Thursday, 7 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's blog, 8/6/18; Why does MSM media simply accept Israel's explanation "we have to kill them"? Tony Abbott's legacy and Fifields response;

His death followed threats from Israel’s internal intelligence agency that he could face assassination, his family said.
Izz al-Din was shot in the neck and left to bleed for half an hour before he was transferred to an Israeli military vehicle, where he was held for another quarter hour before receiving any medical attention, according to prisoners rights group Addameer.
Denying medical treatment to injured Palestinians is a common practice of Israeli occupation forces that has often led to their deaths – and is a war crime if done intentionally.
“We tried to reach the martyr to provide aid,” Muhammad Tamimi, a relative who witnessed the killing, told Quds News Network, “but as soon as we reached him, we were attacked and prevented by Israeli forces.”
“What happened to our son is liquidation in every sense of the word. We witnessed the criminal will of occupation soldiers to deliberately kill him,” his family told Wattan TV.
Local media posted photos and videos of family members and villagers mourning his killing:

Netanyahu excuse" We have to kill them. We have no other choice" and mainstream media doesn't even bother to question that.Netanyahu even goes on to say Hamas wants us to kill unarmed people. So why accomodate them? No proof is ever offered to Hamas forcing Palestinians medics, the press women and children to walk to their death.(ODT)

Why do you have to kill them?' Israeli PM grilled
Ex-leader of Britain's Conservative party put a tough question to Benjamin Netanyahu and he didn't like the answer.
  • by Latika Bourke
  • Why does MSM whitewash these crimes against humanity?



    Want fibre to your home? It'll cost you $1.2m, couple told

    A couple living outside Melbourne, about 7 kilometres from the nearest fibre connection, are told they will have to pay up to $1.2 million to have the NBN's best service connected to their home.

     "The best way to put this is that NBN want you to shut up and live with what you've got. 'Anything but fibre' is the motto. That's how I feel."

     Fifield's response was that "no that's not true".

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