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Andrew Bolt's Blog,25/6/18; Plastic Brain and Bolt's half dead; Fake News, Sucking up to Miranda before giving women a kicking;


Column What a crazy business mode Woolworths has adopted by banning those useful plastic shopping bags. It's bad enough that Woollies is making it harder for customers to take home what they buy. Worse that it may have some die trying. Check the rise in food poising deaths overseas where people switched to reusable bags instead.

 You have to laugh don't you Bolt in love with everything Dutch hides the fact that the Netherlands is among the top 10 EU's Socialist Countries and in this case it's the first World's first plastic-free supermarket opened in Amsterdam However rest assured Bolt won't tell you that and there doesn't appear to be the outrage there that Bolt expresses in Australia. He is, after all, a Dutch citizen as well. British Supermarket Chain Vows to Eliminate Plastic Packaging ...German supermarket boasts packaging-free business model - Onya

The Europhile Bolt is showing his ignorance when he says  "IT’S bad enough that Woolworths wants to stuff its customers around with its pointless new plastic bags ban.
But must they die for the planet as well?
What a crazy business model. Make it harder for customers to take home what they buy, and have some die trying. Bolt

Bolt has no trouble with Coles and Woolworths uping their customer approval ratings by advertising campaigns that squeeze dairy farmers and other produce suppliers and in some cases result in suicide. I wonder if that's 5.5 farmers. Here that half a person's death doesn't matter to Bolt but some weird stat in Pennsylvania does. Apparently, those deaths will come from the figment of Bolt's imagination, The fact that Bolt believes the raw meat fish and dairy product will just be thrown en masse into a multiple-use plastic bag unwrapped. I'm sure Bolt doesn't detox his chopping board at home sterilize it after use either. Does he wash his hands that much after every single touch or use single-use plastic gloves as well? The question and answer both seem obvious Andrew Bolt doesn't do the Shopping. Gosh, how many more people died when we all used multiple use string and canvas bags 7.75 more?

There are biodegradable bags being produced in the world to combat those that are non-degradable and produced by fossil fuels why if there are don't biggest distributors of bags at the point of sale use them? Apart from pollution "100,000 marine creatures a year die from plastic entanglement and these are the ones found. Approximately 1 million seabirds also die from plastic. A plastic bag can kill numerous animals because they take so long to disintegrate." Doesn't Bolt brag about being a bird lover? We know he's a plastic lover.
Bolt claims to be a bird lover that apparently is bullshit too. However, Coles and Woolies aren't doing it for the environment they are doing it because they believe it's good for business as do many other supermarkets around the world. Nor does he care about his neighbour only himself. PressTV-Indonesian company introduces alternative to plastic
Cassava carrier bags: Indonesian entrepreneur tackles plastic scourge

 Bolt prefers fake news to the truth and cries foul "A politician's background is actually relevant in shaping their attitudes, even though Labor's new ad attacking Malcolm Turnbull's business tax cuts seems brutal:"Bolt
It's noticeable that the only proven fact here is that about Malcolm Turnbull all other billionaires that Shorten "sucks up to" remain unmentioned.
Does this mean Andrew Bolt has forgiven Miranda Devine I don't think so? I doubt women around Australia would think Andrew Bolt wasn't a misogynist who resents the way Western Culture prohibits him from treating women. He hates the way women don't appreciate patronising care about how when and where they are meant to present themselves and he shows it below.
Bolt attacks women rather than listens to them. Women live in fear and would live in less fear if men weren't around because men don't listen and since little boys have grown up to believe women aren't equal and deny them the equity that male gender shares. Bolt felt the need to protect the Cop who said women need to be more careful and even declared he wouldn't hesitate to tell his daughter that as well. However, he decried the Imam who said the same simply because he was a Muslim. But then Bolt believes in the Boy's Own version of Western Culture as well and that all evil in the West would be done by badly socialized exceptions and/or those not from the noble West.
Western Culture does not produce evil Aboriginal does, Islam does, African does and any other Bolt chooses to point his god-like finger at does. If women don't understand that they have been mislead by gays leftists and frightbats who dwell in organizations like the ABC, Universities and focus on the Arts then they need to be told what has lead them astray. 
Bolt fails to see the Nordic explanation of resentment in the underlying relationship between men women and children within the family unit the resentment RD Laing wrote about in the Politics of the Family that is reflected in our laws. Until recently a woman having an affair was a mitigating circumstance in the sentencing of a husband for murder. That the law treats women as instigators and causing rape to occur and need to be thoroughly blameless and proved so in our courts before a sentence of guilty is handed down. Women aren't equal nor are their equity recognized in most of our Institutions and where it is Bolt decries it. You here his howl of agony about the ABC where he claims Racism and Genderism thrive at the expense of the diversity of ideas Diversity he thinks is reflected where on the Bolt Report with Daisy Michael, Sharee, et al

This is a PAYWALL to the AFR or a WSJ sub to a Murdoch paper
Sciences of Biology, Medicine etc are about testing and predicting probabilities and continual testing and giving consideration to the movement that wave or wall of research continues to reveal in the terms the direction and movement of the planet" climate into the future. It's why the Scientific method is regarded as the ultimate sceptics tool and not based on tany certainty principle.
 No predictions made 30 years ago are deemed accurate today however nor are they regarded as the failures of warming science but rather it's progress. Bolt seems to think telling us warming has actually flatlined when records in fact show the opposite is true is sufficient to create doubt. Yet records have in fact been broken year in and year out this Century. No doubt what Bolt is doing but not relaying is his from 1998 peak. The year of Spencer that too 1998 as the starting point to keep telling us the planet was cooling. Now that that hasn't worked the term is capped this Century. However, if he goes back to when global records began he's obviously wrong and 97% od climate Scientists agree. In other words, Bolt proves he is faking his statistics by not mentioning 1998 at all but showing a grapgh that puts that year as the centerfold of his pictorial reference. Adjust to the 2000s and the pictorial hardly looks "capped"
 My belief is that if Turnbull took a sycle to the ultra conservative ranks in the party by getting rid of Abbott for a start one would see a significant shift in favor of his Party.

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