Friday, 1 June 2018

Andrew Bolt's Blog,2/6/18; Colonization won't end unless we recognize it for what it is; The Financial advisor for News Corp is away;

  7 ways Aboriginals are still being robbed in Australia today - » The Australian Independent Media Network

"We always hear from non-Indigenous people that we get so many benefits. In reality, the benefits are few and far between and usually come with many strings attached. Another reality is that we are still being exploited far beyond any benefits could ever compensate for. Give us a moment to explain some of the realities of how we are still being robbed today." An indigenous Australian

"Putrid white supremacy fights to hang on, in government offices, rural communities and school curricula. Unless we call it out and shout it down, white supremacy will hang on, if even by dusty orange threads.
As for indigenous peoples, we are a hardy bunch. We stay firmly rooted and weathered into the natural landscape. We stay connected to ancestral lands where our grandmothers and grandfathers, the first human beings to touch and intimately know this continent, left vast footprints and prayers in order for us to survive. No white supremacist, no vile president, can ever change that. We are still here, and we have stories to tell." An indigenous American

They have so much in common Colonization and it's never ending effects today. (ODT)

A farewell to ice: Snowfields close to meltdown

A farewell to ice: Snowfields close to meltdown

Snowfields are a generation away from complete meltdown in Victoria. For Lake Mountain and Mt Baw Baw, natural snowfall could vanish much, much sooner.

Luckily climatologist Andrew bolt isn't around his financial advice would be like that for coal invest heavily in Victorian ski resorts. He hasn't and neither has he in coal.

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