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Andrew Bolt's Blog,21/6/18; Andrew Bolt Reveals His personal griviences never our Institutional ones;

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When it becomes all about ME and screw all of You I'm Andrew Bolt

 What really ticks me off is the dishonesty in selling this bag ban that's going to make shopping now so much more of a hassle. My editorial on The Bolt Report.

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That's not my bag mate so "f-off" anyway it's only one bag mate. Nothing to do with warming has it the do more good than harm. So piss off you greenie.

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Somebody should dump plastic bags in Bolt's front yard he loves them

Well, it's good to see Bolt's on the side of the ALP whose complaining about the stupidity of promises of tax cuts in 6 years. The might as well have promised tax increases for after two elections as well and have everyone on side. 

 "Europe was great. But, boy, there’s a reason so many people are so frantic to join us here that thousands just jumped in a boat." Bolt
 Bolt flew on another holiday for 3 weeks after having extended time off in January for a total of what 9 weeks and he told us he works 80 hour weeks. The Europhile dual citizen fled to Europe not by boat but by plane to holiday in one of the EU's most Socialist countries the Netherlands no doubt. One might well ask if his daughter is doing her university studies there give the tuition fees are $9,000 compared to the average of $25,000 here. Will he be sending his youngest son there as well a minimum saving of $32,000 he could spend on a painting to brag about? There are in fact a lot of Socialist countries in that region some with zero cost tuition and where Bolt would love to retire. It seems he has a lot in common with refugees and asylum seekers who dream of a better life too. Denmark,Sweden, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, et al all identify as Democratically Socialist which Bolt pretends to hate. However, he does all his complaining about here. If Socialism so much a part of the current Western Civilisation Bolt's talking about then that too needs to be studied, doesn't it? It is and on all university campuses. Or is it just Colonialism and the Protestant Ethic that's fast disappearing in Europe that needs promoting because it's rapidly being supplanted by the Atheistic Welfare States like the Netherlands to which he is so attracted? It's far more Socialist than Australia or America places Bolt pretends to love but doesn't dream of retiring to.
We have to suspect the wannabe Dutchman is really a two-faced hypocrite and by the way, he might be disappointed to know the first "Free Market" known wasn't Western it was started in Medina by a businessman by the name of Mohammed and the West copied the idea but have never achieved it with any great success. It was accompanied in Islam by a 10% tithing to the poor and the banning of usary when it came to money lending which the West only gave mouth too without any necessity. Even today in the UK Muslims give x4 the amount of charity than others, The LNP government here are about to pass credit laws allowing ATM's to give credit at 60%.  That is hardly civilized but it's certainly about to be Australian.
I thought the LNP "Stopped the Boats" is Bolt so behind the times as to thinks it's still 2013? Yes the ANU rejected the Ramsay Centre's offer to rent space and start it's own university within the university and it's shopping around for some other prestigious site. Its underlying wish was that Abbott had kept his trap shut because then they just might have secretly colonized the ANU with a simple $2mill a year Treaty something their forefathers never bothered to do that Western Civilisation of slave traders just took the place over.

How easily forgotten is the voice of Trump who triggered the expletive barking and "dressing room banter" the conservatives are complaining about. Trump the President of America began the slut talk before he came to office and continued it so much so he, in fact, normalized it in America talk that now seems to offend Trump supporters. Strange isn't it separating children from their parents is the new norm as far as Trump is concerned but talking about doing it to theirs isn't which is the greater offence the doing and the sexual molestation that did occur or the talking about doing it? Bolt seems to think to talk about it is worse and at the same time, he advocates the normalcy of free speech.


Where did that saying come from "If your not a Socialist and under 30 you have no heart" It seems to have been around for an awfully long time and part of the ethos in fact of Western Civilisation coined by those defending it. However what Bolt fails to point out most of Europe has increasingly become Socialist with a significant number of Democratic Welfare States. Bolt seems to want to hide that fact. Even the Netherlands which he dreams to retire to is regarded as one of the EU's top 10 Socialist states. "It seems our universities are coaching a new generation of socialists without telling them about the disasters socialism has caused:"Bolt
In the EU universities aren't teaching Socialism they are actually practising it Bolt and it's called "Free Education"  and Americans and soon Australians will be flocking there to get away from the debt-ridden Capitalist education that is being advocated here.
Bolt is pumping out the rhetoric of historians that would have us deny that Islam created science and civilisation when Bolt ancestors were running around in loincloths. Marxist Lennonist states are not Socialist States and one Party Communist States like China did not kill 43mill people were dying in the millions which resulted in a revolution that started a war and in that transition people died but today China stands as a modern miracle of what social engineering can achieve and what America can't. American Capitalism is killing its own people with a falling life expectancy rate proportional to their climbing poverty rate. In other words, America will go down in history as killing millions of its own citizens. China today stands proudly and is recognized for having saved its people. 
What is clear here is millennials are aware are better educated than  Andrew Bolt and do realise the benefits of Socialism over and above the promises of Capitalism that hasn't and doesn't produce the equity in any of its Institutions but simply has resulted in increasing both inequality and inequity that Bolt so much admires.
" That attack on free speech and dissent is astonishing, and casts a deep shadow over other more understandable measures:"Bolt
How two-faced is Bolt he defends Israel to the hilt even defended their right to massacre unarmed Palestinians? Israel can do no wrong and currently, the Knesset is passing bills making it a crime to protest write video or photograph what the IDF is doing to Palestinians in or out of Israel and Bolt stays silent. However, he advocates Israelis are the victims and Israel is defending itself by killing people, separating children from their families on no charge treating stone throwing by Jews as a misdemeanour and the same actions by Palestinian kids worthy of summary execution.
If I said the above picture was Israel who would disbelieve me? No this is and Bolt is for it.
 Sinai border


A big win for Turnbull, but a danger for Hanson: "Pauline Hanson will hand Malcolm Turnbull his most significant political victory — the passage of the government’s $144 billion ­income tax cuts — ­despite a last-ditch push by Bill Shorten to sink the plan." Turnbull will go to the election saying Labor wants to strip millions of their tax cuts.
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Labour will go to the next election bringing reality into favour and not promises that no government can make for events occurring in 6 -8 years time. We live and are ruled by an Alice in Wonderland Government that is the highest paid in the world and since 2013 won office through lies and did nothing and is now hopes to win government with promises that it can make pigs fly in 8 years into the future but still sees dirty energy as best for Australia. 


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