on an Islamic man going to an Islamic nation to allegedly commit Islamic terrorism but doesn't mention Islam.
REPEATED From 18/6/18
It seems Bolt knows very little about the honour killings that still go on it Europe or he has a very narrow understanding of what it is he means by Western Culture. He pays no attention that only a few years ago the law in Australia regarded the infidelity of a woman in marriage as a mitigating circumstance in sentencing in our courts but not the reverse if a woman was charged for killing her husband when terrorized. Is Andrew Bolt really that ignorant that he doesn't know the customs still relevant in Greece and Italy the so-called seat of his Western Culture? Bolt postures wisdom with a blindfold. Sex Tourism on a scale never seen before is dominated by Western Culture, in fact, it's an industry that's become an economic necessity in Catholic countries such as the Philipines. Western Culture that Bolt is so proud of sells drugs and alcohol to the indigenous Australians while ensuring their inequity for little reason other than they are indigenous and then blames them for it.
Bolt's ignorance is mirrored in Abbott's current approach to raise Western Culture and put it on a pedestal.

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