Thursday, 14 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,15/6/18; ADF is "scrambling" ; Humour; Climate deniers welcome Tony Abbott yet again while the headlines read the opposite in Antarctica;

Key witness at war crimes probe sent 'mafia-style' threat

Special forces member sent a letter threatening retaliation if he did not recant his testimony, sources say.
  • by Nick McKenzie & Chris Masters

The Defence Force is scrambling to deal with a suspected ''mafia style'' plot by a small number of special forces soldiers to threaten and intimidate witnesses assisting an inquiry into war crimes.
Defence sources have confirmed that a key inquiry witness and member of the Special Air Service Regiment was sent a letter earlier this week threatening retaliation if he did not recant his testimony to an inquiry led by NSW Supreme Court judge Paul Brereton.
The alleged war crimes occurred in Afghanistan between 2006 and 2013, but other instances of less grave suspected misconduct have occurred in Australia or other locations overseas over a longer time frame.

" Andrew Hastie completed selection for the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) in 2010 and was subsequently posted to 1 SAS Squadron in 2012 following completion of his reinforcement training. He deployed with the Australian Special Operations Task Group Rotation XIX in 2013, commanding B Troop who were fighting Taliban in southern Afghanistan." Wikipedia

 New One Nation Induction Booklet Now Comes With Handy Resignation Form – The Shovel


Tony Abbott

 Inside the AEF, the climate denial group hosting Tony Abbott as guest speaker |

The AEF’s YouTube channel has just 11 subscribers and has posted only one video, from December 2016.
In May 2017, the AEF lent its logo to a letter to US President Donald Trump to offer “enthusiastic support” for his commitments to withdraw from the UN Paris climate agreement. But between July 2017 and February 2018, there was virtually nothing posted on its website.
Much of that website, including the “Climate News” section, is content from former Institute of Public Affairs fellow Alan Moran and postings that variously dismiss human-caused climate change and renewable energy, in particular wind power.

Ridd has been a director at the AEF since 2005. That’s a neat segue into the AEF’s history.
In late 2004, the Institute of Public Affairs – by then already pushing out climate science misinformation – held its “Eureka forum” to work out how to push back against “environmental fundamentalism” that, it claimed, was “denying farmers, foresters, fishermen, prospectors, miners, beekeepers, 4WD enthusiasts and others access rights, property rights, water rights”.
 The IPA listed Andrew Bolt as a world expert on Climate Change in Alan Moran's Book of facts trying to promote Climate Change Denial (ODT)

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