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Andrew Bolt's Blog,20/6/18; Pick the Fake Facts from the Self-Declared Fact Checker; Who fakes himself; You can discuss Michelle Bolt but without an audience; Bolt's breaking news was it a fart or an explosion? Lies straight from Trump to Bolt; Bolt insults Jews; Polling in America;

Are Western Civilization Cultural Crusaders students of history interested in analysing the truth or flag waving megalomaniacs whose polished jackboot odour is unmistakenly present when people like Andrew Bolt and Tony Abbott are present? Abbott like Dr Strangelove couldn't help revealing himself and the true intent of the Ramsay Centre in his article in Quadrant. Sorry, it wasn't even a joke because made it crystal clear the purpose of it's offer to the ANU and John Howard the Foundation's president backed him.  The degree course proposed not just the specialized study of Western Civilization which by the way is included in many other courses on campus but one with a single-minded focus to promote it as an absolute above all others as once was the notion of the Aryan Civilization in Hitler's Germany.  In essence the belief that it's the God-given best that's ever been available to date. A crusaders haven within the ANU
Furthermore, the values and structure of the course offered to be in full control of the Ramsay Foundation functionaries and not the University in which it's been accepted. Their intent is merely to usurp the University's reputation and help it mask its activities within it. Well the ANU simply walked away from that and now they are looking for alternative hosts. Abbott the wrecker and blowhard simply blew it with his article in Quadrant and Howard acknowledged that reality.
Abbott tried to do the same when PM. He offered $4 million dollars to any Institution with a reputation to create independent space for The Copenhagen Consensus Centre headed by Dr Bjorn Lomborg. Its sole purpose was not to study global warming but to deny it. Abbott simply failed to find a tertiary institute so easily corrupted that it was prepared to give up academic freedoms. The lies promoting Lomborg went as far as News Corp's Australian which declared he was a visiting professor from the Copenhagen Business School all of which was denied by Danish Government which had cut ties with him. Lomborg's connections had been well broken with Denmark years before but not as far as his CV it seemed. Abbott and Bolt were both promoting his credentials. In fact, Lomborg was funded by the Fossil Fuel Industries like the Koch Bros in the US but even they had stopped paying him and he was up for sale to any bidder with Abbott the mug buyer.
Andrew Bolt was a very active promoter of Lomborg's false CV as he is of his own if you look at his profile above. It's as fictitious with an obvious False Fact as false as the nutty Professor  Lomborg who couldn't even get a job as a tutor on any Australian campus. If you Google him today it's hard to find what it is Lomborg is doing 2018 but his credits promoted by Murdoch's Australian still remain like artifacts of a failed Civilisation.

Pick the Fake Fact

He wasn't educated at Adelaide University. He may have started, tried but never finished. He either failed the first year or dropped out the real facts remain hidden and never clearly revealed. However, Bolt continues to maintain he was educated at the University which I would suggest the University denies and any official CV check would reject. This is representative of Bolt's integrity and his acceptance of fraudulent representation.

 Michelle Guthrie


ABC boss Michelle Guthrie is talking absolute bull: "I wouldn’t agree with you when you say that I hide from the media,” Ms Guthrie told [Jon] Faine, who replied he had difficulty in ­interviewing her on his show." In fact, Guthrie has also rejected every single one of my many requests for an interview. Then there came more bull...

Rejecting Bolt is like rejecting an interview in an empty room it's not a challenge it's a fact an exercise in futility. It's why she went to the Press Club and not the Sky Club where Bolt claims he has a huge following off a small base. Whereas the recent Essential Poll revealed the ABC had the support of 75% of Australians support that actually crossed political party lines something that Bolt can't say he has. The Bolt Report loses money and is the equivalent of a private school classroom media studies exercise.
"In fact, my radio show with Steve Price thrashes the ABC in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but does that make me less biased than the ABC?" Bolt
Really we went through this once before with Miranda Devine Steve Prices show isn't and never was Andrew Bolt's Show, Andrew Bolt wasn't Educated at Adelaide University as he claims above. he has been judged in court to be loose with his facts and yes he proves it again here if he suggests he has a greater audience on "his show" Nights with Steve Price. Can anybody see Andrew Bolt's name in that title?


Several injured after ‘minor explosion’ at London tube station


No idea yet of the exact cause or any motive: "Several people have been injured after a “minor explosion” at Southgate Tube station in north London... Scotland Yard said it was investigating the cause of the explosion, which followed reports of a suspicious package at the station."
The only truth Bolt offers here is "No Idea " coupled with hopeful innuendo. Jimmy Olsen couldn't have done better. There was a suspicious explosion in Syria as well that went unreported. Something it was dropped by a plane.

Several injured after ‘minor explosion’ at London tube station
A “minor explosion,” likely caused by a battery short circuit, triggered an evacuation at London’s Southgate tube station on Tuesday evening, police said, adding that a number of people received minor injuries.
N.B Bolt would have received this information but fails to mention it. Why do you think that might be?
Bolt is a failure when it comes to stats and one when it comes to selective bias 4 attacks in Australia purporting to be terrorist defined by who then when conspiracies couldn't be found the government looking to create fear picked up a new term "Lone Wolf"  terrorism. Basically like Nazis once hunted Jews to blame for all evil our authorities along with media scum like Andrew Bolt looked for anything Muslim to blame and create terror with. They wanted a blanket thrown over an entire religion for the sake of politics and it began with Scott Morrison after the Cronulla riots in 2005 and it has never stopped.
As for the stats Trump tried to say crime in Germany was up just as Bolt is  but they are both wrong in Germany is the lowest it's been in 30 years Mr Bolt and crime by Foreigners down by 23%

What did Donald Trump claim?
In an early morning (US time) tweet on Monday, the president said:
“The people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition.
“Crime in Germany is way up. Big mistake made all over Europe in allowing millions of people in who have so strongly and violently changed their culture!
1)What do the crime figures say?

2)The latest official crime figures we have from Germany show that 5.76 million crimes were reported in 2017. As a percentage of the population, this means crime is now at its lowest level for 30 years.
3)What about crime by foreigners?

Crime by foreigners specifically is also down significantly – and even more sharply. The figure of crimes by non-German nationals fell by 23 per cent since last year, from 950,000 to just over 700,000.
via Why Donald Trump is wrong about Germany’s crime rate | The Independent





More Muslim immigrants, more danger for Jews: "A Syrian migrant will face court in Berlin on Tuesday after he was caught whipping two Jewish men who were wearing traditional kippah skullcaps... The victim, an Arab Israeli, caught the ... assault in a video showing the attacker whipping him with a belt while shouting “Yehudi!” — Arabic for 'Jew.'"

You can guarantee this link is totally factless given it's sourced through Breitbart the most right-wing online media reference Bolt uses for his evidence. More danger for "jews" Wrong the victim was 1) and Arab Israeli, not just a Jew. Jews are whipping Jews today Israel is even imprisoning them for their opinions. 2) Countless numbers of Jews would like to see Israeli's whipped and because of that want Israel is whipping them.
 Bolt Israel just slaughtered 120 Palestinians and shot some 6000 thousand like fish in a barrel with dum-dum bullets and you think that action has no consequence, that this is all you offer up as crime? Israel is currently trying to make it illegal to video, photograph or broadcast any of their Institutional carnage committed by the IDF and Police. 
Sharee Markson Bolt's friend a Jew and Murdoch journalist was almost jailed for being a Jew? No a reporter in the Golan Heights for witnessing Israel support terrorists. Facts are meaningless to Andrew Bolt, aren't they? You never told me’: Confronting American Jewish myths about Israel | +972 Magazine
An activist with IfNotNow is carried away by Israeli police during a Jerusalem Day protest, Jerusalem, May 24, 2017. (JC/Activestills.org)


The only thing of relevance offered up in Bolt's who said what and when post is the Rasmussen Poll, the Breitbart of pollsters in America where anybody can call themselves an expert. It's an indictment on Bolt when he goes to Breitbart for "facts" and Rassmussen for what he calls "polling evidence". It's simply a reflection of his idiocy and untrustworthiness and what he thinks of his fans and the extent of what they will believe. Combined they are dumb and dumber. It's proof of why the ABC is so invaluable.

Average of all Polls



Obviously, Andrew Bolt hates our political system and the media that gives rise to the confusion only Murdoch Media can fix. In Bolt's mind, the IPA should become Australia's single Political Party and Government he trusts them with his son.

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